Proud being in 🇨🇦 Canada 🇨🇦

PS: it is not a prejudice against certain race or community.
I am landed immigrant brown girl working in a health care setting and deal with people from all ethnicities and races. I have observed over course of 5-6 years that brown/black people are more racist than white people. A white kid asked his father why I am darker and father told him nicely that just like rainbow skin comes in various colors and its a bad thing to say it out loud. I guess that was easiest way to explain it to 4 yr old. And similarly when a black/brown kid does same, their moms usually tell them to shut up. Kid doesnt even know the reason logic and no idea what and why. I have felt that white families/Natives are more receptive of other cultures and are kinder.
Other day I was getting out of my car and a browm family lives across me. I heard kid yelling at me, “fatty”, when I turned back I heard her mother telling her to ‘shut up’. I am not sure if kid get any pep talk or was explained reason to ‘shut up’.
As I said, I am a brown immigrant girl who came to this beautiful and accepting country to have better life than I had back home, I love my Canada because it gave me home and accepted me based on my credentials despite how I look. Now its my responsibility to make sure that kids I will be raising or my own social behaviour will be what I respect in this country, not what I have heard/seen back there.
To all the first/second generation immigrants, Please raise your kids good to be accepting of all colors and ethnicities, and teach then core values of this Country. And if you think you cant do that, then sit back and think why you came here in the first place. May be it will motivate you to do a better job.



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