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Poor Service

Brewsters Castledowns! I was there last week watching a game. The service was good to start but then I noted my server was busy chatting with other staff.

My beer was empty for a good 15 min so I decided to leave. I left a 15% gratuity on a 28.00 tab, as I was leaving, she decided to throw my 4.00 at me and told me to keep my small change. I won’t be back!



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  1. Cory Penno Cory Penno says:

    Ciera Falkenberg unfortunately it sure can.

  2. Try Brewsters at Oliver Sq, their service always 100%

  3. April Smith April Smith says:

    Lol reply back to them not shoutout duh

  4. I had bad service like that Denny’s. Rude, not even busy. I argued to get her tip off. Walked over and gave to the cook!! He looked at her not very nicely. Manager trying to make it ok. Never went back.

  5. had the same terrible service the last i was there was and there was a huge group of us and i was the only girl Yet weirdly enough i was being ignored so i told the group after the 2 nd beer im going to another bar 2 hours n only 2 beers she wasnt getting a tip from me period
    and like yours she was snotty with me in front of the group and just on that alone none out of the whole group tipped her
    and she told the bartender why on our way out
    havent been back and it was my fav bar till that episode
    loved the flavoured beers n do miss it but dont need the attitude and snarks on my night out

  6. See this is the issue. This is why people dont like tipping. I have been in the service Industry literally my entire working career as a server, bartender, manager, chef and it goes on. You should in fact tip if you have received good service and of course if you get terrible service then its your choice what you leave. The argument is always there that if you dont tip your server they in fact have to pay out of their pockets to tip out bartenders and kitchen staff, this is true! BUT if you are going to complain about a 15% tip and then THROW it at someone??? Please…. What did you expect you were going to get on a $28 bill?? You should be happy you even got that cause most people would have left you nothing! Brewsters if you need to replace this server I am willing to take her job!!!

  7. Hi Aly Marie, thank you for tagging us. We are aware of the complaint since the poster also contacted us through our website feedback form earlier this week. We do use social media, however, since we have so many locations, we post all updates to Brewsters Brewing Company – Alberta rather than our individual restaurant location pages. 🙂

  8. First off, we apologize for your poor experience at our Castledowns location. The behaviour of the server that you describe is unacceptable. You contacted us about this experience through our website feedback form on Monday and our Operations Manager has reached out to you through email but we haven’t heard back from you yet. Please get in touch with us so that we can discuss this further and so that we have an opportunity to make it better. Thank you.

    • Brewsters Alberta And if you don’t fire the server, well, you should, but if you don’t, send her for re-training. It’s great to see you respond.

    • Sue Dubya Sue Dubya says:

      Great response Brewsters Alberta! Regardless of the service, the OP did leave a 15% gratuity. For the server to allegedly “refuse” said gratuity by throwing it at the customer is completely unprofessional. I don’t know what they were expecting to receive from a $28 tab, but it appears greed was a big part of it. Fortunately, I’ve never been a server in the food industry, but if I were, I definitely would be grateful for every penny I earned as a server. IMO, gratuities are based on the QUALITY of service, NOT an expectation.

  9. Woh! What a child! I would call and complain to the manager. Not something I would normally do with bad service. But the server threw something at you (even though it was change), sounds like something a small child would do during a temper tantrum.

  10. Donna Whitford so you’re saying that one person spoils every single worker and every single service given at a place?

  11. I was there on Sunday and my waitress was great. Our server was the only one on the floor and there were quite a few tables she was serving but she was zooming around like crazy making sure everyone had what they needed. Sometimes you get someone great, sometimes you don’t. It happens everywhere.

  12. I wouldn’t go back neither but I’d also let management know of the behaviour

  13. Lara Clement Lara Clement says:

    Wow, I would be writing a letter to the manager, she shouldn’t be working there if she’s treating customers like that.

  14. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    I don’t tip for lousy service. I tip quite well for excellent service. I’m also not against mentioning exceptional good and bad service to managers , but not always in either case. Maybe send the establishment a private FB message. Good management always likes to know this kind of stuff.

  15. Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

    One waitress sets the bar (no pun intended) for the restaurant. They are the face and when they pull shit like that? It’s gonna spread like wildfire. They represent the whole restaurant.

  16. A $4 tip is pretty good tip for a bill that was only $28 – if she wanted more, she should have given better service. I don’t tip for poor service.

  17. Wow! That is terrible customer service and having an employee like that on their team is definitely hurting their bottom line.

  18. Seriously a tip is supposed to be for excellent service it’s not Mandatory

  19. Ciera Falkenberg yeah well it just takes o e person to spoil something.

  20. Cindy Loo Cindy Loo says:

    Sounds like that place is in need of a #BarRescue #JonTaffer where ya at.

  21. I had bad service there as well… she hardly came by for refills and there was only one other couple. She just stood around and chatted with coworker

  22. Clara DiRoma Clara DiRoma says:

    I would have taken the 4 bucks back. May not mean anything to a spoiled teenager but to those of us who work for our money we appreciate 4 bucks.
    That happened to me before with those girls in the ladies room who give out supplies. After forcing me to accept a paper towel from her hand (rather than the disepenser) she was upset at the change I left her. I just took it back.

  23. I wouldn’t have left a tip

  24. that waitress should be fired

  25. Chelle Bee Chelle Bee says:

    Ungrateful ! Well our city has lots of great servers and great atmospheres! Elsewhere other then there! She just shamed her Workplace and her boss because of how she acted like a class act CLOWN!

  26. Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

    Whoa. As a bartender, I’m happy with anything.

  27. More like some people deserve to be on the streets.

  28. Hope that incompetent, inconsiderate cunt, who doesn’t realize that 15% on deliberately shitty service is more than generous, gets fired and then hit by a car.

  29. Pat Scott Pat Scott says:

    Wow I would be speaking to a manager they certainly dont need staff like that you were generous to give her a tip at all #brewsterscastledowns

  30. Nadia Frank Nadia Frank says:

    I was with a large table ordering wings. I dont drink alcohol or pop so always order water . They wouldnt let me order the wing deal . My entire table was drinking multiple alcoholic drinks each and all sorts of food but because of dietary restrictions I couldn’t order wings.

  31. Debbie Ward Debbie Ward says:

    There is no occasion for this disgraceful act. You have nothing to be ashamed of and just don’t go there EVER again. Respect is a needed thing.

  32. Showed up there once with the gf and all the tables were dirty and no servers in sight needless to say we walked out of there

  33. Yeah, this didn’t happen.

  34. I dont tip for shitty service

  35. Lexci Krahn Lexci Krahn says:

    I’ll take Things That Never Happened for $400, Alex

  36. Call and speak to management

  37. Dave M. Kool Dave M. Kool says:

    As an ex-bartender I’m 100% on your side about this.

    A tip is a reward for good service, NOT an automatic addition to your bill, and that server crossed the line in a few ways.

    If she actually physically THREW your money at you, I would recommend you go back and talk to management because that was straight up assault and that waitress should be fired if not charged with common assault just to teach her a lesson.

    She’s obviously in the wrong line of work anyway.

  38. Should have taken it to management not facebook

  39. Similar experience here. Will never go back.

  40. I love brewsters and the one in castle down by far has the worse Service I have ever received.

  41. We also had crappy service the one and only time we were there, never again!

  42. Shouldn’t of ever tip her

  43. Jenny Pham Jenny Pham says:

    Brewsters Brewing Company & Restaurant – Castledowns I also stopped coming here because of this exact same reason. Poor service every single time.

    • We are sorry to hear that Jenny Pham. We strive to provide great service and always address any customer complaints we get through our website, social media or otherwise with our location managers and the individual staff member themselves.

  44. Nata Corte Nata Corte says:

    I’m surprised that place is still there. I went there once it’s overpriced not a good place. I lived in castledowns area almost all my life I think it has bad management it needs to go change of place.

  45. Makes me sad that people like that have a job and turn their nose up at a decent tip and others who WANT to work and have impeccable customer service struggle to find full time employment.

  46. Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

    The owner needs to see this

  47. Amanda Colp Amanda Colp says:

    Tips are not mandatory! But it’s good to.. Tip if u have a good server. This bitch lucky she got a tip ungreatful twat

  48. Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

    The Brewsters in Oliver has always been amazing!

  49. Anne Thalen Anne Thalen says:

    We used to go there often. “ Used to”, the service & food have gone downhill. Also, over priced, but I love their raspberry beer.

  50. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    Entitlement is strong force in that one ,

  51. She dont deserve any tip!

  52. It would seem the OP was overly generous with her tip.

  53. Place is over priced anyways, not recommended by me after paying 45 bucks for 2 beef dips to go, total rip joint.

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