Pregnant Women

Recently there was a post on another Facebook site that turned into a debate about veterans having a parking spot. This comment is not about that parking spot. My husband is a veteran. I financially support our veterans, I believe they deserve many more supports than our government currently provides.

I was appalled however to see individuals, some women disparage pregnant women about not needing parking spots. My first thought was; have you ever been pregnant? But then thought…that’s not right, or fair. I’d be just as insensitive as that particular poster’s argument was.

1. Yes! I chose to get pregnant. What I didn’t choose are all of the health concerns that came with my pregnancy.
2. Every woman experiences pregnancy differently. Some can work until the day before their baby is born. Some are placed on bedrest because they have pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, difficult uterus, low blood pressure, placental disruptions etc. I personally experienced severe shortness of breath, because my organs were so uncomfortably compressed. Walking up stairs or through a grocery store took me ages, and required numerous stops.
3. I unfortunately did not have the luxury of a husband at home because he was away serving our country. I still had to care for two other children which also meant dragging them into the grocery store with me on swollen feet, rife with back pain because my body’s equilibrium has shifted to accomodate the human I was growing. Please ffs let me park closer to the door, open the door for me and son’t treat me like an ass as your healthy, unencumbered body moves freely throughout your day! Yes pregnant women need a bloody parking spot! In the early stages of my pregnancy, I parked in an empty space, because I could walk freely. Because that’s what mothers do. We can be thoughtful, and sacrifice and understand that someone else may have difficulties we don’t have OR cannot see. As my pregnancy progressed I had to admit the few extra steps that closer spot provided was godsend. I just don’t understand why people behave as though having a little compassion for others is not a necessity. It absolutely should be the backbone of our society.

My point again…everyone experiences pregnancy differently. I’ve even met pregnant women who acted as though their pregnancy and continued ability to work, “not waddle” or need medication for vomiting is a badge of honour and looked down on those that needed it. Where is your support for each other? Queens help each other adjust their crowns. Our society needs to realize not everything is about them! Help the elderly, help the physically challenged, help those with mental health issues, help a child, help the homeless, help a pregnant lady!!!!!!



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