PSA. J**** C******* should never be a babysitter

I feel obligated to share a horrible experience in order to help future families! Back in may 2018 a babysitter contacted us in regards to an ad about childcare that we needed for our 2 kids, my older child went to high school and i woke her daily and let her get ready and head to school.

So, he calls me and offers to babysit in my home, i needed Monday to Thursday 6am to 4pm at the most but usually my sister or dad would come relieve them earlier. Anyways, with much hesitation we told him to come and meet us to talk. Je goes on about having 6 years experience, child intervention check, clear criminal record and references. When asked why he chooses the childcare industry his response took me back a bit, he said he was a salesperson and an uber driver and this is better than those. Ok, then we go into pay, we said we paid the last childcare $1200 and the previous was $1400, based on his experience and responibitlies he offered to take $6/hr and be at my home by 6am Monday to Thursday.

I did a reference check and one of the ladies i had called said he wasn’t great at keeping the house clean but that’s ok because he was hired to watch kids not clean. A weird thing about that call was she was quite shocked J***** went forward with finding another family as she had hired him until end of May, obv she said it’s more money if he found more hours with us but was still upset he broke his contract with her. So stupid as i felt about this J*****, kid, i had texted him we would give him a shot and i honestly thought i was pre-judging him because he was a guy.

When J***** showed up he was on time, we had written out a 2 week contract where he would be required to watch our kids at the worst case Monday to Thursday 6-4pm and $1200 a month.

Over the weeks we realised that he is reliable (as in showing up on time ), he gets agitated about pay and must be paid in advance as he said hes taking 2 other couples to court at the moment for non-payment. He does not know how to cook or properly feed kids, my boys ate crackers for breakfast. He isn’t the greatest communicator and when i aaked quesyilmsi would get one word answers and the phone was always right beside him, always got quick replys but it was never detailed, he never asked questions or told me about the boys, words like fine, good, ok ia what i got, unless the boys got hurt, he would text me one got hurt, or so and so won’t stop crying. Some days my daughter would text me saying he won’t even grab my 18 month old son to try to console him and my daughter felt obligated to stick around because this guy is a joke, she was late at least once a week due to his lack of experience.

Anyways, he started to help himself to food, all of a sudden whole pizza and lasagna were being eaten or taken home, our younger boys did not eat these types of food so there was a problem, he was taking advantage of our kindness. Then the house started to be thrashed, one of the responibitlies was to clearly stop the kids from trashing the house and help them tidy their messes. We had several talks to J***** about these issues and none of them got resolved. Finally were sick of this guy, my sister steps up and takes my boys. We tell J***** we ni longer need him and about all the thinga he can improve on.

Weeks later i get a call from employment standards! He wants us to pay him vacation pay, im blown away and tell them I’m not paying this kid a penny, then it goes into an investigation, now hes taking us up for $1700!!! Ok, we paid this kid by the day generously (slack job, easy money, low responsibly, low expectations, done early) and unfortunately we didn’t keep track of his hours. However, the childcare industry is one where you can discuss wage and lower because we told him he could take on more children to make more money while watching our boys, well he told us he can’t find anyone else (wonder why!!). Back in May/June minimun wage was 13.60, we fought proving he didn’t do his job, didn’t work full hours, took lots of breaks (at least 2 hours a day when my daughter was home). It all came into play but this loser still gets some money from us and he doesn’t deserve a penny, morning but problems, he prays on families then does bare minimum, he abuses the system and like a snake will try to get you anyway he can and he wins because he knows what he is doing, we are the thurs family he victimized. Please do not hire J**** C******* and save yourself a headache, if you need proof comment and ill contact you. Thanks for reading and sorry for the long message!!

I do understands i messed up on many occasions, I should have done much more than just a contract, i should have kept track of hours and early departures and his downfalls. I just want you to be warned.

(Shoutout Admin’s Addition: I’m sorry, but this person’s name had to be removed from your very long post. It would have normally just been deleted, but it looks like you put a lot of work into this. Please feel free to go on about the story in the comments, but we cannot allow you to put someone else on blast entirely anonymously.)


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  1. Kayla Martineau There is no proof he took the lasagna.

  2. It seems like the OP has some issues of her own. Paying someone $6 per hour to look after your children is pathetic. You get what you pay for is an expression which definitely works in this case. It seems the OP got what they deserved. I would like to hear from the sitter in this case. Definitely two sides to every story and I am sure the OP is leaving out a few details.

  3. Lisa Wood there’s a difference between making yourself a sandwich and taking home an entire lasagna….

  4. Everyone focuses on the $6/hr, but yet no one mentioned anything about taxes. He was making the same monthly amount at this one as previous babysitting gigs. Plus last I checked working for Uber and being a salesperson aren’t considered previous experience for doing childcare.

  5. This is a good lesson to those who take people off the street, pretty much.You had your concerns and you still decided to give it a good. ^4 an hour is way too low. I pay 15$ to my babysitter to watch 2 kids and i only get the babysitter by recommendation from at least 3-4 people. This person is a joke if he is not fulfilling his duties that are supposed to be in his contract.Terminate the contract and have him gone before something bad happens

  6. Jesus Christ failed at child minding ? Maybe pay him more ! He is after all up there in the ranks

  7. You pay for what you get. $6 an hour doesnt get you much

  8. Babysitters typically make at minumum $10/hr. You paid him $60/day for two kids for 10 hours a day??? Ugh… that’s horrible. You got a deal as daycare would be at least $2000/mo.

  9. Becky Betts Becky Betts says:

    OP… the reason he can “take you” for that amount is that it is the law. You have every right to terminate the employment of someone during the first three months for whatever reason, and it sounds like you had cause to terminate anyway, but it is up to you to terminate. You can’t just not pay the guy because you decided you should have let him go sooner. Please review the labour standards before hiring anyone else so that you avoid this sort of thing in the future.

  10. Based on the address I posted, babysitters fall outside of the employer standards so I’m not sure why he even has a case.

  11. $6 an hour and you expected this kid to watch your kids 10 hours a day, so 40 hours a week?

    For $6/hour.

    And you’re surprised this happened?

  12. Sounds like a mess but a good example of why people need to be familiar with employment standards before becoming an employer.

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