Post Breakup

I am coming out of a relationship of that… in all honesty I knew was bad. The things I’ve seen. Dealt I know are things no one should ever have to deal with. I’ve wanted and hoped that things would get better. I don’t even think the reasons we fought are my fault. I don’t think I was being a terrible person. But I got treated bad.

Not much the point. I stuck through. That’s my problem.

What do I do now.

We have kids together. I walk around my house and stop for a moment and realize he’s not coming back. Why aren’t I happy? After what I’ve been through. I’ve lost the majority of my contacts/relationships vowing everything to him.

I have no social life.


I feel like i just keep wondering, am I gunna feel better?

Is this the right choice? What now? What if I could have fixed it? So many questions. #heartbreak



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  1. It takes time to heal. Focus on you. It’ll come together. I like the idea of having a year of saying yes. If you are invited to dinner, a party, a date, a shopping trip, just say yes! Your world will open up gradually, as you heal. Merry Christmas!

  2. Brandy Wells Brandy Wells says:

    Focus on your children they are the only ones worthy of your love

  3. Julie Starr Julie Starr says:

    #LikeABoss move on this is so ironic, I faced the same shit but different outcome.

  4. You’ll feel better. You may not see it now and it may take a while, but you’ll become independent and you’ll soldier on and then one day you’ll look back and won’t believe how far you came!

  5. Lucy Funfun Lucy Funfun says:

    It’s normal to grieve the relationship. You will get through this. Just keep yourself busy (mind and physical). Plan your new life. Take care of your self too.

  6. Trish Down Trish Down says:

    Time…give it time…a year from now you will look back and recognize your growth and smile!
    This too shall pass

  7. Angela Budd Angela Budd says:

    Start small. Smile to everyone you meet and go for a walk everyday. Things will change and you will feel different. Your basically mourning the loss of companionship stage. Good or bad it was your life. Now start creating a new life and a new you. Baby steps. Challenge yourself to something new each week. You’ve got This!!

  8. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    try and reconnect with your old friends .. one step at a time .. things will come around for you…. Merry CHRISTmas to you

  9. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    One of the toughest things most ppl have to face is the loss of a loved one . my condolences.

  10. You absolutely made the right choice. Try getting back in contact work your old friends. They probably know what was going on without you having to tell them.
    Get in touch with a counselor, they can really help you a lot in building up your esteem that you have lost.

  11. Rhon Magyar Rhon Magyar says:

    you feel like you do because youve become conditioned to it. its like ppl who live in a war zone and become conditioned to violence and start thinking its normal. you will snap out of this. if youre at the point of asking those questions youre already on the right path. sit down. make a list of allthe good things in that relationship – i bet you wont even get 10 points, but youll get 10 pages on the bad. consider yourself released. so now what? a job if you dont have one. any job for now until the good one comes along. now you get to live YOUR life instead of pandering to his. youve allowed him to teach you to hate yourself so now you get to learn to love yourself and be happy youre not living under abuse anymore – freedom. to live how you want. to not have to explain yourself. it seems scary at first, but let me tell you – when you embrace it – you wont want it any other way, and then youll be questioning yourself “WHAT WAS i thinking to get involved with that nut?!!!”. be at peace and go take those kids tobogganing with hot choc and cookies to celebrate) youre the master of your ship now – happy sailing!


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