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Popeyes and KFC

Ok, so recently I had some friends over to watch some movies and play some games, we decided after watching (little Nicky) that popeyes chicken WAS (The shiznit). I leave and come back with a bucket of popeyes chicken and biscuits, and fries and gravy from KFC. My friends were shocked. Why the hell did i go to KFC AND popeyes, popeyes has gravy dude. I explained popeyes gravy is dog shit and KFC gravy is far superior. Needless to say I converted them and now they do the same thing…

My question, does anyone else do this for popeyes? Or any other restaurant food run? Anyone go to two different places for specific things that go GREAT together?



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  1. J says:

    My family and I feel differently than you do about Popeye’s gravy — we actually like it as it’s spicy and has pieces of chicken in it — but we love KFG gravy the most. And yes, we definitely do get fast food from various places at one time, just like you. 🙂

    We really like the fries from Burger King, as they’re thicker cut, or the fries from Dairy Queen if we’re in the mood for thinner ones, and often get KFC gravy to go with them. We’ll pick up Mama burgers from A & W to go with the fries and gravy.

    Actually, when we drive down south, and pass through Red Deer coming back to Edmonton, we stop at KFC and pick up a couple of large gravies to take home and put in our freezer so we can have it when we make our own fries at home. I don’t know what they do to the gravy in Red Deer, but it’s more like it was when I was a kid — thicker and more flavourful.

    If anyone has more yummy combinations of foods from different places, be sure to post them! We’d love to know of some new combos to try.

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