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Wtf is up with the spaghetti squash this year?!! The first 2 I bought one was moldy inside the day after, from sobeys. The second one was a pickup order from Save on foods Calgary Trail and they were so, so tiny (like I’ve never seen spaghetti squash that small and could only assume the grocery picker had never seen or used one before or they wouldn’t have picked it), and when I tried to make them they were not even close to being ripe enough to eat.

Bought today from planet organic and it was slightly better but still didn’t yield much and it was bitter. WTF. Major sad face! I’ve made it many times before with no issues.

I am trying to satisfy a pregnancy craving but I am not able to have pasta or rice so I desperately want this to work but it just isn’t. Is it just me? 😭😭



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  1. Wrong time of season for squash. It’s much better later in the fall

  2. Alison Kuz Alison Kuz says:

    I would try H & W…if you still can’t find any maybe try sweet potato for your craving?? I M going to assume that the squash coming in in the next few weeks will be better….

  3. Cindy Mason Cindy Mason says:

    Try H&W price and quality far better than the grocery stores

  4. This year has been horrible for crops! I dont know where the grocery stores get their squash but that might be why 🙁 I know many farmers are suffering bad. Good luck on your craving hunt !

  5. Cindy Dato Cindy Dato says:

    I only buy mine from the St Albert Farmers market. The spaghetti squash are so fresh and are a nice size. Haven’t had a rotten one yet. I won’t buy spaghetti squash from a grocery store.

  6. Have you noticed what’s happening with the weather? It’s cold. It’s wet. This affects our food supply. It’s not the growers fault. They are doing the best with what mother nature is giving them.

  7. Amy Michelle Amy Michelle says:

    The weather it’s been a terrible growing year.

  8. The growing season this year has been really awful.

    Try using spiralized zucchini or spiralized butter nut squash in place of pasta.

    You can buy riced cauliflower (or make your own with a ricer)

    Konjac pasta is ok too. The texture is a little different, but it might be worth trying.

    Former Gestational Diabetic Carb Lover

  9. You can make pseudo pasta out of zucchini if that helps.

  10. I planted them and they have not amounted to anything yet !

  11. I am also a fan of spaghetti squash. I’ve been buying very good organic ones from Safeway! Happy hunting.;)

  12. Have you check out H and W
    Also some grocery stores carry frozen. No frills and Superstore I know for sure.
    They fancier sobeys usually have cut up butternut too.

  13. …. have you looked at our weather? Gardens are not producing… and its honestly still early.. my squash usually arent ready until sept/oct where they are really ripe and sweet. But i got blooms this year and no squash. Too much rain and no sun

  14. It is due to the weather. Too much rain, not enough sunshine.

  15. Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

    I noticed that too. My love for fruit weren’t satisfied this year.

  16. It rained for 21 days in July.

  17. In case you didn’t notice, the weather has been total crap all summer causing havoc on gardens. Get out from under the rock and open your eyes!

  18. Check out a farmers market instead?

  19. With all the rain most gardens are lacking in substaincial produce. My gf lost everything but kale this yr. Try a farmer’s market as opposed to a grocery store for better produce.

  20. Karen Olson Karen Olson says:

    The rain has played havoc with a lot of gardens. Those squash may have been from last year as this years crop (mine anyways) are not ready.

  21. I can’t comment on squash but I can say that most of the produce I’ve purchased this year, including fruit has been less than appealing.

  22. anon says:

    in case you have not noticed,,,shitty growing season, everywhere,,Canada,,USA, Mexico,,rain, heat,lack of heat, not good

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