Positive Review for Metalfitinc

If you are looking for a qualified certified (mobile) trainer then do yourself the biggest favor and look into Metalfitinc (They’re on facebook!)
There are so many trainers advertised on Kijijij and Instagram that just care about your money, they are mostly just ex-body builders or former athletes that just decided to become a personal trainer. These people might APPEAR good just by looking at them, but through personal experience I know for a fact they have no idea how to train. I use to have a “Well it works for them so it must work for me” type of attitude and that is the biggest mistake I could ever make, but that is the same type of mindset a lot of trainers in Edmonton have. Sagar of Metalfitinc has seriously changed my life. Not only is he a Nait Personal Fitness Trainer graduate, but he has certifications up the wahzoo (Including CSEP, NASM, and Agatsu kettlebell training.) I have put a lot of trust in this man and in return he has helped me loose over 75 lbs and the rheumatoid arthritis in my knees that has been crippling me since I was 16 is no longer an issue.

He does not care about getting you “The best bod by summer” nor does he try and focus on your appearance. He fully understands that fitness and health is not about looks and feeding peoples egos, but being able to perform better both in the gym and in day to day life. He genuinely cares about how I’m feeling and is able to fix any sort of ailment that has been bothering me, even things I didn’t even realize was an issue. Not once has he told me to hit up any cardio machines or do 50 squats, all of his workouts are fun and motivates you to keep going, they don’t even feel like workouts to be honest, it’s like I’m playing at Recess time at each of our sessions. For the first time In my life I actually feel like a badass thanks to Metalfitinc. He does make you work, but he will never make you do anything you are not comfortable with, plus going from a size 16 pant sized (More like 18 if I actually bought pants that fit) to an 8 isn’t all that bad either.

Note: I added a picture with my face not being shown not because it’s fake (There are a lot of those out there) but because I don’t want my face plastered on FB. Feel free to check them out on Facebook or Instagram where you can see my sweaty-Just finished a workout-face in full glory!



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