Positive Review – RAVE Review for Microblading by Nikki Glass

Hi all!

I realize this is supposed to be all secret like, but I’m so happy I wanted to shout about this person and her services from the rooftops!

I’m Shauna, and my whole adult life I’ve had horrible thin, sparse and light eyebrows. Girls, you know what I’m saying. The doodling your brows on everyday is a serious drag and getting them to look good is such a pain.

Well, I went in for Microblading last week and I am so happy. Not only is it a huge confidence booster, but for the first time in YEARS I can go to the gym, pools, lakes and just out in general without worrying about my stupid eyebrows smudging or washing off!

I just wanted to say publicly thank you to Nikki Glass.


You can find her on facebook as she works for Luxe Lashes, and when I see this posted I’ll tag her and her company name.

The tiny amount of pain and time it takes to get done is NOTHING compared to how good it feels and how natural it looks!

Thank you a million times, ladies, I totally recommend this and Nikki to EVERYONE!!


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  1. Nikki did my brows this AM and she was amazing! HIGHLY recommend her services!!!

  2. Jill Norris Jill Norris says:

    OMG i couldn’t agree with you more – I overplucked back in high school and my brows were never the same since – now I go get them done every 2 years and I’ll never go back – welcome to the club! 🙂

  3. Kori Deby Kori Deby says:

    So is this like tattooing?

  4. Bonnie Horne Bonnie Horne says:

    My eyebrows aren’t even as good as your before picture, lol

  5. Yes, please explain. I am interested in the procedure and price. It looks fantastic.

  6. Yes what is this exactly. My eyebrows are so blonde and also over plucked when I was younger. So tired of drawing them on!

  7. Amber Morin Amber Morin says:

    So what exactly does she do? Tattoo? Draw? Sorry I love the work done, just curious how it’s done

  8. Jill Norris Jill Norris says: – here is the website for the lady that does mine – Nancy is absolutely amazing! i’ve never had a tattoo but i feel like the process would be similar – she uses a tiny needly to inject vegetable dye where you are missing hair….there’s probably more to it but hopefully the website helps!

  9. Nikki Glass Luxe Lashes

    Sorry all, didn’t see this go up!
    It was me who posted!!

  10. and eew, Jody Mitoma my phone must have autocorrected “glass” to “Glads” or something in the title, can you fix it??

  11. Jackie says:

    Which one of those pictures is the one that is supposed to look good?

  12. Nikki Glass . Awesome job!

  13. Nikki Glass Nikki Glass says:

    Hey ladies you can txt or call 780 932 4029 if you have any questions or are interested in booking 🙂

  14. Nadia Frank Nadia Frank says:

    How much does this cost ?

  15. Nikko Adams Nikko Adams says:

    If you want really well done eyebrows you should contact Amanda. She works at Dragon Fx in West Edmonton Mall. Her portfolio can be seen here She has healed photos which really show the difference between these new unexperienced techs and a true trained artist.

  16. Luxe Lashes Luxe Lashes says:

    call or text 780 932 4029 if you have any questions 🙂


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