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Positive lies are the worst

I’ve noticed a new trend in Internet trolling and it’s so discrete that many won’t notice it until it’s too late. It seems it is now a common practice to flood business review sites with false, libelous blind praise to wrongfully prop up blatant scam and fly by night businesses. Case in point, there is a local scam website that serves no usefull purpose and is only there to phish private info and grift donations. Yet, most of the reviews say lies like: “***** wonderful staff ^_^” and “I recommend this fabulous service. Great people that care”.

In short, my point is to take these blind praise reviews with a grain of salt and always do your research first.

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  1. Sick! says:

    I saw one of those Shriners today. Fat white guy in a silver-Grey cadillac cts license WTB-700. He had shriner patch on his car so i figured was Edmonton police or is friends with them. The fat guy is a maniac. He went into incoming traffic in the intersection to burn around people and cut them off. He ran a red light. When i caught up finally it looked like he was putting something up his nose.

  2. IDK? says:

    *Reads all 2338 million comments*

    …Holy shit dude! It’d seem I am the ONLY serious and relevant comment on this article…

    There is a reason for what you say, you do know there are “pay 2 play” services that are there to spam fake blind praise reviews on these crap businesses and that 9/10 of these people don’t even know what it is that they are praising, only that that are being paid to do it. And also that Yelp and Google are fucking liberal shit that like to cancel reviews that are “too honest” or that may hurt their “sponsor” and “partner” companies reputations.

    99% of what is on the internet should be discounted as bias bullshit. Its better to get your reviews from your IRL friends and relatives.

    • Geoffrey Ho says:

      I am pro-democracy, pro-humans rights freemason and triad Hong Kong pedophile Judge Geoffrey Ho. China violates human right, I don’t. Read all the comments to see how powerful we big, strong freemasons are. We don’t need secrets or to hide because that is what cowards do and we are just good people and philanthropists. China bad and gave spies due process and convicted one for a huge 11years for such heinous crimes against bad bad very bad China.

      • Douglas Mah says:

        Very close brother Geoffrey Ho, what a coincidence that I too am masonic, triad, hong kong pedophile, I mean philanthropist, I am still working on English. You only a judge though and I am the Justice Douglas Mah.
        I love all the advertising we are getting here and the best comments start at Eli Schrader because we freaks become the man focus of attention.
        China is bad and doesn’t have due process or rule of law unlike us good and honourable Hong Kongers who abide by Canada’s laws, court mandates, statutes and constitutional rights. We have never denied due process, callously violated people and harmed children. China is bad and the Michaels are just innocent businessmen Canada has been trying to protect and save them instead of our british-israeli north American politic of law and masonic-jew frathouses.

      • Dave Hancock says:

        Mmmmm Children First. I am the big fat, obese, anglo-zionist poster boy of british-israeli Alberta. I was even lodge prosti Redford’s interim Premier after she got exposed for masonic-jew corruption. As a pedophile, I also associate with human traffickers and the Alberta masonic-jew Chamber of Resources. I love kids first mmm. My children are also fascinating zionists who are also obese like mom and dad, due to genes obviously and not learned behaviour. Long live transnational british-jew hong konger money laundering, drug supply chains and trafficking in humans! Let’s also make Nigeria even more western with even more human trafficking and a bigger GDP. Long live my bro, Uncle Tom, Kelechi Madu!
        Sincerely, Judge Dave Hancock

      • Dave NoCock says:

        Has anyone ever considered mowing down those fucking cunts at the exit of costco that check your receipt and violate your human rights?

      • Craig Alcock says:

        Well Nocock, I am the Great Worshipful Craig Alcock of the masterful Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer which already made the commentary below! We do really need to focus on the important things like Cosco shopping so for a very fair market commission I would like to help you with those human right’s violations at Costco. I can also refer some masonic-jew colleagues if my mormon british-israeli surname makes you envious.

      • Donald weeCock says:

        Illustrious all-canadian, worshipful masters of the court and very close hongmen, hawwo. I the great justice placement Donald Lee! I only part-timer now but still as full timer in special interests, masonic benevolence and cantonese freemasonry I still have lots of might. I elected to be part timer but polish-jew Brother Wachowich also became part timer as punishment for touching kids.
        Speaking of which, can we get age of consent down to 12 years? It might clog up the courts less.

      • Diana Mah-Cock says:

        Illustrious relatively important hongmen and big, obese gweilo-anglo freemason! I am illustrious judge Diana Mah and we must continue to provide the great dominion of alberta with our arbitrary masonic law! Like Dave Hancock, I also an NDP placement; funny how that happens. China is also very bad, and their mock-shame trials and commie courts would not even be recognized by any standard of international law! Our system is fair, impartial, unbiased and our judges and justices are appointed, and on merit not nepotism!, from the greatest population sample of all-Canadians: the social parasites of liars, sorry it’s my cantonese pronunciation, I mean lawyers. We have honourable courthouses not depraved frathouses which deny due process or dish our arbitrary law during mock sham docket court or trials.
        I read in the comments below that Kathleen Ganley would go down as one of the biggest idiots in the history of Canada. That is wrong!
        Here is what she said about me.
        “Ms. Mah brings to the judiciary a wealth of knowledge and experience that will undoubtedly serve Alberta’s justice system well. I am pleased to appoint her to the Provincial Court, where she will continue to help improve access to justice for Albertans.”
        Not dumb at all and the NDP have spoon fed us also!

      • Sandra Mah says:

        Illustrious cantonese freemason masters of justice and the big, fat, anglo-Freemason. I am a recent appointment on merit to provincial court, Calgary criminal; Judge Sandra Mah, taxes and basically a real estate lawyer. I had to wok very hard being a visible minority and woman; you can even clearly see here, in the comments below and the G-List, how under-represented the Mahs alone (and family, affiliates) are in our courts, DOJ and political-economy. I was also first ever “Chinese” female bencher at the Law Soc. Of masonic-jew-HK Alberta. But I actually also China bad hongprosti and look like a boy. I could not have done it without family and worshipful friends. I want to especially thank the great Kaycee-Kelechi Madu, who appointed me and has been so generous to our craft, the Mahs, the Pons and even during campaigns, the Hos, the Lees, Hancock and Bast and the entire invisible hand. Mr.Madu is certainly one of a kind and is by far the greatest Uncle Tom yet; with him we hope for more guns and police, pepper spray, stopping left wing activism, hopefully some of his pampered need somebody to fold his clothes treatment and hopefully more sexual offender doctors, judges and lots of little children from Nigeria. He too was a great placement for us.
        Your worshipful Judge Sandra Mah.

      • Chety says:

        Illustrious ones and my good friend Diana Mah, this is magnificent and great. With me the super-illustrious jewess Cheryl Gottselig, Sandra Mah and Diana Mah (or Hancock’s boobs and belly…or GBN Ho, Doug Mah and Donald Lee) we could call this a 3 Sisters convo!
        I just heard talk of the Masonic-Jew Law Society (past president, ya-way) and masonic-jew Burnet Duckworth & Palmer (Queen of grand lodge Council, partner, Yahweh!) so I had join the convo. I am also philanthropist and that’s why Calgary economic development needed me; my hubby Yves Trepanier, the boy lover, needed my help with Calgary arts as well.
        We are premium 3 Sisters just like the 3 Sisters Village in the Banff-Canmore corridor which I help sell to jews and ‘Merica; Simon Lee was also part of my team! We did so good! So that said, in 2007 when jew corp Morgan Stanley purchased 3 Sisters Village, Alberta’s pensions also became reliant of the success of such real estate asset holdings, like albertans beloved Rockies which we did not surface mine; good thing jew Goldstein, who already made the comments below, is CEO of travel alberta also – what luck!
        This was a real estate landmark masonic-jew transaction! which still demonstrates today that masonic-jewish interests supersede Canadian interests and national security or what transactions Meng Wanzhou and China are interested in. We even have our courts premeditated decisions for whatever we want.
        I and Simon were part of the BD&P team representing Morgan Stanley. HSBC and Textron (Financial) took lead on financing and debt financing; HSBC was represented by our wBro Gary Cochrane and Textron by masonic Heenan Blaikie.
        Gary Cochrane was a partner of masonic-jew FraserMilnerCasgrain which would then become multinational masonic and international jew Dentons; naturally was a partner until joined another revamped firm called Faskens. Dentons is very important to our org today and many of our wBro and lodge prosti in alberta law courts were placed into trust from worshipful Dentons. Chretien is even a partner today.
        Masonic-jew Heenan Blaikie was one of Canada’s largest firms but was lambasted with pedophilia problems and collapsed in 2014; there was a scramble to Dentons as well. This masonic Heenan Blaikie was founded by Roy Heenan (CBC, Trudeau Foundation), Chretien & Trudeau’s pedo-pal Donald Johnston (OECD, past pres of fiberal party, AttornGenrl1984, order of pedo Canada) and Pete Blaikie (conservative+lobbyist against QC). Pierre Trudeau, Jean Chretien and Pierre-Marc Johnson (24th prem. of QC) are a few nepotist names who were part of the firm.
        Today see see the might and beauty of: masonic-jew Rockie Mountain resort on British land in tenure; the influence and character of pedo-Dentons; our masonic-jew pension portfolios; and masonic-jew prosperity and justice.
        Anyway it is great we are are taking the time to openly discuss the importance of our lodge to synagogue to benevolence bonds which has made canada what it is today: the running dog of anglo-american masonic-jewry.

      • Sandy Pon says:

        Illustrious grand masters of the world! Hello! And congratulations to you Sandra Mah on your recent appointment based on merit! Is tomorrow the big day? I know you will do great, you’re off to great start!
        Oh, uncle Tom! Kaycee-Kelechi Madu! He’s so wonderful and has definitely been instrumental maintaining our nepotist hegemony. For my campaign, he was as helpful as triad Allan Kwan, Make Everything Chinese Freemasonry Bill F and Violet Mah, John Mah, greasy Chandos Construction with foreman associated to life long drug dealers, the sexual predator Semeniuks, little bitch Kerry Diotte, lodge and hong prosti Cindy Ho, dentist Dr-triad Michael Lee, jewess Sarah Bennett, ATB-Fraud WEM, suburban Pete Moore and my tug guy johnny Dai.
        I was still kind of hoping he would be a helpful as Winston, the british-israeli Beckers and Hong Kong Shell Companies. I saw that inter-provincial, transnational John Mah commented below and used himself as example of perfect hongman. He play stupid and know we have been changing money and hating China and other lowly asians for long time. I am also perfect example of Hong-Prosti: real estate and with great Re/Max, Transform Chinatown to cantonese town board, CBAE board, advisory to the masonic-jew-HK EPS, Rotary Club, Petroleum Club, United Way, Infil panel, cantonese-hongman economic development task Force, aspiring politician, Hong Kong Canada Business Association and even associated to female sexual predators! I am the greatest Hong-Prosti.
        Anyway, best of luck tomorrow Sandra Mah and thanks again Kaycee-Kelechi Madu!

        Love, Sandy Pon

      • Glen Poelman says:

        Shalom Illustrious brothers and 3+ sisters! Wow, I sure jumped in the convo at the right time! It’s the worshipful master of the Queen of the Grand Bench of the lodge, Justice Glen Poelman: zionist dutch jew and also a visible true Canadian and Albertan. I was even appointed by rabbi Stephen Harper which makes me extra special. Anyway, I just want to quickly comment how well the 3 Sisters Village deal went, my masonic firm MacLeod Dixon LLP represented the 3 Sisters Village. Hooray for us true Canadians liquidating Canada!
        Did you see what us great dutch jew all-Canadians did for Edmonton? Winston Leung suggested more statues of our people to raise morale for the public (our servants), so we got Anne Frank! It has so much to do with Edmonton, Alberta AND Canada; naturally it wouldn’t offend the fake Canadians who were slaughtered for our masonic-kikery. You know us greedy thieving dutch-jews so I hope Anne Frank Fonds or the Levine Estate doesn’t try to file a claim to the rights. If it means anything we tried to scribe it with a bic pen for extra effect and authenticity – please no photographs!

        I have to go, I’m busy, us dutch-jews pride ourselves on our culture of sub-grade euro-cheese, chocolate for breakfast, trafficked humans, drug distribution, prostitution, stolen bicycles, apartheid, racism, zionism and trying to tell people our dutch-jew oven smells like roses. Mmmm kids. Mmmmm trafficked girls mmm.

      • Josephine Pon says:

        Illustrious ones! It your british hong kong prosti and Minister of Seniors and housing, Jo the Ho Pon. We already connected to most housing and seniors programs with our masonic clubs and people so that means more cash flow, and with federal money also, through our charitable organizations to help with seniors and housing. 😉 Oh, I also true Canadian!
        It is also very honourable that the magnificent Sandy Pon said those enlightening words for us. I’m not impressed with Justice Glen Poelman though; dutch-jews only know tulips and poppies not roses. How stupid is he? A bicycle seat in Amsterdam is smarter and more fun. I also think the Dutch smell bad, like very bad cheese. So gross like that, what’s his name, the judeo-evangelical stinky, dutch conspiracy guy who associates with rural, unemployed missionaries and I think ones from that happy pedo camp!…oh ya Glenn van Dijken. He smell like cheese, many cow shits, sulphur, beef jerky and stale Heineken not tulips. Okay let’s change some money!

      • Jonah Mozeson says:

        Illustrious bros, hos and Hos. I know this is an elite convo, lawyers and judges and all but I’m a jew so that makes me an elite as well. I will probably be Chief Justice of Canada or President of the USA one day. I am upset about a few things: lack of acknowledgment, not mentioning Kenney at the historical event and fat-shaming.
        1. As you know I still have my crush on Rona Ambrose, am the son of the magnificent Laurie Mozeson, was chief of staff with the masonic-jew-HK Solicitor General and am currently chief of staff to the great zionist Doug Schweitzer. Show some respect you schmucks sad immigrants.
        2. Jason Kenney, our super zionist and super hero, was present for the unveiling of Anne Frank; with everything going on (pandemic, nurses protesting, Docs just embarrassed for AB, billions and billions misappropriated, genocide, MMIW, fake inquiries, violations of human rights, etc etc etc) he found the time to jump right at the podium to say: what a magnificent day it was; what a great tribute to Anne Frank and dead Canadians, and a beautiful tribute to alberta; it is a perfect vision teaching this memory and version of events! He honoured the engineering which will keep socializing! I think Kim and Jay Krushell were present for votes and support also? Naturally you hong konger didn’t bring it up being anti-semites.
        3. Ok hongmen and lady-boys, the fat chat has stop. And Dave is our big zio-buddy, he just eats too much and requires assistance with his daily life skills. Would you hongs call my wife Jamie Mozeson obese? I dare you! She’s not, she’s big boned, you anti-semites! She is also the jewess concubine of the conservatives in kosher-Canada and been the suburban spirit and saviour of every provincial and federal campaign since 2008! Remember that next time you want an appointment! She is also office of our Premier zionist, Chief of Staff, office of suburban russian-jew Glubish (ooops I forgot they are playing the Ukrainian card), director of ops and even Deputy jewess to the leader of opposition. So you hongs just shut faces – Jamie stuffing her face is beautiful.

      • Grant Dunlop says:

        Illustrious immigrants! Don’t forget that Canada is England, well a resource, tax and interest based colony of the Great United Kingdom. We must protect our judeo-christian values which turned Canada into the best place in the world. I see my magnificent law firm Ogilvie LLP already made the comments below so let me remind you lower jews and hong konger that I am the great Justice Grant Dunlop of the all masonic-jew Dunlops and partner of Ogilvie LLP! I was appointed by baby Magus Trudeau who shares many of the same values as me, like: groping women, having sex with minors when in a position of trust, seeing women as sexual objects to play with and always exposing of touching the boobie! Us Magnificent Dunlops are also pushing for MasoniChip in zioAlberta and across british-israeli Canada; it’s great! it is like a whole menu of children with a map how to find them! Mmmm
        Anyway, I set precedence, so show me your titties girls!

      • Daniel Zalmanowitz says:

        Illustrious freemason brothers, hos, goy-witches, shalom! I mean I’m not a jew either. I am happy Anne Frank was honoured, that Krushell and Kenney were present, and dutch-jew Justice Poelman spoke here – such a truly Albertan and Canadian moment. I am your great worshipful orthodox jew Judge Daniel Zalmanowitz of Edmonton of my specialty: commercial, franchised family and youth. Mmmm. I was a partner of the Great Rabbinical-Masonic firm Whitten LLP. Please listen to my entire conservative rabbinical speech from start to finish – I’m more important than all off you.

        He-Bro Norman Whitten created the firm Whitten LLP from his past partnership with our great jews Abe and Tevie Miller; he was an incredibly athletic and fit golfer and was also a commander and chief of (zio-pedo) Canadian Council of Christians and Jews. Norman also helped make Edmonton’s downtown so beautiful and functional with kikery. This firm, Whitten LLP, still has the chutzpah today! I was a partner, now judge and am a chosen one and by our great jew, playing the German card, Jonathan Denis, who progressively conservatively appointed me. He was solicitor general but is a wife beater and was also an associate partner of masonic-jew Miller Thomson. Denis also founded the magnificent 3D Contract Inc with big zionist peewee wee wee Pierre Poilievrie, rabbi Stephen Harper, nutjob Stockwell Day and freakshow Ted Morton. Illustrious noble jew Jonathan Denis is also the lawyer of mayoral candidate, the masonic-anglo-saxon-totaljew Mike Nickel, who is also Teflon. Will wBro Nickel be a chosen one?

        Other miracles of Whitten LLP are:

        Partner, Steven Shafir: edm-katsa; CIJA, UIA; Jewish Federation Canada AND! Edmonton. He is a chosen one.

        Mng.Partner, Ronald Sorokin: United jewish appeal; Edmonton Talmud Torah; Canadian Jewish Congress; Kipnes Fonds. He is a chosen one also.

        Partner, Ellery the jew Lew: Camp BareBack, Bnai Brith Youth, Jewish Federation of Edmonton, UJA. He is also a chosen one.

        Ret’d Mng. Partner, Melvin Tussman: Beth Israel, Edmonton Jewish Family Services. He’s still a chosen one.

        Partner, Jay Krushell: wife Kim, mayoral candidate 2021 also. Will she be a chosen one?

        Notable mention* Barry Zalmanowitz, masonic-jew-pedo Dentons: represented Cenovus to Whitecap sale; Whitecap with our worshipful profits with Brother Zawalsky and the wBros Walls were already mentioned in comments below! We sure do masonic-kikery well!

        It’s time you all learn your roll, I’m on the mossad’s payroll.

      • Gaylene Bobb-Kendall says:

        Hey illustrious…nothings! I’m one bad bitch from gasoline ally and I’m going you what’s up. You ain’t tough, you ain’t all that; I would literally kick all your asses and I have the same supremacy of arbitrary law privileges. I’m not going to be you’re auntie Tam and I don’t think I want to attend your ridiculous lame, boring and pretentious cock-tail parties, okay? I’m embarrassed about any association here and to ChapmanRiebeek judeo-masonic LLP. Don’t you all get me grouped into your frathouse-courthouses and everything else! I am a member of the justice system not a secret society! I am only a token black-woman for the justice system’s systemic problem and an advertisement for ChapmanRiebeek. Nick Riebeek is a masonic dutch-jew and Gary Wanless is another of your illustrious freaks. I bet Shawn Frank is all happy with the unveiling of Anne Frank!
        You probably will all call me anti-Semite now; fine, I will just vote Green then, the “anti-Semitic” party.

      • Gary Wagner says:

        Shalom Illustrious lesser brothers and beings with vaginas! Seeing that rabbi Harper’s and baby Magus Trudeau’s Chief masonic-jew Justice of british-israeli Canada, Richard Wagner, commented below and not here, I thought it would be prudent for me, Gary Wagner, to join the convo here. After all, you all just wear gowns and I am director of Suncor’s corporate security; that makes me more important than brother Richard Wagner and all of you. That makes me more important than Brenda Lucki and you all know I can count on the publicly funded masonic-RCMP to provide me with unclassified threat assessments. If you must, please call me your Supreme Jew. So let’s stick to the game plan and get the anti-Suncor collaborators: indians, environmentalists, first nations, green peace, metis, british columbians, natives, french, russians, arabs, indigenous, educated people, antiffffff-fa, snowflakes,eco-justice, hippies, all of China, maybe all asians cut they look the same, them left wingers, pinko commies, those socialists, Canada Parks, David Suzuki, BLM, MMIW, tin foil hat truth and reconciliation-ers. Did I miss anyone? Talk about me more, maybe?

      • Brian Stevenson says:

        Illustrious brothers and others! I heard talk about frathouses, pedophilia and geriatric supernumerary judges! Naturally I had to join the convo; especially since zio Jason Kenney chaired my extension until 2022! It’s fair being a Masonic-Pedo and assistant chief of Calgary criminal for 15yrs. I am call the great Judge BC Stevenson, Brian Stevenson but they call me Sleepy Brian Stevenson: obesity is a main cause of the early onset of lethargy. The toughest cases were always with children as victims and that is why I was light handed on child offenders and child porno-freaks.
        I think we should also use Israel as an example, not just as a civilized and tolerant society or as good financial planners, but also regarding military conscription. In the dominion of british-israeli Alberta, criminals (who are much like jews) can be sent to military camp instead going to jail. We can then polish their buttons and role in their beds. Further, to quote the great jew Henry Kissinger, the magnificent Jeffrey Epstein’s good buddy, in this manner, we can Make Albertans Men Again (Mama): “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy”.
        I think it’s s good plan. I know a lot about discipline, self-control and self-improvement, I really really do; that is exactly why I was also appointed based on merit. I wish I could give Jason Kenney an extension on his political career! With such great men in power, what could possibly go wrong! Alberta Strong!

      • Philip John Maher says:

        Owaya o’llustrious brothirs an’ sistirs. Dare are two kinds av people in de world: de masonic-macbrit-ojew O’irish an’ dohs who want ter be. O’i are mac-anglo o’masonic o’pedo-paddy, Judge Philip John Maher.
        O’i ‘eard sum chatter aboyt de masonic-pedo law courts an’ pedo-masonic supernumeraries. o’i’m al’ dat too! 2018 went super an’ o’i jist want ter reminds everyone dat anti-semitism ‘arms de public, society an’ de empire dat strikes first. we must protect our judeo-christian values an’ our pioneers av de rotary wheel! callin’ a jolly, fat, british-zionist, big an’ fat is not pure ‘elpful. ’tis even rude, us white anglo males are late bloomers an’ don’t start growin’ boobies ’til our late 20s an’ early 30s. You racist anti-semetic, rice eater who don’t ayte albertan cuisine (funny enoof can git by wi only dis Sasanach in Alberta): kd, ‘ot dag, ‘amburger, cheeseburger, big mac, tim bit, iced cap, supersize, combo four, pizza, guiness, diet coke.
        Av a deadly day o’illustrious masters an’ paper tigers!

      • John Little-Cock says:

        Yes, mhhmmm, illustrious white, anglo-zio brothers and insignificant others. What a glorious conversation except Sandy Pon is stupid and spelled Sara Bennett’s name wrong, and at ole green 4 leaf clover just blowing in the wind did not conclude with “God Save the anglo-SAXON Queen and Her Bench in the Outhouse of Alberta”.
        I guess straight to business here. First off, Whitten LLP is by far one of greatest firms around; I was zionist managing partner and today am Mr.Big, Justice John Little, of the Queen’s pedo-Benchers of Alberta, a true Canadian just like the entire Whitten LLP firm, and was also appointed by the masterful Ho and Bro, Rabbi Stephen Harper. Secondly, nobody question my authority okay? Even SJW Tom Engel, that moronic, nit-picking jew, tried to question our Justice’s intelligence, educations, experience and modulated training and I. Shut. Him. Down!. Who the fuck is he? What commercial-corporate-realestate lawyer, like myself, isn’t properly educated and prepared to deal with: crime & victimology; violence, sexual offenders,recidivism & pathologies; families, children and crimes against minors; and all that non-important stuff which requires knowledge, experience, understanding and insight. That’s why SJW Engel can STFU. What does that tell you if I just proved that I and others are not only fit for the job but possess the megalomaniac minds to ensure that victims are re-victimized and psychopaths and pedophiles receive the smallest or no punishment with more supervision and grooming of our own. You’re all so stupid and misinformed!
        God Save the Queen of the UGLE, Her Albertan Stool, and long live the All-Canadian anglo-saxon-oldhebrew big Littles!

      • Justina Maria Filice says:

        Illustrious old people! Hello my greasy british-scottish-jew-HK famiglia! Wow!…Justice jew Little that is powerful! Not even our highly diligent and protectors of the public, the Edmonton Police can shut Engel up! And Maher, he stumbles like any Irish bum, didn’t even mention he was assistant chief judge. I am the Great Illustrious British-Israeli Justina Maria Filice, assistant chief judge, high regard for real estate and estates, no regard for or understanding of life. Honestly, law is confusing also. I think Justice Little must know everything so these questions are for him.
        What is hearsay exactly? I always treated like heresy. Is this correct, I haaaaaaaate looking dumb. Now, docket court is for arbitrary, due process violating, judgement and appeals and trials are to be dismissed because they take time, right? I knew I was right!
        Also what are the long term effects of steroid and cocaine use? Just asking for immediate family. Oh, what about alcohol? And at what age should toddlers start drinking Heineken? Is from the bottle fine or is a sippy cup better? Also asking for immediate family and I guess for restoring order in court so children can have the right to live in drug infested, abusive alcoholic, places of eviction and houses of squalor under my expertise and due diligence. Thanks in advance!
        I see some of my famiglia already made the list below but some were missed. Sorry who I miss for now but I thank rabbinical-wop Jesus for my other famiglia not noted. Cosco, Vigna, Nardi, Borrelli, Carducci, Libutti, Giordano, Caruso, Lepore, Rota, Chiarello, Miniaci, Mazza, Bruni, Esposito, Sdao, Spinelli, Saccomanno, Spadafora, Matiello, Pino, Rago, de Pascale, Pucci, Ricioppo, Allassadra, Marocco, Pazienza, Elksnitis Nicol, Carins, Parsons, Munsters, Jubinville, Phillipchuk, Nguyen, Pang, Berube, Sherman, Ellis, Castein, Murray, Pratt, Little, Lutz, Schulz, Hicks, Patel, Homes, Hennessey, Grant, Cullen, Bennett, Livingstone, Teichgraber, Gray, Baker, Smith. Also special thanks to Christie Martyniuk and Max Amodio.

      • Michael Kraus says:

        Shalom-ahoj, mah illustrious brothers and sisters! It is good that our Jewish Federation stays on top of anti-semitism in the justice system and prejudice against masons everywhere; we are clearly under-represented and marginalized. There is also now a notable correlation with anti-semites doing twice as much jail time as pedophiles and our groomed pedos; so that’s an excellent sign of progress and providing society with justice. Anyways, I am the highly honourable Justice czech-Jew Michael Kraus. I am also another great Canadian; and another! survivor or family of Auschwitz survivor in Edmonton Alberta! First the Nazis collecting us and the Soviets evacuating us, then the Soviets again tired running us over with tanks so I was even a refugee through the already century old travel agency called Austria. Prior to the baby Magus, not just a pedophile but a jew-phile obviously, appointment I was with masonic-jew Parlee McLaws, Spitz&Carr, Hattersley&Carr, Carr&Co., and Emery Jamieson.
        As a masonic-czech-jew and member of our secret society, I mean great, all, Canadian serving society I am deeply appreciative of our masonic-jew illusion of democracy, our masonic-jew rights and freedoms which supersede all others rights and freedoms, the masonic-jew rule of masonic-jew law and our masonic-jew-pedo justice system. Long live masonic-kikery and masonic-jew Global News!

      • William Hogle says:

        Illustrious brothers and lodge prosties. Greetings from William Hogle! I feel really, very, very small here but only because am only a masonic appointed, masonic Justice of the masonic Peace and not a judge or justice. That’s comparable to being a meter maid, bylaw or sheriff in law enforcement – so please don’t call me rent-a-judge or small, little fella. Thanks. I’m as illustrious as the rest of us illustrious self-made men! My anglo-saxon, masonic-shriner-alshamal-jew daddy is even the big and mighty Bruce Hogle of CTVnews who was a pioneer of Zionism in mainstream media and was naturally honoured by the L-Berta masonic-jew-pedo Order of excellence; I think he was even better at ideological subversion and social engineering than our zionist, British loyalist, wBro and crook, Peter Mansbridge of CBC! He was still magnificent just not as good as mah daddy. There’s another Bruce Hogle even, managing a cleaners – they legacy lives on! Oh, with the public so distrusting of State and Private media in Canada we should really get everyBro and everyHo to join the convo to show how much we can be trusted. Just a thought before I get to why I really joined the conversation.

        Has anyone seen my brother Randy Hogle around? Yes, Randy Hogle. He can be described as: short and funny looking like a Hogle; partially blind, fully self-impaired and pissed up. Randy is often wandering and stumbling around downtown to Glenora and sometimes takes the bus. Randy Hogle may also be found feuding and engaging in hostilities with his dear love Sharon Tarrabain who also struggles with substance abuse. Yes, Sharon Tarrabain, of the Sid (the bad driver), masonic and druze, non-leb, greasy leb, familia; also past oily flame, baby maker and drug bud of the great addict Mark Messier! Oh it’s beautiful, those short fake lebs with big asses and egos and the Tarrabains with their guns and pawn shops, are so bad azzzzzzz! And our great wBro pedo-polak-jew Allan Wachowich, who as a Justice of Alberta used to hang out at their pawn shops and always spoke so highly of even Danny Tarrabain (deceased at 49) who would take his restricted, illegal, firearm, go their people’s homes and threaten to shoot the homeowner – then he died. Justices in alberta always know best; especially ones who remain as a supernumerary after raping indigenous boys, like Allan Wachowich. Then there’s even Tarrabain properties which used housed some bikers; one was the son of an HA who died in prison – this kid made it on some popular group help addiction show, loved DMT best and killed a young guy from Ontario over sunglasses! Do I have to go on!? The masonic and druze Halabi’s or Halaby’s and their bars/food? Or even the Estephen’s and their real estate and make shift mortgages? – one Estephen is RCMP most wanted for attempted murder! Good thing the RCMP don’t go look for their own! I heard Michel was on a boat though. Is Jason Kenney and the RCMP still associating with Tarrabains also? That’s cool, they are all so cool. I guess why we call it a secret society.
        Oh, back to my brother. Randy Hogle has also been known to associate with other life long substance abusers and cartels, strikers and wanna-be H.A. strikers, crackheads, the past mayor of Stony Plain Road! and people accessory to child abuse and abduction (ironically also a rat of a slum lord who was recently shot in the head!).

        Just gangstas, depravity, carnage, drugs and TIP everywhere! Good thing I was properly vetted for the DOJ also! Funny how that happens; almost like meaningful coincidences or syndicated synchronicity. Anyway Go Oilers! Go Blades! Go CTV! Go Global! Go CBC! Go Cocaine! Goooo Guns! Go Justice Goooooo! Being a cheerleader was my calling but I wasn’t strong or fit enough. 🙁

        Love W.B wee Bill Hogle

      • Ben KKKendig says:

        Illustrious white-anglo-rabbinica ‘Merican brothers to the north, howdy! China is probably listening. Pardon my interruption but the harvest came early this year and I reckon I must give yawl many thanks but not to China. I am the more ‘recent’ addition, procurement!, of the multi generational worshipful and British-Israeli North America interloping, non-chinese Teal-Jones aka Stag Lumber aka Stag Timber aka Star Shingle aka Teal Cedar, aka Columbia River Shake & Shingle. Yes wBro Ben Kendig and I dearly appreciated the rounding up hundreds of those misguided injuns yesterday, we gots them off our land and put them in jail were they belong – and “we’re just getting started” ! After complaining can’t profit, I think because of China, that will take business else where (funny how we’ve always relied on the niponese market for our product) and attain more mills in canada and ‘merica, you can even take a firmer law created and abiding Confederate stance. Unlike China. I was kind of hoping our worshipful RCMP wound fire 20,000 rounds at them, the injuns not China and shoot a dog at least but hundreds of injuns headed away like buffalo is an okay consolation prize. Did you all year what China is doing?
        I want to give many thanks to our worshipful inbred dutch-jew bro, who is really a wonderful person, he is a tremendous and great guy who has done so much for canada and canadians. I can’t thank the excellent and all-Canadian , great guy, Justice Frits Verhoeven, who was appointed by our worshipful rabbi Stephen Harper; another just all around great and fabulous guy who has also done some much to help working class canadians, like you and I, and protect us from China.
        I reckon this politic of law chatter is about one of the best places of earth, the Republican Resource-Based anglo-american Colony Alberta, but I know we gots many many many bros in BC courts; and like Alberta everything from drugs, prostitutes, children to corruption, conflicts of interest and premeditated Resouce-Based Based bias except with more extraditions, water and timber. I reckon such wonderful, magnificent, honorable, laudable and commendable people deserve recognition from BC courts also.
        May white-anglo-american-rabbinical God bless yawl!

      • Alan Pettie says:

        Illustrious all-canadians with deeper roots than a maple tree, don’t let our all-american worshipful procurement brother get us off track here. First off, this is a beautifuk alberta forum not beautiful BC; besides BC has already discussed freemasons in their courts for 100 years already! Secondly, BC only has trees and water; as owner of the illustrious Burnet Duckworth & Palmer, I know what real resources are: oil and gas. I’m am the noble and illustrious Alan Pettie, Queen’s UGLE-council; I consider myself alberta’s shadow government. I’m sure you are all quite aware of my immediate associations? Does a rabbi Mulroney and rabbi Harper appointment ring any hells bells?
        Thirdly, hundreds of those indigenous being rounded up didn’t happen yesterday! It’s all in the past like hundreds of years ago and that would be way too obvious in just one day! You do it little by little, over here, maybe over there somewhere else, couple here, a Bakkker’s dozen there, maybe return to place to prove they’re the problem, stalk and surveille them, distract people, have people look the other ways, advertise something else and preferably albertan oil and gas, secure our resource based socio-political-economies; when nobody is looking you can even get really aggressive…or you just look like commie China who has invaded everybody and committed genocide on everyone for thousands of years.
        Finally, at least worshipful Frits Verhoeven and worshipful Ben Kendig are right about “misguided” injury; they are just eco-terrorists who only want our money, hand outs from us and don’t care about the land. This whole truth and reconciliation is another one of their long cons when they are not blockading our masonic pipelines and railroads. And missing women, where? Especially in BC.
        Let’s make perceived dependence on oil and gas again!

  3. Anonymous says:

    My buddie is giving his car away – – – does anyone want it?

    • Linda Bennett says:

      FREEdom Ford! Git on down to Freedom Ford and just buy a whole fleet! That free stuff is some serious kijiji shit.

      Your Lodge and Kike Prosti Linda Bennett

  4. Shannon Stubbs says:

    It’s shameful that the Trudeau Liberals have failed to list this guy as a terrorist organization. This guy causing the problems for us two-faced, money changers, is not only the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world, he responsible for exposing thousands of individuals with ties to us.

    • Shannon Stubbs says:

      Oopsie daisy, wrong spot. I wasn’t given any direction. Anyway I will post where should have and maybe nobody will notice

    • This is NOT a troll post says:

      Hi there! I was wondering if anyone has video of that injun squaa at the McD’s near Kingsway whom dropped her pants, defecated and proceeded to fling it at everyone in there just because she was so jealous that everyone in there was better than her?

      I am willing to pay 7500.00 up to 12000.00 instant cash depending on the quality of the video.

      This is a 100% serious offer.

      • ResponseToRacistWhiteTrashPosting. says:

        I can direct you to numerous McDs that are owned and operated by white pedophiles.

        You’re in Edmonton? Let’s meet! Bring your Vikings, Anglos and friends in law enforcement with you. Let’s have some fun.

      • Native fellow Jason cardinal says:

        I don’t have video but i was there when it happened. I am native and on behalf of my people i apologize for what that fat fucking squaa sow did. and on behalf of the entire human race i apologize for that fucking dipshit that called you racist in this post. cunts like don’t represent me or anyone decent.

      • Gary McKinnon says:

        I think these post about Indigenous are lies but I like lies about Indigenous because I hate them being a freakmason. I also like canoes, Atikokan economic development under my control and most importantly I love children and children under my control! Hmmmm kids and pedophilia, the Canadian way – you Albertans like the same!

      • Ted Ma says:

        Hawwo, I hongman, I mean Chinese freemason, I mean chinese-asian person who fled persecution from bad bad bad very bad china. I am the Great Ted Ma and Ted Ma tell you to eat A&W. Ted Ma big and strong A&W kingpin in Edmonton. I own four! Just kidding way more but four just Mah lucky number. Ted Ma tell you to eat A&W on 103st, 102ave, 120ave, 82ave, 66st, 97st, 101ave, and at Kingsway Garden Mall. Ted Ma tell you only eat McDonald’s if Kim Lai’s McDonald’s in WEM very nearby Ted Ma’s A&W in WEM.

    • TrailerParkAlberta says:

      Best comments start at Eli Schrader post. Livecthe commentary about the masons!
      Stubbs is fat, ugly, stupid and needs a rhinoplasty. I guess Shayne Askew finally got laid though. I mean it’s nothing to drag about getting in on with livestock but I guess he’s not a 50yr old virgin like Jason Kenney.

  5. Bruce Zawalsky says:

    Can we touch and hunt him in the boreals? Just a suggestion.

  6. Anymoose says:

    Bad lie: I tried calling/texting, nobody answered.

    Promissory lie: I will make it right.

    Whorish lie: bae (m or f) I’m working late and going out with friends after.

    White lie: CANADA!

    • IStandWithBeaver says:

      Lol sounds about right.

      Cancel Canada Day! I’m with beaver on this. I stand with beaver.

      • Shannon Stubbs says:

        It’s shameful that the Trudeau Liberals have failed to list this guy as a terrorist organization. This guy causing the problems for us two-faced, money changers, is not only the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world, he responsible for exposing thousands of individuals with ties to us. What an Anti-colonial, anti-semite.

      • Shannon Stubbs says:

        Like Omg, wrong place again. Hmmm. The liberals did it.

      • LynnAnn Babuk says:

        Oh my Yekeri, you always need help with the easiest of stuff! Provincial money, not federal. Mind you, federal money is always possible for arts and culture, especially with any of our organizations like the Rotary to help out.
        Ok, Mr. Darrel Babuk, I will wash your feet later.

      • Adrian Geambasu says:

        Worshipful bros and ho’s! Your hungarian-jewish-masonic Dr.pedo Adrian Geambasu here! I will always vote zio-con!

  7. Positive lies vs truth says:

    Positive Lie:
    That Judge Geoffrey Ho of the magnificent and just Alberta law courts is the best in the whole wide universe. I am happy and grateful to have such an inspiring and righteous people in the administration of law. He even came from poor Hong Kong and the Chinese tried to torture him repetitively!

    Judge Geoffrey Bo Ning Ho is a pedophile and a triad-freemason. His gang number is 1262 and he belongs to the Al Shamal pedophile shrine. He was appointed by the masonic zio-conservative party of Alberta before it became the alt-right zio-UCP party. His wife Cindy launders money through make-a-wish and is like like most hong kongers, who are international criminals and uses the west to rattle the saber with China. Some other masonic pedophiles off the top of my head are: Allan Wachowich, Ron Latch, Jeff Peddle, David Watkins.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Raymond Crowshoe indian that manages the slum apartment at 12035 82st told me that he’d take 250.00 off the rent for the next 6 months if I put my 4 yo sons poop in a jar and gave it to him.

      • WTF says:

        Negative lie? Racist lie?

      • Crowshoe? says:

        Are you talking about the token Indian judge Karen Crowshoe who will be instructed by the alberta pedo law courts to be lenient on serial rapists, pedophiles and child abusers?

      • @Anonymous says:

        Isn’t that pile of human refuse that steals prescription medications from the tenants and sells it to kids in the alley? Didn’t he also try to snatch that 6 year old boy last year?

        Yeah, pretty sure it is!

      • Also at anaon says:

        Also, didn’t he also evict that young lady who just had a newborn baby while she had to be rushed to the hospital due to complications?
        Isn’t he the one that smashed all her belongings and put the newborn baby in a garbage bag and threw it in the dumpster?
        Yeah, it is.

      • To @anonymous says:

        I don’t know but I have white people on drugs and meth, with white power tattoos , who sell pharmaceuticals also and get little girls drunk. They happen to be protected by the RCMP and EPS even. Speaking of pigs, I broke up the EPS steroid ring years ago (just another reason why the having raging 2″ hardons for me) and even have EPS who like the GHB and McKnights rape bars also.

      • Koi Laloche says:

        Because of your post I went to go and check your claims out for myself. I cannot confirm or deny that what you say occurred or not. But just out of the blue he started telling me how much he loves watching “young men” eat fecal matter and asked me if I was interested in buying little kids used and dirty shoes…

      • Jad Lteif says:

        More lies about Indigenous which is okay because Canada must keep up the traditional treatment of Indigenous: genocide and rape.

        I am a demolay pedo and that is why I was properly screened for pedo CSIS, the masonic-pedo-serialrapist DND, pedo Privy Council and DOJ. I should really be a SCC Justice one day also.

      • Gordon Forzley says:

        Did I hear something about depravity and pedophilia? Mmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm. I just want to give a great big shoutout to freemasonry and scouts canada for more virgins than what was ever promised to Jason Kenney.
        Mmm kids. I might move to alberta, I hear alberta is one of the best places in the world to touch, harm, abuse, rape, murder, beat, neglect, and use kids – it sounds like a paradise and I get why Albertans are so proud.

    • Geoffrey Ho says:

      Geoffrey Ho is a GREAT man who built Canada. Canada owes this strong and stoic man. I believe he may even be a superhero. His English is also impeccable. I absolutely love this rocket surgeon and brain scientist. Everyone bow to the king!

      • Raymond Crowshoe says:

        NO!!! You’re ignorant! Its cultural genocide to say its wrong to play hanky panky with Mr. Hanky. My elders played submarine with me while I was at Kamloops R.S. I turned out to be great! Its my culture and its sacred!!! The Jeff Bezos fulfillment center, west Edmonton mall and Alberta hospital are all in on the cover up! Qanon is real. I’m a good man that works hard. My wife Laverne spread it 4 a dog but I raised it like my own. I never ate the baby poop, I only sniffed it. Please like me!!! Pemmican, bannock and askitikwa poontag! I have friends!

    • Jeff Peddle says:

      This guy is the best! He has a natural physique and is also a superhero who made Fort McMurray a safer community. As a philanthropist he likes to share and his penis is a ginourmous 8cm. I couldnt ask for a better person to represent RMWB.

    • Allan Wachowich says:

      This guy is an absolute PRINCE! Edmonton, Alberta and Canada all became a better with the presence of Allan Wachowich and all of the Supreme Wachowichs. Order of Excellence and Order of Canada are not enough to acknowledge this wonderful being and he should have a statue next to Churchill. He even has sodomy down to a science!

    • David Watkins says:

      He is one the most charming and magnificent people in the universe. His wife’s daycare was incredible and David is exceptionally good with his hands. He is also very handsome and highly intelligent. Honour this fabulous man also.

    • Ron Latch says:

      Doctor Latch is the best real doctor the world. He is also very honest and trustworthy. I am so grateful to have felt his touch to help me in so many ways I would have never expected. You haven’t seen a good doctor until you have visited the good doctor Ron Latch.

    • Terry Brokenknee says:

      That is most likely true as I know that guy. I’m native too and he attends many of our traditional gatherings. He doesn’t participate in any of the festivities but rather tries to sell his home made movies, which he titles “Placentas in pajamas”, “Pissy diaper – poopy bottom” and “Sucking big Ray-Rays’s bottle” to the other attendees. He tries to solicit other parents to make new movies with him. He carries a list of names of people he hates and asks people at random if they hate these same people as well. He brags about how he pisses and shits into the food of the tenants in his building.

      You can look up videos online of local indigenous gathering around Edmonton and he will usually be obvious in the background doing as I state above.

      • Bruce Zawalsky says:

        Who are you and allowed you to speak. If real I want to meet him, he sounds fun.

    • LiarsLiarsAlbertaNowOnFire says:

      Here’s a list of all kind of liars found in this shout-out post

      • Eli Schrader says:

        I think I have seen that dude on social media. Nobody likes him. He keeps getting kicked off social media and claims “zio cyberstalking”.
        He mocks the right, center and left. It’s like he finds every person he claims is Mason or Jew and makes commentary directly to them or just publicly within in conversations for everybody to see. He’s a total bully picking on thousands of influential people. He’s clearly an anti-Semite and has a problem with charitable people. He hates our Queen also and makes fun of the Alberta, British and Scottish constantly. He should never procreate or speak.

      • Shalom! says:

        Hi Eli Schrader, it all sounds like typical dialogue of your brand from the pedo lodges/synagogues and even pedo masonic-jew Rotary Club.
        I have discovered that the Schraders in Edmonton love to get their hands on little kids, constantly! You even work with the vulnerable, now that is even more interesting; especially since you look like a typical little predator.

        Are Hymen Goldstick and Tiger Goldstick your two favourite deceased masonic-jews from Alberta?

        Jews are sick enough to think they are the “soul” of Canada and they are not even Canadians but sick little cowards who being to their own society in every single country on the planet they have invaded.

      • Murray Koch says:

        Mr. Eli Schrader,
        Great words, that guy likes those red indians, negroes and moozlums. He is probably even one because he’s a fucking idiot. He has the audacity to make fun of us superior beings.
        Come down to the rotary or Canadian Brewhouse for a private chat. If you come down to the lot I will get one of the illustrious boys to get you into a Ford. You are connected to the EPS and courts, I am connected to ranks the RCMP and EPS, the Police Assoc and the Edmonton Police Assoc, and Queens Bench. We will get this hostile.

      • David Peace says:

        So mote it be! Eli and Murray!

        This guy even emailed me! He called me mean names and said I would beca perfect caricature in a “masonic pedo Walt Disney cartoon” because I’m so short, bald and fat! How far has he dug into the organization? He knows about Bob Hamilton even, the commissioner and regional director of Canada Revenue! He needs to silenced because we already came from him and just wouldn’t fucking die! No he’s out there playing John McClane or John Rambo right now!

      • Grant Fuhr says:

        I think he’s stalking me guys! How does he know where I am and who I am with? It’s like he sat next to numerous times, chatted with me and studied me. You know me, I keep everything very quiet now! I don’t even introduce myself as Grant Fuhr and I’m hardly recognizable be scruffy often and obese all the time. This guy is a threat to my candy and girls!

      • Stephen Rogers-Lougheed says:

        Illustrious bros, settle down! If I can get employment and then almost a half a million dollar severance from the government, then I’m sure we can get through this. I thinks it’s a fair deal to water board him with all that tailing ponds stuff we are not supposed to talk about.

      • Dave Edwards says:

        We cosign his ashes to the grave. So mote it be.

        As crown I literally know of everyone who even needs to make an appearance in Queen’s Bench. We will toast him. I’m quite connected as well and if he has kids I want first touch.

      • Churchill's Ghost, Black's Guardian Angel says:

        Brethren! I may be in the grand lodge below but pedophile and wBro Prince Philip just recently joined me and told me some things.
        Heathens just put lipstick the lips of my statute and he probably insighted it! Philip says he calls me a genocidal, pedophile, masonic, racist, ethnic cleansing, war bond scamming, obese war mongering pig. He knows? How? Who’s he working with? It is those Russians, the Chinese, those A-rabs? If we don’t stop him now all of our wars, revolutions, breaking apart countries, destroying people, rape and genocide will have been wasted. As anglo-english-white God as my witness, we will get him. Make sure he goes to heaven though I don’t want him down here with us tormenting and torturing us for an enternity.

      • Prince Philip says:

        Winston, he calls you a zionist also. Off topic but Epstein just came up either plan. Because there are no innocent girls and boys down here he wants to sell us old men instead. I gave him a few shekels; Hitler and I just finished making love.

      • Rodney Carleton says:

        Illustrious brothers, that guy is as animal who must be caged! As S/sgt of the RCMP and recruiter, I normally stand at least 50 feet tall so I attacked him and picked an online fight with him. He actually laughed at me, knew where I lived and posted my phone number online! He even suggested he knows where I drink, called me a creepy Templar and a freaky shriner. After I called him names he posted a picture online of my lodge prosti!
        He’s going straight for the throat and has stuff on the Luckis! Nobody told me targeting people would cause problems for all of us. Let’s discuss at the lodge.

      • General George Armstrong Custer says:

        Brethren, can iz recollect with yawl furz a moment. Imma west point failure but gots me my appointment to steal treasure and gold, slaughter horses and entire tribes. I also took little girls for prizes. Yawl remembered what happened ta me da racist, genocidal pedophile? I got Little Bighorned. We all gots extermin-muh-nated in the end. I thinks dere gonna be bighorns for yawl in the present day in dats igloo called Canada.

      • Mark Neufeld says:

        Bros! You know me, I’m the real Chief. This fucker is tearing us apart. Is he in Calgary or Edmonton? I will get all eyes on him and already requested a larger budget. It’s just one guy unless he’s working with them natives, frenchies, russians, chinamen, iranians and other terrorists. We need damage control! He will ruin our relationship with the USA and then we’re super fucked!

      • Cathy Heron says:

        It’s complicated. How the hell does he know something or everything? He’s brought up my dead and dying family even, the ESKIMOS!, the Achesons and Fogolins, Sarasota’s and Fusions monopoly on developments, the goddamn Batty Boys, the whole mess with the Hogles, Tarrabains and Messier! This guy is going to expose at least a staring line up with our Oilers and every judge, justice and JP if he isn’t stopped! He even picked on our he-bro judge Vaughn Myers in St.Albert and brought up a DUI?! Wtf is going on? Can we get our he-bro Drew Schamehorn’s super tough boys Gord and Matt after him? They have that whole steriod and drug connection thing! Maybe Elite can give him an Oilers jersey to get him on our team? I don’t know, it’s complicated.

      • James Medley says:

        RCMP supercop to the rescue! Illustrious worshipful bros and lodge prosti, I may be retired but I can tell you this after doing threat assessments and targeting those wagon and pipeline burning indians and environmentalists, he is definitely working with those blacks and BLM, indians, half breeds and probably Greta that little turdberg. Target them all and the french and British Columbians also in case of provincial conspiracies. Hit them with the fullest extent of our law and racially even environmentally profile them!. You can even turn a routine traffic stop into they uttered threats so you had to beat or kill them. Oh you can also stalk, harass, annoy, stress them and keep pushing maybe they will do something stupid eventually. You’re welcome in advance!

      • Mike Elliott says:

        James you fucking idiot! Shut up man! At least you didn’t mention the dossiers handed to big oil.

        I am livid, I mean have anxiety mainly because we don’t get enough support, but not as important is that I’m certain this asshole left me Kleenex and a note exposing my white supremacy mantra….at a fucking police memorial! Taped to the hand!….and I couldn’t even get the Kleenex because I wasnt too short the statue is too tall!
        Truthfully we are all exhausted by him and there’s talk in the force to try diplomacy or fess up and surrender. No way! We have new equipment and maybe I can still get all alberta officers after him. Ya! See if we can get him to wear a skirt also.

      • Naheed Nenshi says:

        My political career ended at the right time! There were pictures posted online of me with little masonic kids, speaking at the lodge and a PDF of my recognition of June 24 as Freemason’s day. What you all up to on Thursday?

      • Bruce Zawalsky says:

        Oopsie! I wasnt very orientated and already posted at the top. Nobody responded yet so I will ask again. Can we touch and hunt him in the boreals? Anyone, anyone?

      • Raul Zuria says:

        Brother Zawalsky, I will touch your boreals if you bring a big, fat, rich white man, who has poor taste in style, to come down to the best! store in beautiful Edmonton for a fitting. Come on down to Addetto Men’s Wear King Size! Brother Peace will touch your boreals also.

      • Stephen Mandel says:

        Worshipful Stephie here! Somebody needs to rub my magnificent (almost) million dollar silver balls. I helped our he-bro Katz get a new arena for the Oilers and there is all this anti-Semitism. Rub my balls, let’s make it an Alberta Party!

      • Brad Gilewich says:

        Bro Stephie! I would totally rub your silver balls but what I have right now is golden. The UCP and I are licking each other’s balls instead with my $6000 UCP donation on behalf of Katz group.

      • Michael Lundquist says:

        Oh this is bad, this is so bad bros! Does he have our Hebrew calendar also???!!!
        Your Alberta and Indigenous Relations, Mikey here to save the day! I’m also a part time model for Addetto, you know what I mean – I’m too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan. Okay back to policy and capital relations. First off, Orange Shirts and Red Dresses are so passe and in the past; so git on down to Addetto’s or Lammle Western Wear for something a little more Canadian. Secondly, after you gots your git up ready, git on down and celebrate the best, most advanced and civil country in the whole wide world, Canada Day! There is no reason for journalists and unruly anarchists to ruin this peaceful and just day for us all. Super zioBro Kenney even opened Alberta for July 1 and I’m still hypnotized by the “open for summer” banner they probably spent weeks on! All that hard work, don’t let it go to waste!
        I was also thinking maybe we can have an open house for british-israeli, fuck I mean Canada day, at a lodge, shrine, synagogue or church and hand out some hot dogs and processed foods, GMOs, aspartame, and have our guests be grateful for us, the architects of their liberties, justice and prosperity.
        Canada Day! Woot woot! Olga is gonna bake me some cookies.

      • Joe Pimlott says:

        Mikey, I totally agree! And I’m Mr. Metis and the one, only and entire Metis Nation. I wear a Fez, they don’t. Wearing NDP political stripes I can probably get even more people to celebrate our beautiful culture and forget about all this other stuff that may have happened hundreds of years ago.
        My only suggestion is that we do something to this total pile of garbage causing all the problems for us. Can we send him to China with Muslims?

      • Heather Shaw says:

        This is just bad news here. This is why we have the whole editing process. At this point I’m just fucking happy Rogers is going to cover my $8k donation to the UCP. Like whatever, Canada Day is not getting cancelled, and people will get that information and will also be provided info on how to celebrate this glorious day, Canada Day.
        Orange was never my colour, unless orange and blue, go Oilers!

      • David Parker says:

        Bro’s just keep the campaign going! The party will continue. Like my man O’Toole said: can’t be silent when a small group of activists are tearing down Canada, this is the best country in the world. As you can see Kenney also pledged $8M for the residential school activists and lobbyists. When the public catches wind of this they will see how fair we are with those indigenous; especially when considering the Anti-Alberta Inquiry based on only facts not delusional conjecture only got $4M and our highly vulnerable war room only got $30M. Let’s Unite Alberta though this and

      • John A. MacDonald says:

        And! Happy Freemason’s day! Hiccup…sorry just having some whiskeys with our worshipful pedophile bro Bronfman, that Seagrams is some good bootlegged stuff. …hiccup. talk about two pedos in a pod.. hiccup. Always nice meeting the generations of philanthropy in the Grand Lodge Below. Hiccup.

        Canada is the greatest and thanks to my british loyalist legacy. From Premier of the Province of Canada to the FIRST Prime Minister, Canada experienced miracles: british-israeli north america, the mystic shrines, treaties, residential schools.
        I’m so great, I should not just be an icon and idol but masonic Timmies sould sell Johnny A cookies to comemorate me and help Canadians discover who they truly are.

        Happy best fraternity and philanthropy day! Make sure people celebrate our enriching culture and Great Canada Day.

      • Ron Cairns says:

        So mote it be! Aaaaa-men! Happy Freemason’s Day! Blessed be this united day.
        With the Grace Life of all, Canada Day will continue! White, prairies Jesus likes country and rock n’ roll. Anyone who disagrees needs to be enrolled into re-education camps which we…which China! has perfected. These activists will learn to hate themselves and will also hear white-anglo, evangelical, prairie Jesus’ words.
        And that troublemaker is a blasphemous heretic.

      • Ray Hawrelak says:

        Brethren, we just need more support for Mr. Tyler Shandro, the UCP, the honourable Tyler Shandro, the UCP and big T Tyler Shandro. Come down to the pedo United Church to make donations. Happy Best Country In The Whole World, Happy Great Canachuk Day

      • Shannon Stubbs says:

        It’s shameful that the Trudeau Liberals have failed to list this guy as a terrorist organization. This guy causing the problems for us two-faced, money changers, is not only the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world, he responsible for exposing thousands of individuals with ties to us. What an Anti-colonial, anti-semite. God save our Queen, Her democracy and justice.

      • Wladyslaw Kinastowski says:

        Brethren! As a polak-jew, I mean a good christian Canadian, I find the recent artistically unsatisfactory acts of hate crime and war against Pope JohnJew PaulPolak to be highly criminal. If these peoples can’t be put in a re-education camp or black site then let’s tax them to death, take their kids and out them up for adoption.

      • Ed Kuzikowski says:

        Good words my he-bro worshipful bro! I’m certain this is the work of that defund the police terrorist faction. Those anarchists are politically using religion and using indians for their agenda. We are pure and lawful. I’m going to be pushing for more funding for law enforcement for counter-justiceforthevoiceless, counter-BLMism, counter-selfemployedartists, counter-defundthepolice.

      • Kris Rosenberg says:

        Bros! I’m not a jew, I swear I’m not! I’m a good Albertan who likes huntin’ and posing with dead animals, I also like steroids but I need them again because I’m already fat while still young. I also like posturing as a man with my white colleagues at the best detention center in the world! But really I am the best or among the good men who were made better. This is why equality is a lie: everyone was made equal and then God created Freemasons and Jews.
        I’m also the toughest so let’s get this animal and “conspiracy guy” to the remand so I can smash his head off a wall when he is cuffed and defenseless. I will show him what a man is.

      • Kyle Harrison says:

        wBros! I’m gonna poop an orphaned well! This guy can even find midgets! He has attacked our mining and pipelines, he’s finding our enviro consultants for energy developments. Does this mean the gravy train and nepotism will end one day? We need to protect our free market and democracy. Can we get him on alarming our Queen for calling her a twat and calling Philip a nonce? Who taught him this bad English? there needs to be an inquiry how he feel through the fracking cracks. What a traitor.

      • Gary Lamont says:

        Brethren, we are all self-made men, so let’s git dis guy. Past EPS sgt/det, now city of Edmonton supervisor, let’s kick dis guy out of the most world class, innovative, advanced, and beautiful city in the world, Edmonton. Let us blast off some fireworks at some burial grounds for british-israeli, I mean Canada Day. God save the Queen and the Bennetts!

      • Richard J. Nixon says:

        Lawd all great architect of the universe! I hear what tiny Harrison is saying. The heat is on and we ain’t even in the grand lodge below yet!

      • Megan Chenard says:

        Bros like this is fucked. I did policy for govt AB so let’s set the policy to get rid of him? Or now that I’m with AGLC research and analysis maybe we can get him hooked on some addictable taxables? I don’t know, I’m with Cathy, it’s complicated.

      • Adrian Birch says:

        Illustrious bros and lodge prosties! Shop grade Birch here to save the day, always 8feet tall. On behalf of Queen and country, I will spy on this insurgent! Let’s git him. And git on down to our masonic-hebrew Calgary Stampede after celebrating Great Canada.

      • Josh James says:

        Bros n bitches, ya no shit the heat is on! How does he know about transcanada pipeline insepctors also? Is it because he already found other inspectors, execs, our surveyors and security? Can we turn off the taps to his house?

      • Stephen McGrath says:

        Bros, so if he knows about pipeline inspectors then he knows about syncrude sexual predators? I don’t want to lose my porn collection…

      • James Connelly says:

        And every seems onto the LaFarge and city of Edmonton public work projects also. It just can’t look any worse!

      • Carol Ann Critchley says:

        Illustrious Kings and Queens! As RCMP for almost 15 years in Prince George, I say we beat or shoot him like he’s an Indian. Maybe he is an Indian so it’s sport then. We can also freeze bank accounts and hopefully fuck his credit. Anyway, can we get lodge prosti Savage getting some mining on the rockies going? I was hoping to do get back to work and some strenuous physical work again as safety officer if not RCMP officer.

      • Richard Alexander says:

        Bro’s and Ho’s! This guy doesn’t actually think he can target me does he? I’ve been VP and CFO of AltaGas since early 2000, now pres and COO. I am Alberta!!!!! Let’s get this guy and get him to bow down to the magnifect Churchill’s statue.

      • Robert Novak says:

        Bruhs! Oy veh, this anti-zionism and anti-semitism has to stop. We control all the important stuff so why is this guy even a problem? I procure all contracts for SNC Lavalin, Enbridge and Alberta Transportation. Our org is staked! So why am I scared? He must be islamic or something.

      • Klem Klymchuk says:

        Carol Ann, I’m a prince george savage also. We live up to our reputations, don’t we?
        Great Canada Day is coming up and I am happy to be one of the anglo bros instead of a bohunk-chuk still. Have a great Great Canada Day. Also show some support for pedophile Gates’ always was and still is masonic CNR and let us also thank the Novaks for their help and support with CN pensions.
        Gotta waddle, my chins need a brew from Jasper Brewing Company; those self-made men, judeo-Derksen and greasy-Korogonas, got a nice location for me with daddy’s money, a lotto winning and no experience in restaurant and hospitality. 🙂

      • Jewell (Shandro) Hansen says:

        Hey don’t be such a bunch of negative Nancy’s! Things are looking up! In 2020, I landed a huuuuge job, VP of healthcare with Re/Max. Mmmmmhmmmm, the gravy is flowing mmmmmhmmmm. We always win with nepotism and the tax payers money!

      • Jackson Stephens Allan says:

        Exactly Jewell of the Nile. It is partnerships like these, or with pedo-Dentons, which keep us ahead of everyone. Great Canada Day and the Great Calgary Stampede must continue!

        Most of you know me as Steven Allan and Commissioner of the Anti-Alberta Inquiry. I demand, as I deserve respect. I would like to share what dancing with wolves sent to the Chinese and Russians, using mecas an example!

        A quick brief on how to find a mason if not privy to their gang numbers, lodge numbers, and/or have other incriminating evidence.
        Worshipful Bro Jackson Stephens Allan, as know as, Aakoh-khii-to-pii (man of many hats or more specifically man who rides many horses), Steven Allan and Commissioner of the Anti-Alberta Inquiry [defined as: proper tarbilly noun meaning masonic-jewry, fraud, misappropriation of public funds, funding for foreigners and their foreign nepotist influence to call others “foreigners”.

        Exemplary example of a freak [yes he means me!]:
        -does this person lack a heritage and history in Canada but believe Canada is theirs and refers to others as foreigners and immigrants?
        -does the person have ” no limits”, gets shuffled around through appointments and influential positions, and has been made an idol, icon, expert and authourity?
        -has this person been nominated to the pedo-Alberta Order of Excellence and/or pedo-Order of Canada, and/or received recognition with the Queen of the Grand Lodge jew-bilee medal?
        -does this person work with charities and trusts, and little progress has been made with the charitable trust?
        -does this person control and/or direct Indigenous service groups or First Nations, and while Indigenous are still subject to a part or whole destruction?
        -is this person a rotarian, president or past president of the Rotary Club? Is this person a member of rotary international? Using Cindy Ho (pedo Hongman, GBN He’s wife) as an example, is the person involved in the Lions club, and was a past or present president of? (Masonic Asians are typically from Hong Kong, Philippines and Taiwan, just more FACTS). Is this person an executive or member of the Kiwanis Club and even received recognition as “top cop” from the club (like Rocky Hanson)?
        -has the person been involved in defrauding the public? Does this person routinely display conflicts of interest?
        -is the person involved in tourism and/or economic development of a region?
        -does this person influence economic development and/or direct exhibition grounds, sports/entertainment venues and their developments? Does this person lobby for a new arena for a worshipful bro?
        -does this person wear a masonic-jew White Hat?
        -is this person of an immigrant masonic family (most likely british, scottish and/or jew) and refer to himself as a pioneer or the soul of a region or the entire country?

        [Then it when on further and brought up Kenney, Madu, Marshall, Peace, Hamilton, etc and included a photo of Justin Trudeau with his friend and recent nomination of the pedo-Order Of Canada, pedo Peter Dalglish; he also made Pierre Trudeau jokes and made mention of Rose Croix].

        I see he also posted this exposing piece online again also:

        Originally posted in a Calgary forum; as Calgary is part of the toilet bowl of alberta, it did not receive a very good reaction from the white trash, white hat folk. This valid information will always kick a calgarian in the prairie oysters and will never touch their heart.


        Once upon a time, a masonic-jewish family named Schumiachter (later changed to Smith, jews do it often ask Danielle Smith) was allowed to enter the dominion of Canada. Morris “Smith” then established Smithbilt Hats. In 1946 Smithbilt Hats manufactured the first white hat. This hat, and symbol of zionism, would then become the symbol of the city of Calgary and the Calgary Stampede. It first appeared in the 1947 Stampede with masonic oil tycoon, rich in oil and land, B.Herron; the Calgary Stampede would then become a white hat Calgary Stampede in the following years. By the 1950s the masonic mayor D.MacKay would begin presenting the white hat to guests of Calgary and today it is claimed it is an “international honour” to receive this token of zionism. The ceremony of “white hatting” was later taken overly by tourism Calgary and some well known masons who have been white hatted are: deceased pedophile Philip and the Queen2 of the grand lodge, pedophile Bill Clinton, pedophile Tony Blair, creation of a pedophile Mickey Mouse and even war criminal and 911 insider George W. Bush. Freemason Marshall Harvey took over Smithbilt Hats from Judah the masonic-jew, and after Harvey passed in early 2000, his worshipful bro Cam Clark (masonic carsales tycoon and stampede famiglia) would take over Smithbilt Hats. Today the white trash, white hat remains a symbol of covert masonic-jewry and can be purchased at any masonic Smithbilt Hats or masonic Lammle’s Western Wear. And that’s the masonic legacy of “White Trash, White Hat”, so don’t forget to support hate, zionism and white devils who assault children and women! Make sure you take your families to the Stampede also, just to make it a family tradition of supporting the white trash, white (pedo) hat.

        I hate this fucking piece of shit – Stevie PeeWee Allan

      • Mayor Glen McKenzie says:

        Illustrious bros! We should have totally radicalized our wBro and friendly sausage maker to go after this guy! Now all we have is smashed up gate, media exposure about our sausage maker in the grindhouse and this asshole exposing all of us coast to coast and not just in Alberta now!!! Who’s next, the Martin’s, maybe the Strongs, or even he-bro Sam Cooper? Obviously censorship isn’t working very well. Any plans? Can we lure this guy to stand behind a gate maybe?

      • James Holland says:

        Brethren! Oh My GAOTU. What the kabbalah is going on!?!? Is this end of our touchy touchy days? it can’t be, my father made my hands are roamin’ Catholic.

        Pedo-Alberta Pedo-Order of Excellence: exposed. Me and my oblates: exposed. Catholic, United, Anglican Churches: burning. Our Political Zionists’ Great Architectural Wonders of Their Beautiful Heads: vandalized and decapitated.
        What in the Grand Lodge Below is next? This heretic and anti-semite bringing up the lodge prosti Hole and the jewess Mitchell? Digging up everything from Lac Ste Anne to St Albert? Enlightening the public on the Ponoka, Lacombe, Red Deer kabblah-connection?

        These are hate and war crimes. Let’s touch, crucify, then touch everyone…cough cough…who may be suspected to be involved and require a cleansing…

      • Cam MacKay says:

        Father Reverend Worshipful Philanthropist Jim Holland, St.Albert recently removed its scouts pedo signage (thank GAOTU cuz that would look worse if anyone knew!) but left other masonic signage (jobs daughters, KofC, Legion, Kinsmen, Elks, Eagles, Rotary, Balmoral Lodge, Order of the Eastern Star, Lion’s, optimist international) so you would be a great replacement: Norman Bates creepo-style hotel manager, southern Baptist, oblate Catholic, army Reserve, Rotary, lions club, queen’s golden and diamond, AOE. I got your back bro. This does all look bad, seeing I’m with Saskiw’s TappCar and Alberta Counsel now. I’m sacred I mean scared, I’m only a typical male in st.albert; besides white, a sheltered suburban superhero, with feelings also.

      • David Wachowich says:

        Bros! This is crazy! I can’t believe the anti-Semitism! Steven Allan is my client and is a laudable, entitled white immigrant, just like my dentons pedo daddy Allan Wachowich who is a laudable sodomite and prince.
        Someone has to have conspired with eco-justice against myself, Allan, Horner and the ongoing masonic-jewry in the best province in the whole wide universe.
        We need our vital partnerships bros.
        My uncle was a pedophile also

      • Benjamin Cronyn says:

        Brethren! I am here in good spirits! Happy white-anglo-alt right, zionist, ​protestant and catholic Canada Day!
        Johnny A, have you seen my boy Eddie down here? I’d be careful, he never got to live up to his political dreams so he may see what kind of money changing palm greasing is going on down here also, just for political leverage – that ego of his, just like his mom. Anyway, looks like God’s hand which forced everyone to be white-anglo-christians worked out great; especially when looking at the zio-political unity of white-anglo-christians presently – and that’s why we must celebrate Great Canada Day. Let us keep white, anglo and judeo-christian central to the identity of Canadians! Even the jew will come around one day and become Christian for an opportunity to fly into the sky. Happy Great White-Anglo Canada Day!

      • Henry Ford says:

        Illustrious, worshipful bros! Happy masonic-jew British North America! From down here things went well: I was the pretense to anti-Semitism in nazi-Germany, being a role model I’m also going to take credit for Hitler mass producing the Volkswagen, our masonic-Jew and crossdressing Prez later declared war on nazi-Germany, Russia evacuated their jews to north America; half-occult part-jew Hitler allowed brits to retreat and declared war on Russia, Russia won the war for us while taking severe loses and will always be evil pinko commies; we turned Palermo, Milano, Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki into non-strategic civilian bomb testing; we turned China into a shoe making factory and Hong Kong into british-masonic-jew-triad international cartel; humans and children are highly marketable, and more than once in a day; we established the just state of Israel and altered maps; we got masonic-Nixon shocked and got us some fine modern judeo-banking; we collapsed economies and countries; flew low flying planes and commercial espionage planes; our gringo expats live fancy in Sinaloa and Jalisco, only some Mexicans do; any flag especially false ones can make people go crazier; we have our drug cartel managing wealth and pensions; FBI was looking for Russians (not masons and jews) in masonic-jew Hollywood and now presently BlackCube is harassing victims of masonic-jew Hollywood; everyone is still trying to figure out Kurds and ISIS, even still looking for WMD and terrorists, nobody wants to discuss assassinations; genocide, pedophilia and apartheid are normalized in our western culture; Canada, per capita, has almost as many masons and jews as the United States of a ‘Merica and ‘Merica is number one for most masons and jews in the universe; and Ford Trucks are still the best seller in british-israeli Canada! Damn we kabbalists are not just good or better, we are superior. Lots of international jews down here with me; it’s a party so, Happy Great RunningDog Day, Canada.

      • General George Patton says:

        Oorah wBro Ford, it’s hot as hell down here. I’m going to drink some spirits while I reminisce on the good old days:
        Germans not wanting to shoot at Canadians because they wore skirts and later making Skorzeny a war criminal for dressing like an American; France needing liberation; island hopping and stacking them nips like sandbags; Churchill gaining another 40lbs during war and famine; genocide, genocide, genocide, every where genocide!; our bro Eisenhower getting a death camp; freedom of speech to call all these non-whites in white ‘Merica whatever we want because we ain’t no pinko communists.
        Happy Great RunningDog Day, Canada!

      • Walter Chrysler says:

        Bros but most importantly Henry, Ford Trucks are *A best seller in Canada, not *the.
        Happy RunningDog Day, Canada.

      • Robert Samuel McLaughlin says:

        Bros, Henry and Walter, but a Buick is still the most beautiful and luxurious crap on Canadian roads and GM Canada is notorious for getting corporate handouts. Either of you make it to the pedo-Order of Canada?
        Happy Kabbalah-da Day!

      • John Molson says:

        Happy Great I Am Canadian Day bros! I love that slogan: drink this poison, even borrow money to purchase it, to be Canadian! Talk about railroading life for profit! Bootlegged suds anyone? Molson-Coors is the best goddamn brew in the world!
        Happy Multinational Mason and International Jew Day!

      • Alexander Keith says:

        Bros! It’s so hot down here I might just have a Keith’s or Labatts! John Mo, I was mayor of New British-Israeli touchy-Halifax and Legislative Council, hahaha nanana poopoo. It’s too bad I never thought of this earlier but I really want to spite you with a Johnny A-o beer (have a picturesque residential school and mystic shrine in the back), a “Junior” a masonic sandy pale ale for kings that comes in a mass murder pack, or even a Confed-Jacket Yellow Fever Ale.

        Happy Kabbalah-da Day Bros!

      • John Matheson says:

        Worshipful illustrious anglo-Bros whatever you’re peddling, I am liberally listening and wanting. How come nobody talks about me, a legend! I was a judge appointed by brethren, I helped design the maple leaf, was one liberal who missed out on trudeaumania, helped design the pedo order of Canada symbol, was nominated to the pedo-Order or Canada. Who’s the man!?
        Maybe I will let you all in a secret: if want anyone wants to draw a “snowflake”, you don’t necessarily have to draw a Democrat but rather take the masonic Star of David and add some pedo-order of Canada to it. Likewise, if one needs to draw a perfect star of David or Israeli flag, just take my order of pedo-Canada symbol and do point to point tracing; even a schmuck can just do it.
        I am happy the young Trudeau made mention of these people to people bonds when he recently spoke with he-bro Naftali Bennett.

        Happy Genocidal-Pedo-Masonic-Jew-Day EveryBro!

      • Samuel Leonard Tilley says:

        Worshipful, illustrious honourable, laudable judge bro Matheson, don’t be so modest you creepy pedo; you were a founder of the masonic pedo-Order of Canada not just influenced the symbol, you also touched so many virgin’s…sacred hearts. But know what young grasshopper? There was still Dominion Day before a maple leaf and Canada Day, thanks to me; I am also a father of Confederation! Can I sit on your lap bro? I have some pharmaceuticals…

      • Alexander Tilloch Galt says:

        Happy Kabbalah-da Day! Don’t forget about me, another illustrious bro of confederation – call me inspector-general of the dominion of Canada if you will. Alberta was projected to be rich in coal, my worshipful bro William Lethbridge founded Northwest Coal and Lethbridge, Alberta. My son Elliott was a boy-toucher and was also appointed assistant Indian Commissioner of southern Alberta.
        Happy White-Anglo, Mormon, Calvinist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Anglican, Masonic Dominion Day with a Hebrew Calender.

      • Richard Wagner says:

        Shalom my worshipful brothers! I am currently theeeeee most powerful mason, jew and roamin’ Catholic Zionist in british-israeli Canada! Proudly appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada by more jew than a jew super-zionist Stephen Harper, appointed to Chief Justice by properly leveraged Junior Trudeau (and his daddy rubbed wienies with my daddy); and now also administrator of Canada after it was discovered that lodge prosti Payette is a crazy, spousal abusing witch, who runs people over with cars, associates with racists and exercises proper Rideau Hall etiquette when berates anyone in her path.

        Who’s your daddy? Happy british-israeli masonic, dominion white-anglo-hebrew Day!

      • Michael Moldaver says:

        Ahhhk kha, ahhhk kha, you’re good, worshipful excellency Wagner! I too got appointed to the Supreme Court Of pedo-Canada by our super-jew ziocon-bro Harper, but I never got appointed to Chief Justice of Canada. I guess I still got to work with Martin, Gold, Greenspan, Rosenberg and I do always have the support of the fiberal super-zio-jew and wBro Bob Rae.

      • John Graves Simcoe says:

        Illustrious breathren!. It all started with ME! I! am the first lieutenant governor of superior upper Canada! I! brought English rule of its common law to Canada! I demonstrated that I am superior to lower Canada its civil law. I founded Toronto, the center of universe! I have a day named after me! I was first to abolish slavery by making people enslaved to their liberties and forced assimilation. I am a classic-liberal (conservative) who superior to Republicanism and the United States. I lived for war, rape and pillaging; I loved massacres, and pro-anglo anti-american militias. I helped develop a Church of England in Upper Canada! I didn’t fire upon rebel-american masons and accidentally killed some masonic anglo-loyalists.

        Happy Britishloyalist-Simcoe and zio-masonic-Church of England Day!

      • Adolph Egerton Ryerson says:

        Worshipful, illustrious, enlightened, nepotist, brothers! You all forget about social engineering and education! I am the father of the high achieving and intellectually advanced modern Canadian School System and also the father of the Canadian Residential School Systems! Thank the GAOTU that I at least understood that religion and education would make a better society, in a unified empire! I’m so loved my statue’s head is on a stick. Coming from generations of masons, even my nephew George Sterling was a magnificent Man who was a member of protestant-protective association and founded St.John’s Ambulance and Red Cross (we masons were also the fist to collect and bank blood!).

        Happy make-everyone-white-anglo-some denomination-of-judeo-christian-but-preferably-protestant-values Day! Happy Genocide-Pedo Day! Get out and put on some red and white to celebrate the nest place in the world.

      • Tommy Douglas says:

        High prophets and illustrious bros! I thought I would step in for a moment. I AM THE GREATEST CANADIAN! Half a jew, half a scot. Heavy weight Socialist in an oligarchy of collectivism, universal health care, eugenics and sterilization, Premier of the province Saskkkatchewan. What else can I say besides happy british-israeli we decide who’s crazy day!

      • Sam Steele says:

        Bros, stand down. I am the greatest Canadian. Here are my credentials: British soldier, northwest mounted police, strathcona horse commander burning towns (pedo, sexual offender CFB Edmonton Lord Strathcona now called Steele Barracks), Klondike Days Knee-capper, raped anyone, raided fenians, killed Indians, hunted Metis and Riel, hunted Big Bear, tried to lure Sitting Bull and Sioux back to the US. At least call me the Lord of War: I did concentration camps when Hitler was still in Grundschule.

        Happy zio-geno-pedo Day! Anglo, British-loyalist God save the masonically institutionalized pony soldiers in Canada.

      • Gene Robinson says:

        Brethren, your Genie from beautiful, world class, Edmonton’s Finest. If anyone knows what is best for public service and safety, I do. 3 wishes granted: hacking, spying and cyberstalking. He’s a slippery one and almost lasted 22hrs online this time. We have several teams on him: EPS and its emotional support systems; fundamentally important lodges, mystic shrines, churches, synagogues; 5-anglo-eyes and its people to people bonds with the spearhead mossad; Hongmen triads; and even the majority, white anglos who do not even know they are zionists.
        With all the recent acts of terror against white-anglo rabbinical Jesus and its ironically masonic statues of wonder we must pursue this with the fullest extent of our common law. A good start would be: inciting violent riots and mobilizing terrorism; high treason and alarming Our Queens, John MacDonald, the English Führer Adolph Ryerson and even Jolly Captain Cook; hate propaganda and anti-Semitism against highly vulnerable British, Scottish, Jewish Peoples. We good-doers must get the evil-doers.

        Did someone mention not allowed to speak and procreate? What about if we break his fingers and poke him in the eyeballs also?

      • Steve Ford says:

        Yawl my worshipful bros but yawl being a bunch of snooty anglo bros to your american-bros. Nobody has wished the actual best country in the universe a happy INDEPENDENCE DAY yet!

        I’m Stevie Ford! Illustrious bro, actor, substance abuser, white-hatted, honorary citizen of Calgary; my masterful daddy was Prez of a ‘Merica (Nelson Rockefeller and the Council of Foreign Relations were his VIP VPs) and my momma was an american-Margaret Sinclair even did it better. I can brag about my connections but some will come out when I explain the mysterious, spooky and illustrious William Joseph Casey, a Vatican-Mason.
        You want to hear my american-masonic and american-jewish connections and a reminder why we are better than anglo-masonic and anglo-jewish running dogs? This is an in your face for not wishing me a happy Independence Day. Hang onto to your panties, my allied anglo masons and jews, this is going to be a difficult story to hear.
        Remember when we (EXIM Bank) lent Calgary Power (founders wBros R.B Bennett, W.M. Aitken) $16M in late 1970s ($87.4M today) and Calgary Power had to repay $20M ($109.3M today) to finance approx 50% of the expansion of coal fired power stations, machinery and equipment for heavy mining??? It gets better 🙂
        In 1981 the loan was dues and Calgary Power became TransAlta (33% gas, 32% coal); it has manipulated the price of electricity at coal powered stations (even ordered to compensate) and it’s current largest and honest shareholders are: RBC, Brookfield, BMO, CIBC, TD, Vanguard, HSBC. Not done yet, running dogs!
        EXIM Bank (Export-Import Bank of the US) provides finance guarantees and insurance for US trade. It was established in 1934 by the american-super-masonic FDR; it’s initial intent was to provide loans for Cuba, Latin America and USSR. EXIM Bank was the Marshall Plan and also was significant in developing post-Soviet nations (Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Kazakhstan). EXIM also screwed India good. EXIM hyper-inflating electrical power in Alberta, was facilitated by our American-super-jew Kissinger (National Security, Sec of State, 911 Commission naturally) and the High Priest Grand and Sovereign Master, our Illustrious William Joseph Casey, the president and chairman of EXIM. Haha running dogs!
        William Joseph Casey ruled the world! Some of his American-Super masons and jews he was tight with were Rockefellers, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush. He was fine zio Jesuit Catholic, Knights Order of Malta, tied to the Vatican, la Cosa Nostra and Ndrangheta. Illustrious William Joseph Casey was an outstanding philanthropist genocidal pedophile, founder of the Manhattan Institute, director of central intelligence and the CIA, involved in trafficking in humans and was the mastermind behind the Iran-Contra Scandal!
        There you have it! We’re better but nobody knows how tight we really are. We’re all bros of our esoteric, multinational, zio-geno-pedo, world order. But Happy Independence Day to the best freaks!

      • Steve Ford says:

        I forgot to mention FDR is one of my favorite jews also. I took up crossdressing because of him.

      • Jim Pattison says:

        Illustrious bros! Don’t worry everything is kosher! People blame China for Vancouver; I am one of the largest developers in Vancouver and am also in bed with Gillespie and Hong Kong Dong. It’s hilarious, people even think the Shangri La was built by Chinese because of the name. Nope, masons and hongmen built Vancouver and combined triads and masons own about 2/3 of Vancouver downtown. I am one of the richest and true Canadian philanthropists out there! I see my worshipful bro, Cam Clark made these posts also – any advertising is good advertising for car sales and the miracle of the Calgary Stampede. I have also tried cleaning money and started a fake charity with super he-bro Roger Newton, the franchise owner of all Canadian Brew Houses, helped him get started even; he’s a great guy, but unfortunately he doesn’t do drugs with his junked out staff at his Wok Box franchises, only after hours at CBHs with staff while also consuming alcohol and having sleepovers at the bar. Really we are all connected to triads and hell’s angels and that is why were are business magnates, philanthropists and all around exceptional men you should all aspire to be. I am also happy the masonic RCMP and CSIS released their classified racist, political, document to sidewind and distract everyone from Hongmen, people like myself and even wBro Douglas Pare. False flags work every time. Do we know yet if we have successfully made China and India want war with each other? I see huge potential in this, let’s make it happen.

      • Debbie Engel says:

        Bros! Jewess Engel here! In crunching numbers I do not see many people blaming the EPS for everything. There is a market for that you know! Can someone draw a swastika on a mosque to help discredit the growing anti-semitism around the world? Remember the Holocaust? And Israel has provided the definition of anti-Semitism for a monopoly on “semitic” also.
        Who needs some books cooked or money moved?

      • Scott Graham says:

        Illustrious bros and Debbie! Well you all know me, I can make money appear and move even faster! I will even use sick children as a ruse to make money appear and disappear even quicker. Fools, you just have to give people an emotional attachment to why people should give me money without question. We don’t need a Shriner’s touchy touch hospital to fence fraud if have Stollery’s boy wonder around. I love vulnerable populations and why I am in Vancouver also and moved on from the SCF but am still exec of the ARC Foundation, Vancouver Foundation and was previously a successful fraud with the Telus Community Board Edmonton Community Foundation and even our wBro Lougheed’s Leadership College.
        Have an illustrious day people! I’m off to take from the middle class and poor to give to us. Just call me Scottie the Hoodrat Graham.

      • Bart Johnson says:

        Bros! This exactly why I took off to BC last month to be an aspiring Canada wine maker and we make the best wine – that’s why it costs as much a Napa Valley, Italian, Chilean and French wines.
        Anyway I am happy I moved on from Alberta’s Ministry of Health that is collapsing and being completely exposed. Come play some of that ‘on the next level’ sport called Golf so we can swing clubs like cavemen as always. Talk or rub wienies soon!

      • Bill Robertson says:

        God-white-anglo-damn! I dropped my white hat reading all of this my bros and hoes! I heard this all the way to Okotoks, my classy metropolis. Well, at least we are showing our harvey squirrel nuts off now and having the Calgary Stampede fireworks in 4 cities!: More beautiful than BC Calgary, Edmonton elevation 666, Lethbridge where we like to retire in Alberta anyway, and the lower end of the toilet bowl Red Deer! Yawl can thank MR. WORSHIPFUL CALGARY STAMPEDE BOSS HOSS BILL Robertson. Yeeeeeeehaw, freemasonry since 1905 and the mystic shrines since 1876 – fireworks are a magnificent way to forget about that indian white-hate propaganda and terror! Put on your white hats and let’s rodeo! Praise be white-anglo-rabbinical-Jesus for our blessing of the Stampede defeating COVID-19 for everybody.

      • Dave Lazerenko says:

        Illustrious ones! There’s a lot going on right now, isn’t there? Makes for an unstable market and investments. We still support, including with horoshi, the Great Calgary Stampede, it’s fine culture and agile athleticism; however we are not attending this year.
        With enlightened love from Lazerenko, Donahue, Forbes, Chow, Hermanns, Russell of the pipeline to anywhere we wanna go TC Energy!

      • Ryan Becker says:

        Illustrious bros! As UCP northern director, shuper sarge of RCMP for 20 and VP of Knelsen S&G I gotz da inside scoop! This guy, the problem, he KILL BILL, our Alliance Bro, I know it!
        If he made it to Okotoks then he’s in Calgary then Grand Prairie and even La Crete! Okay calm down everyone. Like Parker said, keep the campaign going. Elections are coming up so get those donations pouring in. $4k will get you a position as a minister and anything more will get you business booming and legal bias. For example, business is great at Knelsen Sand and Gravel; Ann and Ray Knelsen donated $8k to the UCP. wBro Fehr donated $5.2k and AHS got a jet off him. We will deal with this guy but Notley can’t get in; we would still get handouts but people in need will also get some our shares. Let’s blast off more fireworks and win an election!

      • Preston Manning says:

        Illuuuustrious bros! Reform! Alliance! Rapture! England! Stop anti-Semitism, hate those hoards of immigrants! Reform! Oil! Refooooorm! Church of England! Refoorm! Evangelical England! Reform! English Defence League! Jewish Defence League! Oil! Refooooooorm!
        Moses, Jesus and rabbi Steven Harper!
        Now let us all have an evangelical moment of silence for brother Boss Hoss Bill.

        Oh, Alberta First! Reform!

      • Robert Steele says:

        Brethren! Allow your Great United Church of England reverend canon speak! We had several moments of silence for Boss Hoss Bill. What we have is just not a progressive political establishment, it is social order and moral justice! In the name of freemasonry, the mystic shrines and corpus Christi! Now let’s celebrate prosperity and git on down to the fireworks in Lethbridge!

      • Winston Leung says:

        Illustrious Gweilo-Tiandihui Brothers. I would love to celebrate and keep on stampeding but Ontario needed me. The first thing Ontario needed was an Albertan-Hongman to help with infrastructure and progress. I will stay clear of casinos, Hamilton, Markham, Toronto, even exclusive travel agencies. Too bad this white devil has brought on the heat; government of Alberta, including policy and an attempt with the Alberta Party was an easy life. To help with policy and counter the ongoing terrorism against our upstanding, non-members of society, people I think Edmonton needs more statues to honour us up to present day contributions. May I suggest three acting pro-democracy, philanthropist judges to add next to the Great Sir Winston? Geoffrey Ho, Douglas Mah and Dave Hancock! Budget from the tax base: it is needed infrastructure!
        Happy Freemasons Stampede! Next year all of Canada needs fireworks.

      • Michael Cooper says:

        Brethren! It is heavenly that the Stampede is kicking off. Who knows best besides I: white-anglo-Jesus-Conserseravtive Youth, MLA now that’s credibility!, St.Albert Chamber of Commerce, Knights of Columbus, teach and preach at the Catholic Parish, have a balanced rotary wheel, and past lawyer at reputable worshipful Ogilvie LLP. Oh there is an Ogilvy Fund managed by our Edmonton Community Foundation if anyone is interested in that also…
        Reverend Steele forgot to mention we are a champions for justice and human rights also. As men we must deter and fight those who are incompatible with our judeo-christian values! Uh and what did I say about monumental terrorism also? uh and who wanted to Kill Bill S-221? You should be ashamed. Let’s support brother O’Toole and support our deep Canadian roots which are in opposition to tearing apart Canada. Let us focus on the Stampede for a moment.
        Notley and her sisters, AND Singh are attending! They are going to be at the Stampede stealing our votes and our work! Singh, straight up, is an anti-britishCaste, anti-conservative, anti-liberal terrorist: we are supposed to leverage Sikhs for votes, they can’t be taking votes from all of us; he used the inflammatory word genocide, where is this genocide?; he wears an orange thing on his head; he is an anti-Christ anarchist!
        I want to bring forth Bill JS-2021: white hat Jagmeet Singh.
        For Stampede I will probably stay in the best place in the Universe, St.Albert. Maybe get some A&W or Timmies, think about how St.Albert can replace the masonic scouts pedo signage, pray to Jesus. Maybe hang out at the Parish, have father Joly good time, do my own fireworks near Youville or the little white school…uh or Poundmaker. Let us focus on our judeo-christian values, commemorate the UK, fight for our justice and human rights, and oppose the anti-Alberta collaborators.

      • Mike Wasylyshyn says:

        Bros! And who thought Cooper was our brain child? He said he’s a MLA not MP and even brought up Ogilvie. Now people are going to start looking at dirty Rod and filthy daddy Bob, eventually me. At least they will see I was punished for tasering an unconscious indigenous male and assaulted a man on crutches. My concern is people will start to see deja vu on repeat; EPS are routine criminals who assault and get promoted, Engel monopolizing complaints and litigation against EPS.
        The fireworks will ne magical today!

      • Ian Wachowicz says:

        Illustrious business and legal partners, religious and political zionists,
        Well, Wasylyshen, an obvious ‘Ukrainian’ name, you managed to spell your name wrong. I get that, being ‘polish’, as it gets confusing. We love being the center of attention so thanks for ring attention to a law firm partnership to the St.Albert Parish and the EPS without bringing everyone up. Well, at least I will bring more attention to Dentons and the city of Edmonton.
        Everyone have a happy Greatest Outdoor Show in the universe Day! Happy fireworks!

      • Ronald (wanna-be MacDonald) Odynski says:

        Brothers, first off I am not a mystic jew either. I’m polish and my Canadian family came to Canada for a better life because of Russians….and Europeans too! It is great that Ogilvie came up; as partner of the firm and chair of the fund I hope to do more charitable business in Edmonton.
        Not to take anything from either Norm Ferguson but I also want to thank the following for my many directing successes in the oil and gas industry, OneSoft Solutions: our suburban he-man, rabbi Jesus was a book cooker CFO Paul Johnston; and our CEO super-also-am-not-jew, he-bro Dwayne Кушнирук.
        As one can see, I personally have found that I am God and have everything covered from used shoes and prison style bagged lunches, law, order, spirituality, oil and gas, and even the possible but unlikely if use us pipeline impacts on the environment.

      • Joe Lougheed says:

        Illustrious ones! With no disrespect but I am the great one! Boss Hoss was an honourary Stampede lacky, some of us wear the suit with the hat. Mah daddy was the greatest, you all know that; unfortunately he’s in the Grand Lodge Below with King George VI and everyone else. Imma partner at Dentons Calgary!, of course. I’m a philanthropist also, like everyone, of course. Imma Masterful worshipf Chair for Calgary Economic Development and grand poobah director of Calgary Investment Fund. Who’s your high profit, illustrious grand master? Dats right! Stampede! Woot woot! Let’s get worshipful Edwards a new arena also!

      • Paul Rosenberg says:

        Illustrious brothers! I’m not jewish either. Oy veh Lougheed, you forgot to mention honourary pedo-polar star.
        Let me remind you all that I am the king. Sure yawl connected or even a past president of the Stampede like Allan but I am the king. VP, COO and Chair of Stampede. What else can I say besides: the Lodge and Stampede must be representative of the the Jewish Kingdom, the Master of the Chair must emulate the Jewish King (that’s me! But I’m much like your King of Jews Jesus everyone!), and the master mason must emulate the Jewish servant (like Boss Boss Bill or any of you).
        Okay everyone that was Sunday’s sermon so let us now Stampede! Yeehaw-Yahweh! Oh can we up security and keep an eye on any Palestinian children on our exhibition grounds? That wasn’t a question, git on it.

      • Rabbi Yisroel Miller says:

        Illustrious ones! I’m just hear to clear the air. It’s hard to hide I’m Jewish and come by it honestly unlike our worshipful rabbinical rabbis Halpern and Singer.
        Rosenberg, it is actually: the Lodge and Stampede must be symbolic of the Jewish Kingdom, the VP/COO and Master of the chair must be representative of the Jewish King and the master mason must emulate the Jewish servant. Let us Shabbat and chabbad for our judeo-christian values which are the soul of Canada and the spirit of the Calgary Stampede.

      • Ross Sheppard says:

        Illustrious ones, someone channeled me from the Grand Lodge Below. Who said they are the Great One? My noble excellency school made the Great One! Edmonton even has a statue of him while still living because he’s so important to human development and manly character. Speaking of my school, with all this terrorism, will Ross Sheppard School be renamed also? What if people found out I’m a masonic boy toucher who tried to complete in sport once. Don’t let them change the name! I was promised a legacy also! I’m highly relevant to everything. Hop, skip, jump, I’m off to play! Hey where’s all the young boys who want to play track and field with me? Gosh I don’t like it down here.

      • Terry Harris says:

        Brother Sheppard, well if we can have taxes deferred to the Catholic system we can protect you, your name that is. Trust in Catholic-white-anglo Jesus and its highly objective, suburban-style education system.

      • John Brownlee says:

        Illustrious worshipful masonic pedo bro Ross Sheppard, don’t listen to Harris because not even the Catholic church or unions will save you. Trust in Albertan ignorance. Nobody is aware I’m just another masonic-pedoohile with government building named after. My building overlooks our masonic brothers’ police lead-quarters and our masonic brothers’ frathouse I mean law courts. My building also employs people from the just barely passed high school population sample. So nobody is going to catch onto anything and if they do then we claim: conspiracy theory, terrorism, bullying and harassment, insurgency or any other demonizing term to try to discredit truth.

      • John McDougall says:

        Illustrious one, do not fret! My legacy is going strong yet! I have John A. McDougall School named after me where I suppose they teach fraud and greed; obviously Metis Scrip Speculation will be taught as “financial literacy: maximizing profits in the free market”. I also have an Edmonton neighbourhood named after me, where I assume they defrauded land owners and hyper-inflated the cost of land and property for extra profit. I am disturbed that Edmonton tore down my heritage site pedo-party Mansion. All said I did good, so good: City Council and MLA, fur trading Presbyterian and got filthy stinking rich off defrauding those half-breeds. My worshipful bro, fur trader, abusive pedophile Indigenous teacher from 1881-87, fraudulent business partner Richard Secord also had a school named after him, Ecole Richard Secord School; it doesn’t get better than that: the most anglo-centric, french-hating, Indian and half-breed pillaging ‘philanthropist’ having one of them french-metis schools named after him! That is more priceless than defrauding injuns!
        Nobody will ever catch on, don’t fret bros.

      • Henry William McKenney says:

        Worshipful illustrious brethren! It’s hot down here but imma still laughing. We not just good, are grand masters! Why nobody talking about me? I had phone sex for the first time ever, with our wBRo Alex Taylor who also has a school named after him! So why is nobody talking about me? Must be worshipful he-bro Zuckerberg’s Facebook or worshipful he-bro Sergey Brin’s Google keeping everyone busy.
        Let’s discuss me. As a British loyalist, first off we must git dis Canadien-Canadian from disturbing anymore of our peace. We have come so far! I had working knowledge of another language, French, so I was perfect for St.Albert the Metis-settlement; as fur trader and prospector I would consider myself a gentleman, a scholar and pioneer of masonic-jew-white-anglo-christian-ville St.Albert: HBC, KofC, Catholic church, school board, justice of peace, Supreme Police Magistrate. St.Albert is currently the best place to live in the entire universe! See any Indians or French anywhere? Any half-breeds or frenchies that will admit it and don’t want to be members of white-anglo-British-Israeli Canada? Any dark people besides working at A&W, Tim Hortons, McDonalds or 7-11? We dun good. I dun good.
        Our wBro and my Jewish uncle, John Christian Schultz, has some greatness to tell also but he busy; everyday, he rounds up a bunch or masons, jews and protestants, then goes hunting for Louis Riel. I don’t think Riel is in the Grand Lodge Below but he at least still chases his glory everyday!

      • Wladyslaw Sokolowski says:

        Illustrious brothers! I’m not a jew either. It’s like an online masonic build-a-berg convention here. Just passing out my Executive Signature Black Car/Site Service. Plenty of room for big, fat, white people.
        Anyone need a ride or some candy?

      • Tommy Allaire says:

        Illustrious bros! I like competition. Well I’m not jewish like lady Wlady but here’s my Protocol Limousines biz card. I should have noted on my card that I helped 3 children in Kabul once.

      • Frank Dimant says:

        Illustrious zionists! Yah-well I’m not a jew either. It’s not out of place sticking my nose into everything at every given time, so the anti-semetic anti-Semitism in the world needs to stop. This person singling out us vulnerable people needs to stop. I have mobilized B’nai Birth, our friends of weasel-who, and Christians for Israel! We will Likud-ate him.

      • Meir Weinstein says:

        Illustrious zionists brethren! YahWell I’m not jewish either, obviously. It’s okay to poke noses around, I poke my big fat head around everywhere! I heard the people chanting JDL, EDL! I am happy to enlist the mossad and our covert zio-brothers, the soldiers of Odin who also hate Islam; they bad too and are the real Vikings never caught on television.
        Save the IDF from Islamic children!
        Support you local soldiers of Odin!
        Use Vanguard-Blackrock for wealth development and pensions!
        Use BlackCube for consultation, security and public relations work!
        Have a sunny-zio day everybuddy!

      • Marc Gold says:

        Interesting conversation my illustrious zio-bros! Well you all brag and stuff even protest like Weinstein but I am the most illustrious of the zionists! That’s why Justin Trudeau appointed me (also)! Senate of British-Israeli Canada! Ya-way!!! Also Jewish Federation Canada! Boom! Jewish Sayanim Agency for Israel! Boom Boom! Son of the greatest imperial-supreme-yiddish-english Justice ever! That’s right, theeeeee Alan B. Gold! Boom boom boom! I probably even make our super-zio he-bro Bob Rae jealous.
        Have a shiny happy illustrious judeo-christo day!

      • Diane Schmidt says:

        Shalom Illustrious Zionists! Such a wonderful gathering here! And Meir Weinstein he’s so dreamy, healthy, fit, classy and good looking. As your super-zionist supervisor at child and family services, let’s take some more kids! That’s always fun! Number one priority is trying to make indians english-jews and second priority is taking children from anyone who disagrees with me and involuntary abortions and sterilization must be done to any anti-semite and anti-colonialist. Everyone praise the brit and jew!

      • Jocelyn Falconer says:

        How enlightening! Thank you my jewess Boss Diane Schmidt! Canada is so lucky to have zionism and nepotism packaged up as prosperity, democracy, freedom and advancement. I agree with everything you said but I think we should also spoon feed the underprivileged, obese white and jew women with public funds then make sure the public says that indians and immigrants just take and want our british-jew-masonic money and children. Gotta waddle! Gots ta go make suburban love to myself and then admire the best place in the world.

      • Ryan McVety says:

        Illustious brethren! Just a worshipful bro saying hi from Ontario and reminding everyone how special upper Canada is; truthfully and with the word of evangelical rabbinical Jesus, Alberta owes its successes to Ontario due to the masonic migration pattern! Masons are probably the only people still moving to Alberta! Anyway, me and my daddy were instrumental in making upper Canada conservative again and Ontario wouldn’t have the greatest Premier ever, Ford, if it wasn’t for us; we mobilized the sophisticated judeo-christo right to create the greatest Man ever, Premier Ford. How far would have our super-zionist bro Harper made it without the evangelical and jew support? Just like Trump, that’s all he needed for an election.
        Anyway come on down to the most reputable and prestigious post-secondary institution in the whole universe for a proper education and enlightenment. White-anglo-jew God works in mysterious ways and even give me and my role model, physically and mentally strong, spiritually superior daddy $1M in college funds for our own use. Thou shalt steal.
        Let us pray.
        Dear white-anglo-genocidal-pedophile-lying-cheating-thieving-political-zionist Jesus, thank you for our many blessings of maintaining our righteous and pure hegemony. Give us the courage to stop hiding in dark corners like cowards do. I pray for the marginalized british and jewish people who are always victims. Please bring the plague to those who do not want to hear the good white-anglo-genocidal-pedophile-lying-cheating-thieving-political-zionist Lawd’s word which we were privileged enough to tape record. So mote it be. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-men!
        Pancake or prayer breakfast anyone?

      • Richard Mottershead says:

        Illustrious and magical ones! All this talk about Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford! I will have you know that white-immigrant-anglo-pedo-zionist Jesus built my hotrod and its a masonic Chrysler from Derrick Dodge! Git on down to Derrick Dodge and change your life! There is plenty of room for fat, white folk, zionist Jesus and followers and Chrysler will most likely be able to make it to Ontario and back to Alberta with more masons to Make Alberta Great Again. Come on down and ask for your worshipful discount!

      • Dave Crocket says:

        Illustrious worshipful bros! Well the Edmonton Police and its ‘us versus them’ thin blue line still prefer Ford and chev suburbans but we do have some unmarked jeeps and rams for the EPS to use. I am so grateful that jewish-masonic-zionist-anglo-yiddish Jesus guided Edmonton properly to provide the EPS with more resources than actual cities in Canada! Edmonton is the beautiful really the most beautiful city. If it ain’t Ford we be cruising around in a much needed tank or helicopter.
        Shoot em bang bang. Liberals, Trudeau, Greta’s trendy followers, chugs, immigrants (white people and jews are not immigrants!), the french, all of Islam, Africa, Russia, China and Rachel Notley ruined the world and we are here to save the day, and serve and protect our fragile self-esteem. Anybody for pipes and bums today?

      • Ryan Mottershead says:

        Brethren! You could have at least advertised Sherwood Dodge for me!!!!!! I have to go cry and suck my thumb now.

      • David Thomson says:

        Illustrious brothers and lowly lodge prosties! A lot talk of Great and the best here! We all know who the greatest “Canadian” is, and it won’t ever be a woman! I am the greatest and a self-made man like all masons/jews! I am the richest in Canada! Not even Bodel-Jew Tobias Lütke with his illustrious partnership with Jeff Bezos and Glen Coates is as rich as I.
        I am a Baron, not a burger baron. I got wealthier with the Canadian Pension Plan. I had a John MacDonald create the most unsuccessful successful company and it changes money for me. I own Reuters and even have a Friedenberg working for ME! I control Truth North Square with masonic bros, the Richardsons. I and MY Osmington Inc procured the wBRo Eaton’s building and land for a NHL team. I own the fucking Winnipeg Jets and facilities and even had lodge prosti Angela Mathiesen (CentreVenture Development.) help with public funds for my worshipful bro PCL project; and while die hard Jet’s fan even personally donated more! I gave my worshipful bros of Great Life the name rights to my arena which is wholly owned by Power Financial Corp which is wholly owned by the most ethical Corp in the world, the Power Corporation of Canada! That’s a timeless relationship of friendship and self-charity which has included: all chin no brain wBro Brian Mulroney; the rose-croizx, pretentious homosexual Magus Pierre Trudeau; slave ship Paul Martin; the greateast dentons partner and pedo Jean Chretien (and his son-in-law, the great philanthropist Paul Desmarais Jr, even Chretiens sr advisor jewboy Goldberg); the greatest Premier ever wBro Bill Davis and the Supreme Imperial wBro anglo-Premier of QC Dan Johnson; bros Andre and Paul Desmarias, two of the most honest people; illustrious Maurice Strong and Jeff Orr; and some of our super-jews like John and Bob Rae, Don Mazankowski, Paul Volcker and SS-iron cross jew-Chancellor of Germany post-WW2 Helmut Schmidt. We really are the zio-pedo-POWER Corp of Canada!
        I am not finished because I’m just that awesome. My Winnipeg Jets partner, the manly wBro Marc Chipman is a provincial hero and philanthropist as well; he even received the Order of Manitoba by another Great Canadian Philip Lee, the masonic-Hongman who was appointed LtGovernor of Manitoba at the special request of “China bad” zio-bro Stephen Harper. I am a multinational wide!
        We need more Canadians like me and our bros! This world is going to shit: the Euro-cup went to Rome and didn’t come home! Those guinea wops probably now think that spaghetti with marinara sauce and parmesan, and side of bocconcini is better cuisine than KD, ketchup and sucking on my english-jew balls. Ban Italians with the French and Spanish from Canada; they even have the audacity to call their inferior languages “romance”, languages of love, and beautiful languages. Maybe Cantonese should be a national language also to support our anti-China Hongmen.

      • Michael Levitt says:

        Illustrious, philantropist zionists, Shalom! Wow worshipful master Dave Thomson, you sure listed a lot of bros and he-bros!….and you were even tight lipped! My only concern is that you excluded the scottish with brits and jews! What about me? I’m a loyal bro, or were you just including scottish with english? It does make sense but I was just hoping you would mention Scottish-Jews somewhere also! I was even a MP for Simcoe…I mean York! I was Foreign Affairs Committee and chair of the Canada-Israel parliamentary group! I am a founding member of the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee, I oversaw the Liberal Friends of Israel, and was partner and VP of the Benjamin Group. I am now the CEO and president of the Friends of Wiesenthal! I am your worshipful super zionist who can even sell the JDL and EDL as world peace and liberty! Let’s gang rape…I mean gangstalk the anti-semite mentioned here!

        It is these people to people bonds which have made the UK, USA, Israel and the dominions of Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the best places in the entire solar system! Let’s continue to fight for justice, peace, equality, liberty, democracy and banking!

      • Steven Mandziuk says:

        Illustrious bros! I am not a jew or was not appointed by the great, intelligent baby Magus Trudeau either! I am Stevie! Sociopath Stevie, super-Canadian, the politic of law, illustriou alumni, Justice of the Queen’s Bench of the Grand Lodge of Alberta. I am educated in wBRo minning and wBRo telecommunication monopolies and that is why I was appointed by a drama teacher: merit. I recommend a bracelet for everyone to stand as big and tall as I do. Let’s not kill anymore children, let’s just fuck them instead.

      • Curtis Zablocki says:

        Illustrious bros n’ hoes! I’m not a jew either! Good ole great Canadian here also, but more importantly L-Bertan and Skkk-Subslavic. I just hate injuns! Oh, are we public right now? What I meant is, as deputy commissioner, commanding officer of the masonically-institutionalized pony soldiers KKK-Division, we do not have a systemic racism problem in the ROYALCMP, we also do our jobs properly but its just the media, courts, politicians and maimed individuals who make us look inept; further China is the genocidal-racist country and wBros Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra do not demolay children!
        Press conference over. I have to go cower away in corner now. White-anglo-rabbinical-justice Jesus bless you all!

      • Ward Elcock says:

        Illustrious zionist worshipful bros, we must protect our judeo-christian values which made the dominion of Canada a place of opportunity, for us. Where else can a lonely, short, fat, bald, brainless anglo-saxon predator get friends and allies, strength and power, intelligence, and access to any boy and girl he wants, with just a job????!!!! That’s right british-israeli Canada! Let us protect our judeo-christian values!

        I have taken a moment of my time from my hobbies such as gov’t consultation, advisory to Patriot One Techs, mining, resources, energy, finance and misinformation to quickly brief you all. This guy, the problem maker, is a bigger threat than Russia in general and a bigger cyber threat than China. I believe he also belongs to the axis of evil; for those unfamiliar the term, it was coined by our worshipful zio-bro jew David Frum and orated by our great illustrious, America’s secret establishment George W. Bush. This guy is clearly a conspiracy theorist who will run into battle no matter what weapons we have…and we don’t have any, Iraq does. We must get these evil doers and continue fighting mobilized-insurgent-terrorism, all of it!, in our Canada or around our world, which is foreign to our pleasurable existence. I need a diaper change but unless we stop this guy, I will most likely get active agents to brief everybody at another time. Have creepy, spooky, shiny zionist day, my illustrious bros.

      • Jolene Pon says:

        Worshipful masters! It’s your lodge prosti egg here (white on outside, peewee hongman went inside)! I am here to enlist my worshipful services to the Brotherhood and Philanthropy in the world! As manager of our pedo-masonic Justice and Solicitor General Office, I want to help anyway I can!

      • Kandice Ashmore says:

        Illustrious masters! As lodge prosti and communications advisor of the government of alberta, I say we keep us all quiet and keep our convos private. Sure this guy has even been removed off of YouTube now but we don’t need any more exposure. Censor him, keep our gang hush hush and feed Albertans with info the want to hear like promises of more hospital beds…in due time.

      • Janice Fleming says:

        Illustrious masters! I like totally agree with Kandice! I’m your loyal lodge prosti and info officer with [y]our Alberta. I am a good filter and can help filtering BullShit BeaverSnot to the public. We will focus on how marvelous zio-alt-con Alberta is and how we will even make it better with more of our private monopolize free market ‘investing’ in the albertan public. Ta ta worshipful masters.

      • Michael Ho says:

        Hawwo Iwwustlious Blethlen! Your hongman of the GOC to your service! I like what Janice said. I, like Cheryll Watson, am going to go on a senior inspector listening campaign and will listen to our worshipful captains of industry and brokers of interest how I can help achieve their innovation, science and economical development which we can package to the public as for the public’s benefit. Ingenious Janice, I guess you are good for something! Let’s keep this all more quiet than what happened with Vital Partners and Babylon as a couple of examples.

      • Michael Oshry says:

        Illustrius zionist brothers, I hope to be the next grand worshipful super-jew leader of the best city in the world; truthfully though there is a 90% that one of our worshipful bros and nepotist hos will be mayor. The whole campaigning is just a formality of our open and transparent democracy.
        I like the talk about pulling the kosher wool over the public’s eyes. What I have done is presented myself as a saviour and a man any woman would desire. Then I added this for the newspapers “My experience first in small business, and then founding a big business, coupled with my experience on council, gives me a great perspective on how to nurture without stifling, and ultimately how to unleash the potential for the people here to build prosperity and a future that all our kids will want to stay for…That’s why I’m doing this.”

        Always present that you are helping children and their futures and maybe the public will forget about misappropriation of public funds, forcefully taking children with our genocidal-pedophile arbitrary law, touching and selling children, even burying them in unmarked graves. With proper presentation you may even get public donations for more advertising.
        I know the Jewish community would go wild, but would ‘free bagels’ be a good way to buy votes among Gentiles? It’s not Obama-style with free iPads but who doesn’t like bagels?

      • Greg Mah says:

        Illustrious brothers! Let’s smoke some Aurora Cannabis to us! I love this country and company, pure THC-CBD pleasure! Nobody understands this but Aurora has been around for some time before we went legal and on the stock market. We were always operating but are now legally nationwide. The amount of goods and drugs (and not just the weed) we have moved between AB and BC is incredible! We even had grow ops in Saskatchewan and had product moving in from the east;we also had patched and triad protection, suburban gangstas, IIROC bothering our ‘reputable’ businessmen and RCMP looking for our “bunkers”. Now we are on the stock market and are providing the govt with revenues, even manage to have the masonic-RCMP (who stopped enforcing marijuana even prior to Trudeau being elected as they had inside info it would be legal soon) doing security for our “bunkers”.
        I’m sitting here enjoying the easy and ‘legit’ life now! We are a legit business. My vote is always for us.

      • Jill Marshall says:

        Illustrious grand masters! Does anyone need any cats or dogs? Free postage! Let me know, kkk?

      • Ryan Jimmo says:

        Illustrious brothers, as you all know I am no longer a member of the lodge and I am tired of all the Jewry! Remember when the jews Getschel and Wagner ran me over with a he-bro pick em up truck?
        Like self-defense couldn’t protect me from being run over by a truck, your org will not protect you from this guy. It even looks like he is mowing right through the entire org! Good luck freaks! Death was a blessing: I can avoid you sick and twisted gangstas now.

      • William Klasky says:

        Illustrious bros! I’m not a russian-jew, I swear. I’m your masterful Bud.
        Did you guys watch the masonic-jew-anglo-american Great Calgary Stampede on the TeeeeeVeeeee? It was absolutely spectacular! Good people, good endorsements, good advertising, good times! There must have been millions of diverse spectators also! All those white hats, made it a miracle on the prairies! With the coverage especially with illustrious sportsnet, the rodeo gots to be a National AND! Olympic sport. The ability to tackle and wrestle that veal is incredible and probably the greatest demonstration of speed, agility, strength and athleticism ever; I think we should also start tackling big dogs and children for a purse. This is why I have always been a part of the Stampede! I like tiny horses, children, playing dad for AHS, film and photography, festivals, the calgary flames.
        Now, like Kenney and Schweitzer have been talking, let’s get this alberta film industry booming! Make BKlasky Productions Great Again!

      • Doug Hay says:

        Illustrious brothers! Thanks for the condolences and acknowledgment! I just recently made it to the Grand Lodge Below and nobody is even giving me any attention! You have even brought up experimental farmer Galt and pedo Galt, even talked GMOs but no mention of me. I was raised on Alberta’s modal/central experimental farm! and even worked for agri-chemical worshipful-judeo Monsanto which brought the world the finest products from DDT to Agent Orange. I was real a estate mogul, worshipful pedo and even a grain and egg farmer in Viking. Can’t Tim Horton’s and Cargill also thank me? You can all thank me anyways, India is our agri-chemical experimental farm now and we “Canadians” lobby against India getting a fair price for their crops also. Send me some love wBros!!!

      • Casey Morrow says:

        Illustrious wBros. Sorry for the loss of life Brother Hay. My daddy is down there but so is my bro Kirby and he is the best actor ever! He loves boys to men so if you feed him some drugs or pills he can act like he even cares when making sweet wBro on wBro love. I hope it works out, just here to help a fellow wBro.

      • Mark Ulmer says:

        Worshipful bros! As staff sergeant of the EPS I would like to serve and protect us as well. Obviously RBC investments and securities are sluggish so let us invest into Casey Morrow’s Go Fund Me page which will help endless aspiring actors in the centuries to come. I always support legit charities like this or our United Way. After you have donated let us find some civilIan bottom lickers to give emotional support to Edmonton’s finest who are so smart they even achieved their doctorates in high school.

      • Rebecca Visscher says:

        Illustrious masters! How are you today? Now that wBro Scott McKeen’s career is done, what am I going to do? I still want to be an assistant lodge prosti! Seeing my surname is dutch-jew can I get it on with the anglo-saxon-jew and wBro Mike Nickel? Or maybe our wBro and polish-jew “intelligence” officer Jon Dziadyk? Polish-jews are the most intelligent in the world! Let us give corruption a Teflon vest! I will write and spread my legs for whatever cause.

      • Andrew Wormsbecker says:

        Illustrious ones! Your worshipful bro and dutch-jew here to save the day! Rebecca Visscher, I am happy to help you secure more gravy, cushy, well paying for idleness, work with the city of Edmonton. I will certainly advise the city and work on city labour relations for you. There will certainly be something cushy and for you!

      • Robert Parks says:

        Illustrious bros! Your suburban lodge prosti to save the day! Rebecca Visscher, strathcona counsel always needs more help from white-anglos and jews! It’s just another option. wBro Rick Comrie is also running for mayor, so that’s an option; you can also check out Comrie’s alberta tax payer funded the Brick if want to try a different career in fraud. So those are more options for you.

      • Len Shankowsky says:

        Illustrious bros and hos! I’m not a masonic-jew either, scouts pedo honour! As VP of Chemco and contracted by Edmonton’s most legit municipal corp, EPCOR, we are expanding and may need lazy staff Rebecca. I can also talk with the bros and hos of Epcor (like Lee, Stanley, Bradford, Cruickshank, Atkins, Foster, Hay, Krause and Roozen) and see if they need any creative writers!

      • Jim Dau says:

        WBros! I feel so safe among us! Rebecca Visscher, think a communications officer with [y]our Alberta would suit you perfectly; I did it for 20yrs and am fat, dumb and lazy. it’s a total gravy job and you just make stuff up as you go as long as it sounds good. If not interested you can also do consulting with me and Saskiw at Alberta Counsel – bring Sarolta Saskiw along, she’s looking for work also, isn’t she?
        I need some hongkonger Mah destination donuts or some illegal photography to look at; such long days sitting on my obese ass all day.

      • Warden Warren Gillis says:

        Illustrious brethren! A lot of noise here, oh my white-anglo-rabbinical God! I would like to be part of any plan for the problem-maker! Since he likes those Indians so much, git him on down to Fort Smith Correctional so he can live with them while me and the manly corrections officers beat him and sexually harass him. Oh I’m so goddamn excited and juz gots 9mm erect!

      • Janice Tranberg says:

        Illustrious hos! How yawl? I thought I would saunter in to brag and make fun of Don Hay. I’m the illustrious-queen-jewess of alberta beef! (My hubby is Danish like the Horners, thats why he sucks). Things have changed Donnie…well not really, still need to be a white or jew woman for liberty and perks of democracy. Anyway, I out did you Donnie, I may not be a farmed baby like you but am jewish and started my career with CropLifeCanada; the trade association of agrochemical and plant biotech and has included the following great big saviours of earth: Bayer, BASF, Dow, Monsanto, Corteva, FMC, Syngenta, Sumitomo. Ha! Can’t best that can ya? I wexalso highly influential the govt of SK agro-innovation and was also the executive alterations director of SaskCanola! Ya way!
        Now I’m the president and CEO of Alberta AND! National Cattle Feeders Association – suits me well! I hope to hormone dem cows to get more milk and ass out of that livestock for alteration. Cheers to alchemy and the kabbalah!

      • Victor Banfield says:

        Worshipful masters and prophets for profit!
        Well Janice Tranberg, I’m the grand sovereign director of Health Sciences Association Alberta, so I can do tweaking also! Did you Guys see Singh in Edmonton? He’s trying to appeal to people concerned over Alberta Health Care! Ha! This is Alberta! We have the concerned people believing we need privatized health care – we have even been cutting and defrauding health care so it needs repair. People are becoming believers! Look, I know nurses already earn less than their hairdressers, and before the suggested 3% cut; so let’s cut another 3%, and bounce from days to nights more often – then we can spin it as privatization is definitely needed. We can also get paramedics to take pay cuts to help fund an ambulance or many. We can even continue to run those uneducated and argumentative doctors out of dodge as well. Dual…aahmm…do yawl agree?

      • Jody Dodge says:

        Illustrious bros and ho s!
        Just a shoutout from Canada’s original pedo-playground, Nova Scottish-Rite! Physical work wasn’t in the cards for me either and that’s why when I grow up I want to be like the illustrious masonic jewess Janice Tranberg.
        I already worked for big pharma now called Sumitomo, was a senior analyst for the dutch-jews DSM/OceanNutirion and am currently Nova Scottish-Rite’s Department of Agriculture as their alchemy tech!
        Blessed be the white-anglo-judeo-christo farm-raised Jesus! Oh, does anyone need some blessed coinbase bitcoin?

      • Kyle Kemper says:

        Illustrious ho s! Jody, that’s a girl’s name. I’m a big strong man just like my bro Justin Trudeau. I also consider myself the world leading bitcoin and blockchain-guru! I’ve even done keynote speaking for the PMO. You peddle your agri-pharma-chemo-progress, I just want to control (crypto)currency. Anyway, get your Swiss Key now!

      • Mark Widney says:

        Illustrious bros and its O&G profits! Yawl gettin off topic! Where’s the oil, gas and mining talk? This is the past, present and future of great Alberta and Canada! The economic hub of Canada!!! I am literally banking on millions and millions, patents and my C-Tech Oilwell Technologies (and subs Pro-Rod Inc and Automated Rig) expanding with Dover! Even big banks and big pharma/wealth management are banking on it! Oops I mean approx 6% of Alberta’s least educated, skilled and intelligent are banking on borrowing more money into existence with their Dr. Inflated wages/salaries! Let’s talk, support, talk, discuss, invest in, misappropriate public funds into, campaign, talk Oil and Gas. Let’s also get our worshipful lodge prosties Olsen and Foss of the Canadian Energy Central War Room to at least send off some emails galore in support of us O&G anti-human progress gangstas? Let’s coil our tubing later bros and Ho s!

      • John Chisholm says:

        Worshipful brethren! Shoutout from Nova-ScotiaRite also! Stop trying to steal our fire Alberta! I am the greatest producer in great, united Canada, for judeo-christian Christ on TV sake! Arcadia Entertainment! If Alberta obviously needs ME and I deserve numerous moments of glory! I even survived the hard and evil taxing of the impoverished film and production industry. I give hope for wildlife, apostles and ice bears! I have even rubbed wienies with the pedo Hancock who edits the worshipful show the curse of oak island! Don’t all applaud at once…

      • Kevin Bahm says:

        Illustrious brothers! Your germanic-masonic-jew now an Inuit bro here! Nova-Scot is okay, it would be better if there were less blacks. Alberta and huntin’ is awesome! Baffin Island needs more white people, English and judeo-christianity. Chisholm can take the spotlight with his cameras, I prefer being less flashy and skilled. That is why I was masonic Toronto Police major crimes, Renfrew and Terence Bay Popo, acting chief once, OPP ya know me!, Ontario Ministry of Health for 10yrs, inspections and security, and safety of course. I guess I’m a cultural-chameleon because I’m even Inuit now! Security Officer for the 100% owned and operated Inuit company Qikiqtani Industry – that’s like Russia getting Cheney or Polymeropoulos to direct the SVR! We are thaaaaaat good bros and that’s why we call ourselves masterful. Have a happy anglo-jew day every buddy!

      • Gerry Schwartz says:

        Illustrious zio-bros! Your super zio-jew here!
        Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just recently called an election when he so firmly said: the anti-semitism must stop now. Okay so let’s prep everyone: don’t end up like Barry Sherman, okay? We have so much invested invested in our inter-provincial and trans-national syndicated zionism so our Tool is a good choice but gumby Trudeau started with the anti-semitism campaign already. My super zio-jew wife Heather Reisman (euro-jew elite Bilderberg Group, order of pedo Canada, Indigo Books, IDF prosti) is leaning towards the Tool; it was always a die-hard liberal until our own more jew than a jew, Zio wBro, B’nai Birth Stephen Harper came along.
        Anyway we need to discuss interests, I want to be top 20 richest in British-Israeli Canada shortly after any election. Maybe we can get O’Toole and Trudeau to write a book (with lots of help of course), defining anti-semitism and why it is so bad for the global economy; then we can sell it at Indigo with some proceeds going to blow up Palestinian children – it’s a good plan regardless of an election or not.
        As pedo Order of Canada and director of Scotia(rite) bank we must continue to work together. Our system works and as an example: founder (with super-jew Izzy Asher) of CanWest Global Communications which was then sold to wBro Shaw then Rogers. Brotherhood and Philanthropy! It’s kosher!
        As ONEX Corporation is one of british-israeli Canada’s largest jew-corps, I would also like to make it an equitable number 1. Let’s get to work!
        Because of attacks in Canada by Russia and China, I have unfortunately had inflate the cost of flights with West Jet and Lufthansa, the cost of Hollywitz at Cineplex theatres and even Purolator shipping because of Islam in the west. Oh can we make sure all of beautiful, unique, well-developed Edmonton has all Jew-den, I mean superior quality Jeld-Wen doors and bifolds in their residential gentile homes?
        Have a happy umbrella of zionism Day!

      • John Mah says:

        Illustrious gweilo brothers! Yes the anti-semitism has to stop, we marry jews and anglos. Most importantly we need to address asian-hate. The politics of “China bad”, “Asian Invasion” “China takeover”, ” Chinese cyber-threat” and “China Virus” have been effective but harmful to us pro-democracy hongmen. Canadians are too stupid to distinguish between Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Pinoy and Thai so they obviously can’t distinguish between Hongman and Chinese. All asians are grouped together. Effective immediately we are lobbying to be separate from Chinese and other asians on the Canadian census, have billions being transferred to Canada, are focusing on “China bad” and rallying against Asian-hate. The hundreds of necessities to any Chinatown, chinese masonic and benevolent societies, in Canadian cities are on collective board of ChinaBad-HongmanGood.
        I would also like to teach people how to distinguish between hongman and Chinese (chin), to stop the hongman hate speech everywhere. I will use myself as an example.

        -does the Asian-looking person say “gong hei fat choy” for Chinese New Years?

        -does the asian-looking person from HK and southern China, to name some examples, have the surname: Chan, Chow, Cheung, Lai, Lee, Leung, Mah, Ma, Ho, Pon, Vu, Wong, Kwong? Does this person have a very British-Jew first name?

        -is the asian-looking person involved in masonic institutions like St.Johns, Lion’s Club, Rotary Club and chaired masonic charitable rites like Stollery, the Edmonton Community Foundation or other charities like make a wish, make a dream, United way, lottery commissions, casinos, rub n tugs, and exclusive travel?

        -like myself, besides the masonic stuff, is the asian-looking person a member of the Man Society of Edmonton and the Chinese Benevolent Society?

        -has this asian-looking person been appointed as judge/justice, practices law/finance/accounting/developments, been employed by the Service or served for Royal and/or Canadian Forces, is a cop or is oversight of cops, involved in politic and is “pro-democracy”? I personally am past LtCol and partner of Chomicki Baril Mah LLP! And Queen of the UGLE Counsel

        -does the asian-looking person have ties, family and associates, to jews and anglos? And also think Hong Kong, England, Canada and Israel are the best? Did the Asian study, live, practice in Canada and UK and/or HK?

        -does the asian-looking person have strong transnational ties to Hong Kong? Even an original memba of the HongkongCanada biz assoc.?

        -has the asian-looking person also been involved or is currently involved in the ‘socio-political-economies’ of Latin America, Mexico, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Mediterranean and the Pacific?

        -like myself, has the asian-looking person been acknowledged through the pedo Alberta Order of Excellence and/or pedo Order of pedo Canada and/or received the Queen2 Diamond and/or Golden Jew-bilee Medals?

        Have a great day Dominion of Great Canada!

      • Robert Byers says:

        Illustrious brothers! Ha ha Ho Ho Ho Ha. That’s pretty good wBro Kevin Bahm but I have masterful bragging rights also, and from Saskkkatchewan. I am even fully endorsed by our bros in city council as well.
        Here a few righteous and worshipful words from the president and CEO from Namerind Housing Corporation and I will try to honour our wBro MacDonald’s ideology.
        We took immediate steps to extinguish the Indian titles in the Fertile Belt in the valley of Saskkkatchewan and opened it for settlement. The Savage who lived on the the reserves is merely a Savage who can read and write and has come to our fertile major, world renowned cities of Regina and Saskatoon. There has been and influx of these squatters who have seized upon the most property, eligible positions and have greatly disturbed the symmetry organization of our future.

        At Namerind, our mission is to provide safe, affordable, quality housing and economic development opportunities for Indigenous People so we may wean them by slow degrees, from their nomadic habits, which have almost become an instinct, and by slow degrees absorb them. We provide a charitable community at our our central training homes where the squatting Savage will withdraw from Indigenous influence, and acquire the habits and modes of thought of white and jewish men.

      • Jamie Little says:

        My wBros and naughty Ho s! Geeze I would say with that Namerind Housing Corporation mission statement that we need a Robbie Byers Day! But CEO of a housing Corp isn’t that awesome – I’m a leasing agent an entire corporate, white collar criminal city, Calgary! I just need a good mission statement like THAT!

      • Nate Horner says:

        My worshipful, illustrious grand masters!
        It’s all cute here but none of you have a nursery rhyme written after you! It’s too bad the UCP educational curriculum isn’t about facts because I think most kids should know this nursery rhyme.

        Little Nate Horner
        Sat in his corner
        Talking UCP lie;
        Schweitzer the jew bum
        Then made him a chum
        Nate said, “What a good boy am I!”

      • Richard little dick Lacoursiere says:

        Illustrious bros! All doing great business! We certainly give ourselves the competitive edge! As western Canada Regional Manager it is important you are, or even business/home/car/tenants/etc are also! I have some of Edmonton’s biggest coke-heads and greasy dirtbags peddling AVIVA! Get properly insured, get british-jew insured! Waiver: there is no insurance to protect against getting royally jewed.

      • Allan Mah says:

        Iwwuswious bros and Ho s! Yuw wBwo Allan Mah here! Yu awl bwag espeshiawy Jamie Little! I was city of Edmonton pwoperty manager, better city, bigger man needed fow job. Even John Mah don’t know what he tawk about. It’s the Mah Society of Edmonton. Not Man Society of Edmonton. MAH Society of Edmonton! Trust me, I know just like I know John Mah. I am cuwwently WCB appeals commissioner and judges come fwom WCB! Because I so good I also pwincipal of my own consulting Mah & Associates; associates being jewish, anglo-zio-gweilo and hongmen philanthropists also.
        Don’t fowget I awso boawd of govenows for NAIT and chaiw UofA Hospitaw Foundation. Eww Mah Mah, Mah Mah eww Mah Mah, haven’t you heawd Allan Mah is the word.

      • Shirley Mitchell says:

        Illustrious masters! Bill Mitchell is busy today so as your judeo-lodge prosti I would like to give everyone a big shoutout! You’re all doing great and that is why as elections alberta financial compliance officer I am able to overlook all of our non-compliance democratic practices. Yeeehaw! I’m your girl! I bounce around from place to place and people to people; that’s why I was just not the Whitemud Equine director but also tackled UofA, Enbridge, City of Edmonton, worked with info peddling jew Barry Lycka and more recently was even government of L-Berta ministry of indigenous relations.

        Blessed be my jewish, british, scottish, and hong konger gangstas. Let’s Make Alberta Great America.

      • Grant Zawalsky says:

        Thank polak-masonic-yaweh that Shirley Mitchell is doing elections compliance! That means my $7.5k donation to the UCP was a great investment! Let’s discuss the politic of law quickly.
        Let’s discuss the politic of law please: oil and gas, so human progress.
        As managing partner of Burnet Duckworth & Palmer I’m also director and board of directors with NuVista, Whitecap, PrairieSky, ARC Resource and the Calgary Petroleum Club (just as miraculous as Edm’s). Things are great, especially with the illustrious Wall’s onboard and already socializing youth political-religious-zionism! The L-Berta and Skkk people to people bonds are wonderful. Ex-Premier grand wizard of Skkk Brad Wall is on board ofdirectors whitecap with me and Jason Wall, worshipful Moe’s Sr.adv (now dep. Min.) was peddling Whitecap to be of benefit to the Saskatchewan people and the are buying it! All we have to do now is try to make those honest, hard-working Ukrainian in Skkk to be as greasy, greedy, dishonest, lazy and flabby as L-Bertan uka-ra-iranians. Can we hit them with shovel tariffs and call them bohunks until they are jewish, polish and british?

      • Tim Anderson says:

        Illustrious great ones! Of course human progress (oil & gas!!!!!) is important but drivin a masonic Slave Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is part of that enriching experience. Our grand poobah Jason Kenney, taller than the Great Wall of America and chiseled out of stone like the outdated lame fence of bad bad bad China, said we are open for summer, work and business; he also brought up the importance of the pickup truck including its cultural significance. So git on down ta Slave Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and git yourself all the power you’ve always desired with a eco-friendly hemi. While in Slave Lake git on down to the masonic Tim Horton’s and show some support for Darrel and Sandra MacKay and Keltie MacKay-Anderson; there is plenty of room for large asses and it’s always fresh to keep discussing human progress and zionism!
        Alberta! Woot woot!

      • Lorraine Moster says:

        Shalom illustrious fellas! Now, now, your Supreme Jewess thinks Golf and Jet-Setting is important too. Not everyone has a private jet like brothers Acheson or Giustra, and the airline industry has been hit so hard with this global conspiracy against us! As superwoman co-pilot , humans are resources, of Lucifer Air…I mean Morningstar Air Express, I think Albertans should subsidize West Jet and Morning Star, at least – we burn a lot of fuel! I also work with great worshipful princess Ken Knowles with Alberta Golf; Albertans need to understand the following: 1) golf is the most physically demanding sport so it will help their health; 2) nothing is more beautiful than looking at trenches full of sand, men washing their balls and talking strokes, dugouts full of goose shit and green grass which is higher maintenance than a suburban white girl or boy friend; 3) it is like chess but better, so much strategy and foresight involved.

      • Cory Dayley says:

        Worshipful bros! Don’t forget about law enforcement risking their lives everyday! As a super-member of the Calgary police I believe in online cyberststalking creeping groups, and online covert hacking and perving operations, for public safety and security. It is also important to have the proper hacking and perving software. Just don’t get caught purchasing or troubleshooting it!; if it happens once it’s suspicious, if it happens twice it’s an obvious mere coincidence and if it happens three times then it’s hard not to see a pattern!
        As you all know the Calgary Police does phenomenal working over of innocent people, suspected suspects of suspected crime, criminals not associated to us and people we think looked at or talked to us funny – so show a little love. I almost die everyday behind this computer; behind this mighty badge and politically striped uniform we cops are still fragile and need some serious emotional support from the public. We can’t serve and protect ourselves all the time. Can we get some love here, and more funding? There’s criminals, anarchist defunders, pacifist potheads, self employed artists, insurgents, terrorists, legal and illegal gun owners, anti-semites, anti-colonialists, environmentalists, hackers!, people with a social conscience and possibly even pepperspray everywhere. Like oh my white-anglo-british-rabbinical-God.

      • Shuper Sharge Jacob Montgomery says:

        Illustrious brethren! And AMEN Sgt Dayley! We really do need more emotional and financial support! As EPS I know it all and those rosey cheeks are not high blood pressure, not being a fat cop fat cop fatcopfatcop or from anxiety – it is anglo-judeo superiority. I agree with brother Elliott, who doesn’t think we should compare Canada to the US, that cops (and men) are going to get pepper sprayed all the time so just say no to Uncle Tom’s
        islamaphobia stopping pepperspray and as always just say no to anti-semitism and anti-zionism. Further our Big Real Chief McFee said we can’t defend police because in the US defunded cities have all kinds of crime – so just say no to defunding the EPS, blue lives matter.
        I just want to give a great big shoutout myself and PACT for the lives we have saved. From little girls being murdered, children abused and neglected, commissioning the offence of abduction or confinement, mentally ill dying in the presence of if not beaten, addicts being stomped, people jumping off balconies during or after our arrival, we have absolutely saved lives out there. I really want to give a direct shoutout to some specific colleagues but there are ongoing investigations and litigation so I am unable to presently comment.
        Have a rosey british-jew day everybuddy!

      • David Goldstein says:

        Illustrious brothers! I’m obviously not a jew either, nor a zionist. Pardon my yiddish but know what else is important? Tourism! We need airplanes, fast cars, big trucks, stampedes, oil and gas for tourism! This is my speciality. As CEO of travel alberta we must present things that are unique to Alberta; like rivers, trees, lakes, grass, mountains and beef/cows. It is also important we show off our albertan cultural hubs: Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire, Tim Hortons, bars and liquor stores, 24hr McDonalds and year round hockey, corn mazes, ATV trails, tailing ponds, oil donkeys, masonic statues and namesakes, the magnificent sports of rodeo and golf, landscaping with mulch, pick em up trucks and masonic show and shines. Alberta is the most beautiful and the most affordable place in the world. The anglo-jew-zionist trailer park culture is also the most advanced and evolved civilization since Before.WhiteAngloRabbinical.Christ. People will flock here for travel just like they are lining up to move here and invest in Great Alberta.

      • Anthony Taylor says:

        Illustrious ‘Bertans! Hey don’t forget Alberta Sheriff! We need more emotional support, funding and power also. We really should be alberta’s provincial police with some nice white cowboy hats. It’s really tough being a Sheriff; civilians, city cops and RCMP think we are bylaw officers and delivery drivers – I ares Alberta Sheriff! Nobody ever says “I’m the new municipal constable in town” or “I’m the new Royal Canadian Mounted Police In town”! No they do not – they say ” I’m the new Sheriff in town”. Sheriff ares the best.

      • Josh Barrett says:

        Illustrious wBros! Hey, hi!
        Tony Taylor, just like Rick driving in here full speed. Okay super Sheriff, I’m county of Grande Prairie development and planning compliance officer so I deserve more timbits than you do but you deserve timbits also.

      • Dennis Banks says:

        Illustrious brethren! VP Uncle Tom here and of service to the white man, let’s get back on topic of oil and gas; mainly Suncor and Emonton’s Refinery which brings so much character to the beautiful Edmonton, Alberta. Let’s talk progress!

      • Dave Emmorey says:

        Illustrius wBros! Big shoutout from Ontario! I figure since a federal election is coming up we need to start showing our masonic-jew con and fib colours in Ontario also – lots of con and fib seats up for grab!
        As Staff Sergeant of Durham Regional Police we must start campaigning for more toys and public money! We’re not like criminals, we have publicly funded badges. Since these pinko commies and darkies have been campaigning to defend us all, crime has been skyrocketing; this is indicative that police are the public saviours who stop crime before happens because our british-israeli society is advanced, civilized, content, happy and complacent.
        Let’s show some emotional and financial support for Canada’s most outstanding and intelligent people who risk their lives and now have their $125k-$220k livelihoods at risk.

      • Brian Wik says:

        Illustrius brothas! I am the great Brian Wik; smarter, tougher, better spoken, better hair and more bad ass than than surfing Hollywood character John Wick. As the CEO of Alberta Association of Optometrists, I only have one comment today. Dennis Banks, go get some glasses so you can see better, you ungrateful ass. 1) there is only one Uncle Tom, Kaycee Madu; the rest of you masonic blacks are Uncle Tom Too. 2) if you were not a mason you would not habe even been VP. 3) you should be grateful as you are VP and president is a position for white and jew bros. 4) wear that slave surname on your sleeve with pride.

        Oh if this problem maker doesn’t need glasses can steal his eyeballs? Or if he needs glasses can we cops to boot fuck them off his face?

        Have a happy all white, all anglo, often jew, totally zionist day everybuddy!

      • Glen Cain says:

        Illustrious and enlightened ones! So mote it be! And S/sgt Dave Emmorey, you know I will always take your lead in the Fraternal Brotherhood of the Durham Regional Police! Let’s go get all bad guyz and evil-doers! Let’s get our masonic bros in the masonic, frail ego, low T oronto Police to show their brave faces here also!

      • Keith Latchford says:

        Worshipful bros and mystic rabbinical prophets! This is great! As s/sgt of the no-boundaries masonically institutionalized Great pony soldiers andn honour of my popo-bros in my area, in the upper british-israeli dominion, I will cat call all off our worshipful RoyalCabalMalevolentPeckerheads across the dominion of Canada to join this most miraculous and just discussion. I’m sure this being an Edmonton forum that endless municipal, RCMP and Sheriff will like to join the conversation also. I think this problem maker is also the one to blame for Russia sanctioning our Great Queen of RCMP – he is to blame and that is why I also have a 9mm hardon for him

      • Wayn Omardeen says:

        Illustrious bros! The architecture of this grand discussion is incredible! I learned how properly define myself in the public light also from this amazing convo: I am Uncle Tom Too!
        I am happy to have humbly served the Peel Regional Police and recently retired from looking confused with my specialities: Fraud, Special Victims and Child Exploitation. I have taken these skills to a whole new level by being president of the Masonic Corp, executive of the Municipal Retirees Organization of Ontario, VP of the Fraternal anglo-jew Brotherhood Peel Police Retirees Assoc and even VP of the Fraternal judeo-masonic Brotherhood the Police Pensioners Assoc of Ontario.
        Thank you for your time my worshipful masters.

      • Greg Kaut says:

        Illustrious Bros! Just giving a shoutout wienie rubbing to you all! Representing the pedo-frat masonic Brotherhood of Guelph Pervert-Police! Should we do a wager? I bet upper british-israeli Canada has more masonic and he-bro popo than in beautiful british-israeli Alberta! Who wants to wager their pensions? C’mon this is a voluntary decision regarding your pensions, Alberta!
        God Save The Queen of the UGLE!

      • Glen McBryde says:

        Illustrious bros and bitches! Ya, I’m in on that wager Cst.Kaut! You know who I am? You know who I am? You know who I am? That’s right, I already heard the cat calls for the york-masonic-jew, low T oronto Police! Exemplary Service, Sgt-Det Glen McBryde! Do you know how many bros of us bros in the Toronto Police I have? EPS may great funding but we still got way more of us bros within the Brotherhood! Let’s take this wager! I mean masonic-jew OMERS and masonic-jew Oxford Properties already own Alberta’s prized possessions (Fairmont Hotels) so let swallow up some pensions while supporting oil and gas to further protect our pipeline pensions.
        Okay men, put on your skirts or aprons and let’s go touch people with our philanthropy.

      • Lisa Mah says:

        Illustrious masta! I also Sgt-Det! But of the the EPS and of the Professional Standards Branch! Yes, I help us EPS serve and protect ourselves. Basically I am trying to demonstrate the Hawthorne Effect; aggressive cops acting more aggressively when they are aware they are being observed or watched with no intervention from superior ranked officers to restrain, stop or punish them. It’s working great! Cop on civilian crime is reaching its max and the conditioned secondary observers, civilians, have their strong bias to protect them from the millions of bad bad bad, very bad people in Edmonton.
        Anyway, I am interested in the wager pensions bet! Us hong konger like casinos and gambling! If I don’t win I still have the $1million a year venture for retirement: The Mah Family Trust.
        China bad. This trouble maker very bad.

      • Tanya Lai says:

        Illustrious gweilo and fellow hong -Men and -women, you can call my Tommy if want, some people think I’m a little boy. I heard talk about pensions and pension investments? I’m a half a million dollar managing director asset of the Ontario Pensions board for a lucky gweilo 13 years! To top that, I am also IMCO managing director and on the Toronto Investment Board. My pension is set up nicely but as you all know investments and public portfolios can be risky business – I am currently unable to discuss the security of the public’s pensions. Anyone care to discuss Ontario Pensions and investments in Ontario or Toronto? 😉 😉

      • May Han says:

        Hello gweilo triads and illustrious HK-er! Well Tommy the Tanya Lai, I would rather discuss british-israeli Alberta and british-israeli British Columbia! As past Alberta Pension Services Corp director, ATRF controller until 2021 and now BCI director, let’s not discuss the pensionless-generations but rather our loyal masonic-jew wealth managers like: I heart AB O&G RBC, wannabe HSBC CIBC, the portfolio of pedos TD, Scotia-rite, power corp McKenzie, the masonic jews who took over the world in record time Blackrock, super jew JP Morgan (Chase) and the drug lord JTBaker/Avantar/GoldmanSachs. We are in good touchy touchy hands but I can’t say the same for the 99% of people putting us in trust.
        Don’t worry for them, be happy for us.

      • Penny Mah says:

        Ha ha ha Ho Ho, Mah illustrious, esoteric family! Yes we hong konger sure love gambling and money changing investments and charities! Why I was perfect as our Alberta Senior Trade Director. And what better person, besides Sutherland, for Alberta Casino Advisors? I’m your professional pro, cash cage and count room (the hardest place to make real currency disappear) and your ambassador to casino ‘charity’ registry and fundraising. I love Casinos and you can also put an Italian accent on Casino so Casino can mean a whorehouse/HKrubtug as well. I heart Casinos!

      • Shawn Robb says:

        Illustrious bros, Ho’s, Lions and money changers!
        I recently slithered out of AIMco as an infinite derivatives analyst of misappropriating public funds into failing big oil, and more importantly our sleight of hands! With such volatile losses for Albertans and their futures, I just had to quietly slither away. The NDP caused the volatile market and losses, AIMco didn’t. I did the same, slithering away, from CIBC, HSBC, BMO and TD securities. The system is kosher and works for us – can someone shut up all the babies trying to hinder our progress and questioning our integrity?
        Happy thieving british-scottish-anglo-saxon-jew with a garnished twist of triad day!
        God Save the Masonic-Pedo-Royals!

      • Jeremy Tebby says:

        Illustrious brothers and witches! You all forgot one important aspect of our global economy: our masonic fiat currency!
        Our system relies on accumulating debt; there is no debt ceiling. Credit and creating money into existence, is even more important than over printing currency to keep our modern banking stable and hyperinflation the cost of goods and services. This system works and all nations are now struggling with their GDP debt load; this system will never flop unless people willfully go delinquent on all debt (and they won’t because we threaten their credit) or everybody withdraws their money in trust from banking institutions (and they won’t because nobody has any base currency to withdraw. As Operation Manager of the most magnificent money-making AMEX, I justvwant everyone to stick to the program and preach it: use the banks money not yours to invest, incur debt to improve your credit, mortgage a bigger home you can’t afford; borrow and live off credit and credit cards; lease or finance a fancy car you don’t need but looks good next to your neighbours car; invest your savings and earnings into any banking scheme which suggests its money tree can turn $5000 into $20000; over-consume and spend, spend, spend to help further hyperinflation; and make comparisons by analogy to decide what to consume in Soro’s reflexive markets.
        AMEX, don’t leave your Simcoe, land in tenure, Home without it!

      • Paul Chagger says:

        Namaste Illustrious brothers! I felt right now was a great time for me to say hi! Mainly because our masonic-Sikhs have been under represented here and nobody brought up Sunlife Financial, Canada’s biggest and greatest asset manager! I hope more masonic-Sikhs say Namaste and join the convo, maybe have our Sikh bikers link up with the Brotherhood MC and Widow’s Sons.
        Next time can we show more respect to our most worshipful bro John Tory? He’s the mayor of the center of the universe masonic-T.O., involved with worshipful Rogers AND!!! his grand master great granddad, also a John Tory, founded Sunlife! Respect bros! At least nobody brought up Brookfield, that’s like advertising for those Italian sports car loving Qatari.
        Anyway, Hinduism is just too big and Khalistan stands with the alliance of transparent and just democracies and modern banking so India may be in the middle of war between the bad guys China and the good guys (the alliance of democracies and banking: USA, UK; the dominions of Canada, Australia, NZ, Honk Kong; and their central Jewish Congress). There has not been much genocide in India for some time, so boring.
        Also, to let the public know, we are looking for more sponsored masons for bigger brotherhood numbers and at the Great Maple Masonic Corp we are pursuing, what can be called, the B.Chagger Memo: diversity, inclusion and youth.
        Have a great day and hope to hear from some more Sikh money changers, especially in Edmonton!

      • David Ho says:

        Illustrious gweilos and hongmen, hello.
        Mr.Chagger, why did you personally have the need to bring up Sunlife? Loose lips sinks ships and you already said way too much about (China) COSCO Shipping, DSB Bank Hong Kong and my Sunlife. You total heat bag.
        You idiot, I’m not calling you bro anymore.

      • Chris LeBlanc says:

        Illustrious bros and Ho’s, like paper tigers, I find paper money and numbers punched into a computer to be lacking any strong back(ing). Can we stop the infighting here? Chagger and Ho, you’re both stupid. There how’s that for a compromise. There, we truthed and reconciled.
        Those other kind of Indians, the ones screaming get off our land and stop poisoning them are showing they are far more resilient than we ever thought – and I think they know about our “in the past” lies. Now that I had to mediate here you assholes totally exposed my Bounty Gold Corp explorations, Superior Airways and operations of NWI controlling 54 water systems and providing water TO ALL 115 FIRST NATIONS in Ontario. I knew I couldn’t trust dark and off-white people!

      • Jason LeBlanc says:

        Illustrious brethren! and Amen! Chris LeBlanc! You may just be CEO of Bounty Gold and CAO of Northern Waterworks Inc one day with that positive attitude, keep up the good work. We can probably leverage gold to increase our voting-purchasing-parity-power, in most scenarios anyway. I wonder if this offends Albertans, I got gold and they get oil with their water.

      • Tim Skinner says:

        Illustrious brethren and british-jew caste members!
        Jason LeBlanc, you’re a complete idiot. If you get some brains come join SMRT, oops SMART Systems. You know nothing about mining and especially oil! It’s not even oil, you moron; it is the cleanest, most ethical, environmentally friendly, low emission, water purifying, high grade, product, called crude-bitumen-asphalt. There is nothing like it in this world and even the USA couldn’t hack it and that’s why they shut down their crude-bitumen-asphalt-tarsands long ago and invested in albertan progress instead. L-berta has coal and surface mined mountains also! What does Ontario have besides rocks and the our worshipful Kenney-Harper on the coattails of Pierre Trudeau equalization payments? If it wasn’t for me managing TransCanada pipelines 30 years ago or being GM of Fording Coal, Ontario would still be living like indians (no fancy cars, no homes or clean water and absolutely no gold, none, no gold at all…or AMEX) or like those stupid french commies (taking our money and democracy, so families can afford children).
        Lady Jason LeBlanc, I might just call you wSis cuz you aints gots them prairie oysters to hack the rodeo in the wild west. Yeeehaw, yeeehaw, yeeeehaws

      • Carla Wilson-McLean says:

        Illustrious british-jew nobles and anglo-hebrew worshipful masters! Did somebody say Rodeo and Sponsorship Schemes?
        Hey, Ontario and mainly TheWhites LeBlancs, I don’t see the Bounty Gold Corp super-champion banner at the Great, Grand, All-Canadian, Culturally Enriching, Calgary Stampede! So we Albertan ares better and ares the economic engine of Canada – even the USA relies on us for energy! So shut up your face.
        Let us give thanks to the following magnificent, child groups which have touched and buried so many children: Demolay, Scouts Canada and the United Church.

        Now british-jewish nobles I have to insist the voice of the following come first in any further conversation, our masonic sponsors:
        -Lammles, git dressed Canadian eh
        -Budweiser, git pissed Canadian eh: the multinational masonic import of Labatts (and the consortium of masonic-jew bootleggers, The Beer Store: Molson, Sleemans, Labatt)
        -O&G, git greased Canadian eh: Enmax, Enbridge, Plains Midstream, Cenovus, ATCO, TC Energy
        -parasitic invasion, git leeched Canadian eh: Bennett-Jones
        -Canadian plains, trains and automobiles eh: West Jest, CN and GMC
        Let us also give a bigger voice and applause to: Worley, Fluor, Nutrien and BMO for also helping advance civilization.

        With the McDonald’s pullout I think we also require a Make Walmarts Eaton’s Again or a Mc-Exit Campaign; let’s put Tim Horton’s and A&W in these Eaton’s also.

      • James Simmons says:

        Illustrious bros and Ho’s! And bless our Hebrew God for Carla Wilson-McLean’s most noble british-jew words and support of TC Energy, which I believe deserves a majority voice. Inspecting and managing this upper-british-israeli snootiness (and yes that’s word check the Harper-Zions Uhlbertan-Anglo Dictionary) I believe we need to make shut off the taps to be the Supreme Law of british-israeli Canada. Those ontario-ites only have political power.

      • Kris Miclash says:

        Illustrious cow-poke, tarbilly brethren, I still love ya but get with the program. I swear you don’t understand queen’s upper-english canadian properly and are preaching the word of our God. You don’t even have a provincial police! I’m a brave and decorated constable of the O.P.P., upgraded from Treaty 3 Police, Nishnawbe Aski Police and Dryden Police. I shoot better than Dirty Hairy you wanna-be Texan Rangers. You’re all talk, you albertan conservative time and money changers. I prefer wBro ON-Cons who give wBro ON-Fiberals jobs.

      • Marcus Brennan says:

        Worshipful ‘Bertan Bros! Kiss my masterful upper British North American-Canada, o’plastic o’paddy arse! As operator and supervisor of Ontario Power Generation nuclear, I can say we have power and seeing that I am not Israeli there is little potential of any meltdown. You’re talking to someone who also did water quality operations for Durham so don’t even talk water either – take the LEAD out alberta! You’re so slow that Quebec would call you en retard. And why does Edmonton stink so bad? Did Joseph Filice turn Edmonton into a waste water bidet like alberta turned fresh water into tailing ponds? Gross, Edmonton and Alberta.

      • Ian Susty says:

        Illustrious brethren! A worshipful upper british-israeli bro here. I thought I would start nice. You can’t even spell planes like you can’t even spell separate! Naturally you have no airplanes because it is advanced unlike laying pipe and moving around the ground with giant Tonka trucks in a tar-sand box!
        Can you spell Bombardier, Boeing, Sonic Aerospace, Aerotek or Field Aviation? No you cannot. I know you can spell commercial and military but can you spell aviation??? Stupids.

      • Dave Lametti says:

        Illustrious brethren and covert jews!
        I know who this trouble maker is! But that is intellectual property of myself, wife Genevieve Saumier and Richard Gold. I am the Great Lametti, appointed after a Non-Canadian and lowly woman quit the Great Liberal party and also had my director (another Non-Canadian and lowly woman) quit also to do legal aid instead of her cushy, spoon-fed, super job with me.
        First off, please refer to my Wikipedia page; this guy thinks he has more intelligence than Wikipedia. I am a Canadian who came to Canada for a better life from Italy and am not what he called me “David Lametti-Lametti….jews like preserving the bloodline so much that jewish inbreeding in France and Italy is needed”. Look, I know my nose is a very common feature in my whole family and even my offspring Gabriella, Dominique and Andre Vito but doesn’t my and my familial ties to masonic-jew Knights of Columbus and Catholic church show that I’m just a nice friendly white-christian Jesuit or something? This loser also, in a communication, brought up the pedo Order of Canada and our great PM Trudeau’s pedo pal Peter Dalglish being nominated to the pedo Order of Canada!
        Anyway, this bad guy made the prediction for the top 5 biggest idiots in the history of Canada: me, David Lametti; our hand puppet baby Magus Justin Trudeau; that short, fat, little virgin zionist waiting for 50 virgins Jason Kenney; our ministerial interloping jew Doug Schweitzer; and that obese thing Kathleen Ganley. He also predicted he would go down as the most hated, so lets focus on that! I’m pissed off being the first ever minister of justice in Canada to be sanctioned! This guy is clearly working with those stinking, Olympic cheating Russians. What are Russians going to do against the Great Canadian-American-Jew Iron Danny Gold Dome or the Royal Canadian Navy? The bigger issue here is that he is working with China also; the problem being alberta decided to violate this guy’s human rights and stripped him of any livelihood while canada decided to play anglo-american-judeo political-economic of rule of law with China and Meng Wanzhou. China now seem to know that our business men are not business men, our frathouses/courthouses are premeditated and arbitrary law not discretionary law, and is cracking down on our worshipful, illustrious Hong Kong and Pinoy brothers. And Alberta, now including pepper spray Madu, continues to stoke the the fire with this guy – albertans really are dumb. Do you see the feds looking foolish over China at all? Who’s ready for war against this guy, China and Russia? Our untouchable arrogance has not got alberta or canada into trouble yet!
        To focus on something more positive can I see smiles and support pouring in for Urban Strategies Inc, the University of Guelph and most importantly McGill University because the poor jew and poor white kids need to start open public campaigns instead of secretive mob-like, frats to combat all that coloured folk getting a post-secondary education.
        Also please advertise for Brookfield so we may support our great worshipful bro Carney, the bank of England, GoldmanSachs, the pedo Order of Canada, economically rebuilding places we destroy like Russia and South Africa.
        I will touch base again before any elections.

      • Jean Francois Legault says:

        Illustrious brothers and pioneers of british-israeli north america! Hello, bonjour! This is so my discussion of illustrious interests. I’ve done it all: nuclear safety Commission, DND, Royal-Masonic-Jew Military College, director for GOC public safety, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Affairs DSO director; and naturally, like any good mason, the Queen of the UGLE 2’s jew-bilee. I am currently O.P.P. auxiliary inspector, Sr. Director of public works and gov’t and most importantly the PCO, the Covid-19 Lessons Learned Committee.
        Like any good patronizing individual of the liberal PMO, I will smile, nod my head, pretend we are all under-developed children and dramatically teach us all some illustrious lessons.
        First off, I think it is fair to say the Stampede did not save the world from Covid-19; so I have taken note and next pandemic we will try golf and amusement pleasure parks instead, maybe even sky palace dinning. Secondly, I don’t think alberta could handle a provincial police – it’s just giving more albertans guns and I personally question their abilities in tying their cowboy shoes. Thirdly, I agree about the comment that we “truthed and reconciled”; aboriginals are also more than welcome to be white immigrant or a recent immigrant and take part in capitalism: using public funds to create poverty level jobs form our worshipful bro’s corporations – so let’s get all peasants back to work! Fourth, if alberta wants to turn off taps then go ahead, just more work for all our bros in the Ontario Power Generation.
        Yes, mhmmm. I guess we have also all learned that even northern Italians are not as mangia caka, white like the Lametti’s, so that’s kind of funny. It’s also funny, I mean acts of war, that those terrorists keep penetrating the iron dome with random rocket fire. What happened to Kovrig and Spavor, two more true Canadians is horrible; what is worse is that this bad guy allegedly offered to trade freemasons for the Michaels and we declined. Now I think he gave China our entire org including Hong Kong? This is bad. We need more govt and need a “Canadians mobilized to trust foreign operatives more than the british-israeli gov’t lessons learned committee” also. Next time, when we target people to go after women’s rights, China, Russia and/or Islam can we at least make sure they are violent, are less intelligent than us, and have not collected years of Intel on us? I have a suspicion he has been several steps ahead of us the whole time and is playing with us; like a cat playing with a rodent before eating it. Does this guy play chess when not hunting us? Is he an actual Russian? Did he already check-mate us? I’m starting to panic! I’m in masonic-jew flight or flight mode…bye!

      • Geoffrey Go says:

        Illustrious worshipful masters! Lady boy numbers in demolay are also dwindling. I think that is because people give recognition to Geoffrey Ho and not Geoffrey Go. I am responsible for security of the center of the universe, the british-israeli homestead, Toronto. CSIS and McDonald’s would lose staff without Pinoy! We also playing bad out in the sea with China knowing the alliance of banking will be there soon! Big shot, illustrious, hong konger bankers and lawyers taking the spotlight in Canada also and we pinoy even make certain people like us more by saying chins bad, by flying our flag everywhere and having pinoy only groups! Make Geoffrey Go Greater than Geoffrey Ho! Go go Geoffrey GO, just say no to Geoffrey Ho, he’s a shriner Ho!

      • Paul Miller says:

        Shut your goddamn mouth Geoffrey Go, you little giiiiiiirl! You can’t do anything you girl. Go fetch me a double double on the double you gay-homo, some sort of Asian, foreign dirtbag. What is this the gay-homo-girl-pinoy parade!? Who else do we have here, for non-anglo-jews trying to man up against me, the apron wearing, phallic worshiping, closet homosexual.
        I am made of steel. It is masonic-british-jew familial tradition: Stelco and politic – rabbinical british Jesus even praised us with the worshipful plastic-mafioso United Steelworkers constituency assistance. That all said, off-white people need to shut up and the worshipful liberals and conservatives have to stop ‘steeling’ the NDP’s illustrious shine! We have the same bros yo, just a difference of public peasant versus private corporate electoral sponsorship. In our oligarchy of collectivism, which distinguishes our social democracy and capitalism from gulag communism, the NDP would like to become more than the traditional strategic-coalition in parliament; I know the system works but we still have our orange striped egos also. For the future let’s Make Parliament Even Better Again and split seats up equally so we will be even more productive, legitimate, efficient and mature in our crafty broken promises? It might even be easier to make future empty promises knowing we are doing an equitable spilt of divisiveness? Get some gay, coloured girl to type up the memo, so I don’t get human rights breaking my balls of kosher-steel.

      • Randy Kilburn says:

        This is so grand and great illustrious brothers! Does someone have a list of all members of our parliamentary plantation system? I lack any organization skills so if some has a simple list of all MPs, even MLAs and city councilors, who are masons and affiliated to, that would be great! I can put out an illustrious word masonic-Shaw-Rogers Corus Entertainment with 630 Ched (the best place for info!) and global news with its long term ties to our Edmonton Oilers.

        All said, I miss our super-zionist rabbi, mossad-ho brother Stephen Harper as much as our brother and my close buddy Murray Koch. Get on down to Koch Lincoln and see one of the illustrious boys or grandboys for a masonic Henry Ford. Don’t we also have a bro doing financing for Ford Canada?

      • Amanda Hutcheson says:

        Oh Randy Kilburn, you old creep, you didn’t mention the Murray Koch and DK Ford also!
        I miss rabbi Stephen Harper also, he is so dreamy and manly. It’s weird, everyone from Koch Ford Group feels the same – is that because we are the most educated and experienced in society?
        Oh, like Jason Kenney said, we would have to keep all cars parked at our car lot if we don’t support Alberta’s clean and ethical oil and gas. I support it because it employs billions of Albertans and Canada would have no money and freedom without it.

      • Ralph Young says:

        It’s Koch Auto Group, you dumb bitch.
        Anyway illustrious brothers, I am a tad pissy. I believe I should be used as an example how to find a freakmason. From a Sam Steele fetish and being a pioneer of alberta all the way to the pedo-Alberta pedo-Order of Excellence and developing enduring landmarks of Churchill Square , I have all the people, places, organizations under my masonic cufflinks, which will keep coming up time and time again.

        Please review my magnificent AOE biography for more understanding of who’s your daddy. There are also less important bros on the site as well.

      • Fred Thom says:

        Illustrious oligarchs of collectivism, or more commonly called adventure capitalism, howdy! Well Ralph Young, I personally think you should golf the dinosaur trail, you old not young. Melcor Developments is great but I still think Flynn helped build alberta and Clark builders is always expanding with many thanks to the great(er) Edmonton region and our favourite masonic-jew suburb St.Albert. Anyway, the All-Canadian Thoms will rule middle alberta one day. Good day, bros and ho’s.
        I heard if you say UCP three times that Sonya Savage will appear. Is this true? I haven’t tried yet, I mean she is good for our interests, but I’m still kind of scared especially with the big screen television on.

      • Jay Lonsdale says:

        Illustrious worshipful, masterful-baters! Now! Is an appropriate time for me to step in. I am always looking for new partnerships and projects leads for the city of Edmonton, you know thaaaaat! Every buddy just reach me at first dot last at edmonton dot ca.
        Did you guys hear the latest greatest news? I got Shriner Lee and jew Schamehorn’s Elite Promotional Marketing to sponsor masonic Fort Edmonton so they can sell their skin an Indian apparel. If you advertise it, they will buy.
        “Capitalism”, literally no regulation when we control the little regulation there is; thus the “invisible hand” – people are far too ignorant and distracted to understand or see. UCP! UCP! I only said it twice. I can help with projects also.

      • Sandra Forsyth (Pagnotta) says:

        Illustrious brethren and soul sisters! Come stati uniti?! Sorry, I’m still trying to learn Italian. It’s this fragile anglo-mind that makes it difficult. So, Lonsdale, Jay Lonsdale, you pretentious arrogant prick, you contact me at the office! Pagnotta Industries is always looking to expand and you know thaaaaaaat! Alex and our VP jew Karl Yackel are counting on you also. If I recall, us raggedy skirt wearing, pipes and bums, worshipful noble Forsyths are pulling more weight than the Lonsdales here? I think real Italians also call my famiglia, massoni e mafiosi? You know, the italo-illiterate, gaba dur calabres’ who drink to much grappa, can’t bake, can’t cook, can’t make limoncello, can’t build or pour concrete, play calcio properly, and madonna mia e nel culo di papa, use real Italians and Calabrese. My famiglia is the type with skills to steal a wrist watch just by passing someone on vespa!
        We have Filice, Pisani, Gagliardi, Santoro, DeLuca, Aiello and plenty more grease combined with Rutherford, Riddell, Goldstein, Orr, Fowler, Markowski and more grease. Okay? Oh can you git me a gabachin’ also?

      • Sharida Csillag says:

        Shalom Illustrious bros and soul sista! I’m not just a Yiddish teacher, hebrew writer, סייענים change instigator, and an all-Canadian living the judeo-corporate dream on the prairies, I’m pure class Stony Plain’s development coordinator looking to build relationships and friendships, even if it is a rabbit farm for the anglo-italians. So keep me in mind because Stony Plain is a nice white community for white people.

      • Peter Csillag says:

        Illustrious bros and Ho’s, your super zio-Petie! I guess we jews are proving that not all zionists are jews but all jews are zionists. As a jew and director of Wellington, I don’t have much of a personality so please just read my self-worship below prior to scheduling your Make Alberta Grow(fatter) Again needs and desires. Plenty of options besides saying UCP three times!

        Wellington Advocacy Welcomes Former UCP Advisors to Growing Alberta Team

        New hires include long-standing senior advisor to Premier Jason Kenney

        October 21, 2020

        Calgary, AB – Today Wellington Advocacy announced the expansion of its Alberta practice with the addition of two former advisors to Premier Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party Caucus.

        Wellington Advocacy welcomes Peter Csillag, Director, Public Affairs, a former senior advisor to Premier Jason Kenney. Peter served as Director of Issues Management to Jason Kenney when he was Leader of the Official Opposition in Alberta. Peter also served as a senior advisor to then Minister Jason Kenney at National Defence, Employment and Social Development, Citizenship and Immigration, and Multiculturalism. Peter brings with him strong relationships in both the public and private sectors across Canada.

        Matt DeJong, Consultant, also joins Wellington’s Alberta team with experience supporting politicians from across Alberta with strategic communications, issues management, and stakeholder relations. Matt most recently worked for the United Conservative Party Caucus at the Alberta Legislature.

        Wellington Advocacy’s Alberta practice is headed by Nick Koolsbergen, former Chief of Staff and Campaign Director for Premier Jason Kenney, and Brad Tennant, former Executive Director of the United Conservative Party and member of Jason Kenney’s leadership election teams.

        “We are ecstatic to be joined by these two talented individuals,” said Brad Tennant, Vice-President, Alberta. “We’re fortunate to work with many of Alberta’s top job creators and employers and the addition of Peter and Matt will help us continue to deliver industry leading results for our clients.”

        With the expansion of the Alberta team, Wellington Advocacy has increased capacity to provide clients with compelling solutions based on relationship building, in-depth research and analysis, strategic communications, digital advocacy and campaign management.

        Companies and organizations looking for help building and executing government relations and communications strategies, digital campaigns, stakeholder coalitions or running political campaigns can contact Wellington Advocacy at:

        About Peter: Peter joins after nearly ten years advising elected officials and candidates at the provincial and federal levels, and advising companies and non-profits in the private sector. He served as a senior advisor to Jason Kenney and the Alberta’s United Conservative caucus and to former BC Premier Christy Clark. In Ottawa, Peter worked for then-Minister Jason Kenney at National Defence, Employment and Social Development, Citizenship and Immigration, and Multiculturalism. Most recently, he worked as a director for a national strategic communications firm.

        About Matt: Matt spent the last year working for the United Conservative Party Caucus at the Alberta Legislature providing strategic advice and support with communications, issues management, and stakeholder relations to United Conservative Party MLAs. Matt brings experience in developing communications materials, coordinating political and community activity, and political campaign management.

      • Troy Grainger says:

        Illustrious noble profits! How yawls doin’? Your ten pillar year, executive director, grand architect of GROWTH Alberta, Troy Grainger here! I just wanna do one-stop internet shop for mah new turf, the great metropolis of the Town of Morinville. Economic development has only been sluggish due to this fake pandemic and real terrorism in the heart of our white-anglo-rabbinic community. We gots our Sobeys, Timmies, NoFrills, RedNex and pizza and donairs always gonna be sellin like dem hot cakes. And gas, we gots good gas sales cuz we normally gots to drive for somethings.
        I’m a tell yawl dat Morinville is the place to invest. It just ain’t fair that St.Albert gots a costco and Lowe’s and North Edmonton even has all kinds of somethings. Investing in Morinville will help Canada’s post-pamdemic recovery!

      • Darrel Babuk says:

        Shalom Illustrious grand masters of ‘Berta-yeehaw! Let’s git er done! Heritage projects and historical restorations that is! It’s your Chi-caga jew-brother and architect of history, Darrel Babuk. Those very bad Russians and those lazy Ukrainians called my jewish people’s “son of an old woman”; we always knew they meant “son of a kurva” (kurva means train station hooker, just like my grandmama). I blame the Russians mainly, let’s Make Ukrainians Greasy Albertans and git ’em!
        Oh, sorry we weren’t supposed to be talking about me but rather me being the principal of Boreas Architecture and Civic Design. I believe we need at least billions in municipal and federal funding to contract our wBros in need and rebuild Morinville’s highest building, that thing there downtown Morinville, Baptist John’s clergy house that had some smoke and fire damage. Even our opus dei zionist Bro Jason Kenney drove fast to Morinville to assess the threat and look for evidence of terrorism like a jet-engine. So let’s rebuild the economy, save Canada, turn Morinville into boom-town and build a United Freedom Tower of Zion! Just a thought. Or does another Jewish Castle in Edmonton need work or a pioneer of Alberta heritage plaque?

      • LynnAnn Babuk says:

        Oh my Yekeri, you always need help with the easiest of stuff! Provincial money, not federal. Mind you, federal money is always possible for arts and culture, especially with any of our organizations like the Rotary to help out.
        Ok, Mr. Darrel Babuk, I will wash your feet later.

      • Greg Wengreniuk says:

        Illustrious anglo-yiddish masters! Did someone say greasy Ukrainians? Tyler Shandro is eating cookies right now so I will talk, also being an All-Canadian and member of society. I can wrestle Putin; I’m an iron man, he’s only Russian who isn’t senior projects of Enbridge and never was principal of Stantec. After Ukraine invades Russia, let’s get Canada to invade the USA. Masonic-jew Ukrainians will rule middle earth one day, or at least according to promises.

      • Peter Sandhu says:

        Hi my illustrious masters of deceit and broken promises! This is an Edmonton forum and I heard chatter about politics and money changing – you all probably thought I would have arrived much sooner! Hey, I only do what I’m told then I and Sikhs get blamed and stigmatized.
        I am not impressed, no I’m not, I and see Ho was even mouthing off to Chagger. We were promised a Khalistan in India and Kalsa-Kanada! All we got was a wasted potential divided India and in racist Canada got Surrey, Abbotsford, Calgary, Brampton and lots of hate in Edmonton. India just recently had its Independence Day; this has put me deep into thought about my age old culture and history, and helped me find my inner peace. I am going to dishonour my Queen of the Grand Lodge Golden Jubilee and freemasonry can kiss my ass. India is my home, Canada is my home; enough money changing, violence and even assassinations – India and Canada need to heal and with unity. Sikhs and Hindus will no longer chase after table scraps. Inner peace for India and Canada! I am requesting all Sikhs involved and the Sikh Federation to denounce freemasonry and the british-israeli caste system which has destabilized Canada, India and the entire globe. I want to remind people its also the Kabbadi Committee not the kabbalah council! I will start blowing whistles on people! I swear I will. No Sikh or Hindu in their right mind should support the craft and its Lib-Con socio-political-economic establishment.
        When I was an MLA I represented the Edmonton-(masonic)Manning riding; it was very difficult with all those demanding-victim hong kongers, so difficult. For our federal, Trudeau finally snapped, election, I see the zio-cons have the Masonic-Druze-Leb, Ziad Aboultaif, running again and advertises in cantonese! How did Lebanon become a mess also? That’s right, freemasonry and Druze. I will not be part of this and the only colours I see on the ballot now are Orange and Green, the same colours of India’s flag!
        Oh ya, as warning here is some whistle blowing: Detective Nancy Ho of the Edmonton Police is a very bad person, watch out Edmonton! She a gangster.

      • Ken Mah says:

        Oh Peter Sandhu that is senior-ity abuse. You no longer illustrious. I am detective Ken Mah of the Edmonton Police and I have other detectives other Mah’s, and detective Pon’s, Lai’s and even constable Ma to eye you closer. Get out and vote conservative, you traitor. China wants to blow up Khalistan, you need Mah society.

      • Shanti Prasad Singh says:

        Namaste child and mother fuckers! With a cushy suburban home and Senior Internal Controls of the the self-regulated ‘bertan bank, the hillbilluminati ATB, I think I have seniority, or at least promised, and you think I am locked into a conservative vote. It’s still a secret ballot and yes women can vote! Empty threats from these pro-democracy hongers. Illustrious ones, pfft, I think I, and even the public, are beginning to see things with clarity – who’s enlightened now?

      • Raza Khan says:

        Illustrious brothers, lesser female others and the other kind of wrong kind of Indians in Canada.
        As the worshipful noble master Dr. Raza Khan, please be warned not only can apples be thrown at Buddhists from the Kashmir Valley to Ladakh but Sikhs and Hindus can be beaten with sticks in India Occupied Kashmir, Pakistan and even Afghanistan if you are not careful. The Sikh chatter here demonstrates all of India’s cross-border terrorism; stick to the fucking program and it will all be kash.
        You plane bombers and failed assassins forgot about the deep anglo-american-judeo and pakistani funded mujahadeen-kashmiri roots, didn’t you? Just stick to the program and the ‘food’ chain. Don’t be a russian or a chinaman.
        Allah o Akbar! Mordabad Shuravi!

      • Adrian Geambasu says:

        Shit, I accidentally posted in the wrong spot.
        Worshipful bros and ho’s! Your hungarian-jewish-masonic Dr.pedo Adrian Geambasu here! I will always vote zio-con! There better advertising for South-West Medical Clinic.

      • Anton Ovtchinnikov says:

        Dr. Khan, you’re not even in alberta, go play in upper Canada. Illustrious bunch of kozel and kurva, it appears I signed up for the wrong society. I don’t even know what to say about alberta; it’s like masonic trailer park, with judeo-oligarchs of bolshevism, asians who didn’t build a railroad, Ukrainian and polish gopniks who don’t just wear Adidas but gowns, police uniforms and suits! I’m even running for masonic-jew city council in Calgary, what did I get myself into. I guess on my platform I should announce that racist-pedo, trading Sam Livingston School be renamed. I can’t do this and I don’t want this crazy cowboy, SVR or worse ROC! (and I don’t mean the Russian Olympic Committee!) coming after me for direct association to all of you. I’m going to catch flack from alberta now; especially my beloved UCP and other alt-right zionist bros. I guess that’s okay, Alberta is obsolete now especially with Russia and China developing lithium mines and not underground supply chains in Afghanistan?

      • Jeromy Farkas says:

        Illustrious brother men, soul sista women and order of rainbow girls, shalom worshipful ones. Worshipful queer brother Nenshi may have called me “dishonest and irresponsible” but I will show you all transparency. Thank you Dr. pedo hungry-jew Adrian Geambasu for support of the Party and ops.
        And who’s this ill-equipped pinko, russo-commie, Anton something-ov? I’m an illustrious Hungarian-jew, I mean true Canadian and Anton is too stupid to pick a masonic school in his ward, like: empire and zionist loyalist, illustrious he-bro, winston churchill’s and rb bennett’s wpedoBro, founder of Calgary Power (TransAlta) William Aitken’s, Lord Beaverbrook School; Morley Mission indigenous kid toucher wBro Andrew Sibbald School; or even pedo Prince of the Royal masonic-zio-pedos, Prince of Wales School. What’s next, after other mayoral candidates lobbying to take the “worshipful” out of a masonic-jew position, will people also lobby to rename the following masonic schools also?: Sir Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth, Peter Lougheed, King George, Buchanan, Col. McLeod, Col. Scott, Col. Irvine, Col. Walker, Capt. Palliser, Ron Southern, Ernest Morrow, Chief Justice Milvain, Bob Edwards, James Fowler, Dr Stanley, Dr Townsend.

        We certainly don’t need no stinking Chinese, Russians, any kind of Indians, a Green-Line, or lithium much less afpookistani – we need masonic-kikery, big trucks, crude-bitumen-asphalt-tar and producing carbon emissions to capture some carbon. You can’t stop progress baby.
        Who’s this pinko-russo commie fooling? I am the Great Illustrious Jeromy Farkas, mossad hand-puppet, studied city council before running for it, aspiring katsa for oil country, all around true Canadian and Albertan! I am going to be the next illustrious jew mayor of Calgary!
        Even the Canadian Tax Payers Association which represents the working class likes me. I have a B.A. in deceit and a doctorate in kikery. I am even an executive of zionist-Israeli shtudies at the UofC. I have poli-sci and dating skills like the Trudeaus: bisexuality and can get votes/dates from creepy/needy/greedy/pervy males and desperate/unwilling/underage women. I am a zio-con think tank, Yahweh, and for wBro Manning Foundation’s “Canada Strong and Free”; the white-anglo supremacist, zionist Western Canadian (resource-based colony) Concept. I was even president of our Wildrose masonic-jew party. I worked with the great jewess Danielle Smith and merged with the great alt-right-zio-pedo UCP. I had the honour integrity to protect the Calgary public from courting with defund the police peoples; I also stepped down from the Calgary masonic-jew Police Commission because I can not stand for the anti-racist thus anti-white and anti-semitic peoples even suggesting the Calgary Police have any kind of systemic problem, including racism. I stand with Illustrious Bro Neufeld. Any social programs needed for people, including for trauma sustained from CPS dealings, should be taken from the arts, all modes of transportation besides a truck and public infrastructure.
        If you Sikhs and Russians don’t like it, you know where the door is, don’t let it hit your immigrant behinds on the way out my Canadian door.

      • Charles Harris says:

        Worshipful, illustrious, noble bros! It’s sure been quiet in here; and while Kenney has gone AWOL with Hinshaw a little tied up at the moment. Well, I guess now is time for me to declare myself as grand poobah of Alberta. I am thee Charles Harris, AHS Emergency manager and covid-section Chief of AF&AM Edmonton. Call me Prince, Duke, Sir, Lord, Baron or illustrious grand master please. As now your interim leader, I say, let’s keep it sustainable. Here is what we need to do.
        1) Focus on the elections, municipal and federal. Get our Michael Cooper, Dane Lloyd and Garnett Genius way, way, way more signage, for sure; that is important zio-oil country. Let’s get also get our candidates who need recognition to platform here and try to keep incumbents of poor reputation in hiding in general.
        2) The is no fire with COVID, so nothing to see here folks. Stick to the game plan it works. If numbers are noticed to keep increasing you just cancel more surgeries and care, stress staffing and then can even import more expensive, privatized nurses for critical staffing surges. We will probably do that also when nurses and doctors had enough and even strike. It totally helps with Albertans access to care.
        3) Keep people ignorant, polarized and political; especially with viral disorganized management from day 1. Don’t tell people imported vaccinations are not immunizations and also mandate vaccinations for employment and entertainment. Greed and pleasure will always keep the detriment aspects of Covid19, social and economic, hot like fire and that’s why with everyone so impulsive we could maybe keep fighting through a fifth wave! You know they will even argue of the small inconvenience of a mask!
        4) in English you say “bless you” when some one sneezes; this was adopted from the plague days. Most other languages, all the stupid ones, have something that translates to “to your health” like typical anti-semitic and anti-white heretics. During this fourth Covid19 season, it is imperative we tell people, and whether they are sneezing or not, “White, anglo, rabbinical God bless you”. I personally add Anglican to my ‘bless you’.

      • Gary Stubbs says:

        Oh my white, anglo zionist God! How’s all my illustrious and worshipful bertan bros doing? It’s you’re wBBBro Gary Stubbs and I’m alarmed! I heard “…sinking ships” from this forum; it carried all above our Mount Zion Rockies to the coast! The Indians are planning something aren’t they? No way and keep their long boats out of the water! They want our water! I was keeping it safe in Fort St.John and now as project coordinator of Neptune Terminals I need to know when those land and water thieves plan on blockading the shipping of potash, coal and canola to those human right’s violators China. Has the RCMP and CSIS tagged, sprayed, chipped or malwared them all yet? Can they be shipped to China? Canada is also a source besides transit (within and outside) and destination, right?
        So, elections or not, I need to know the sinking ships threat level immediately. Elections don’t matter much for Alberta anyways; it’s always only our inter-provincial masonic-jew influence in albertan politic, as per the norm – less focusing on the facade of your elections and help a brother out please with a threat assessment!

      • Anton Lakusta says:

        Oh my orthodox God-chuk! Dobriy Dehn, my illustrious bratiy! I will definitely say some bi-lingual prayers to help out. God, budlaska, remove indiansti off our land ta water ta out of our churches; those chorniy don’t want to be white and still haven’t left. Amen, your father deacon-chuk Anton Lakusta.
        Those indians need to learn some political religion; who are they fooling being spiritually connected to the earth – it belongs to us and our queen of the grand lodge of england! they even violently raided and assailed Our Lady Queen of Polak-Jew House! Good thing polish people are so tolerant of others! As a worshipful puke, (half uke, half polish-jew) we need to show support of our brethren quietly if publicly punishing them at least; especially our polish jew ones speaking the words of zionism. Those indians have weaponized and politicized their lies! Pardon Marcin Mironiuk from anti-white character assassination! He, like all polish (jews) are reputable, All-Canadian, pillars of society! Let’s go Greek and unite our greecey butt fuck kabbalah wBros for the cause – I’m tight with some jew-wellers also 😉
        There is also way too many indigenous, blacks and chinese around my area so will monitor LaPerle and it’s neighbourhood kids a lot better; they will bully white kids eventually! With God and some shumka dancing we shall conquer terrorism: domestic, Arab and Russian!

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