If you are not confident with winter driving, stay the hell off the roads. You are more of a danger to everyone else!
There is also a difference between confident and cocky. Don’t be a cocky driver either, you are also dangerous!



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  1. Susanne Bard Susanne Bard says:

    Every single day this week I have slid, lost control or had people cutting in front of me, AWD doesn’t stop idiots from getting in the space you should have for stopping at certain speeds, so what if I am cautious and following the rules of the road, if I am slow it’s because I need to be. This post is just an example of road rage on friggin Facebook!

  2. Well, I’m an anxious drive in general (not a bad driver)! I guess getting rear ended TWICE by a semi truck would do that. I’m actually more cautious and aware, doesn’t mean I’m a bad driver. In conditions like this we are supposed to alter driving speed etc. The amount of accidents I’ve almost been in on these last couple weeks because of stupidity and cockiness is ridiculous and that’s scary!

  3. Here’s a PSA. If you have a lifted truck and a Death Wish, stay off the roads. We don’t need you and your upped testosterone but lack of dick, pushing people on a highway with a MAX of 100 to go more than they can do at the detriment of themselves, so you can be be manly. Get the fuck off the road if you cannot leave earlier. I get it, big boy…you need to exercise your manliness, but can you do that in a reasonable area at a reasonable time or do you just have to push people off the fucking road to do it. I will never speed to crazy conditions with my family inside. Take your testosterone and maybe take it down a notch. it’s fucking icy out there. Fuck You

  4. So the ice and snow mean f’all to you!?

  5. Jenna Unrau Jenna Unrau says:

    The roads are pure ice. It’s like the friggen ice capades out there.

  6. Ty Helm says:

    Stud your tires if you aren’t confidant in your driving. First 5 years I drove with studded tires in the winter to prevent sliding accident… not saying there wasnt any sliding, a bit, but minimal.
    I tried to drive my moms car with all season tires- hit a snow bank.
    Truck with 4×4? Some basic info on when to use 4x4low and high, and consider sand bags.
    Current car with winter tires… after you stop slowly accelerate so you dont get stuck on an ice patch and give yourself plenty of time to stop…

  7. I totally agree with this. When conditions are bad and your not comfortable for whatever your reasons are, then stay off the main roads or don’t drive until conditions are better. I agree with a couple people here. Practice in an empty parking lot. I’m not saying drive like an asshat either. Like poster said regarding both sides of the fence. Drive reasonable for the conditions but don’t be stupid or dramatic about it either.

  8. Lucy Funfun Lucy Funfun says:

    Disagree! It’s safer for people to drive to their abilities. People need to learn how to share the road. I find people who think this way often believe they are better drivers than they actually are.

  9. Amber Bustin Amber Bustin says:

    I am a brand new driver. Just started driving in December. Sorry but I will be as cautious as I want until I’m fully comfortable. I would never put anyone in danger and drive to slow but when it’s icy out I’m not going to risk my life nor anyone else’s.

  10. People shouldn’t have to stay home because the city cheaper out on sand. I personally think the people who crashed due to ice should start a class action lawsuit against the city. It looks like a car part grave site everywhere you go

  11. I was born in B.C. winter driving is in our genes.

  12. Alexii John Alexii John says:

    I’m a confident driver but I got really careful after nearly connecting with another car going down hill and hitting ice

    Was nerve wracking

  13. When I was a new driver my partner at the time took me to an empty parking lot and we swerved and slid around that lot until I was comfortable driving in winter conditions, in my opinion everyone should have to do this to get the confidence and the skill needed to drive in these conditions. It saved my life a few years later when I went into a skid on a highway and was able to pull us out of the skid and keep us on the road and going straight down the highway.

  14. I agree with the poster. If you can’t go near the speed limit get the hell off the roads! Especially if you feel the need to cut in front of anyone going the speed limit or faster. Maybe stick to bicycles or ox carts 🙂
    You know what I did when I learnt to drive standard? Took it to a parking lot until I was comfortable to take it on the road. Similar rules apply…
    Stay safe everyone.

  15. This is why I hate driving in and around this city as someone with a learners who is trying to… wait for it… learn! We spend 9 months of the year on winter roads am I just supposed to pretend that I don’t need to learn how to drive safety on those roads? I find more often than not I’m going a safe speed on an icy road and it’s assholes who have been driving a long time honking their horn and speeding past me going over what the speed limit is for a summer day.

  16. Especially the ones who have no idea how to use a traffic circle in the winter …. danger to everyone

  17. This city is full of impatient assholes like the OP.

  18. Kel E Ameroh Kel E Ameroh says:

    Please do not drive on the Yellowhead if you can only handle doing 45km/h in winter conditions. That is all.

  19. I wasn’t a confident winter driver, but guess how I got to be better? By winter driving. You don’t have to start off confident, but you should always be cautious. Even if you’ve been driving for 60 years.

  20. We have to learn to drive in winter conditions. I hear what your saying but it’s not how it gets fixed.

  21. After being in my accident yesterday, despite being a good driver who respects the fact that in a heart beat I could be squished by a little tap on the bumper or due to black ice. I know for the next little bit after getting behind the wheel I’m going to be shaking like a freaking leaf and have issues convincing myself it’s ok to go a decent speed let alone the speed limit. You don’t know what that driver is going through or what hell is in their heads. Maybe like me, it’s their first time getting behind the wheel after not only walking away but driving away from an accident that should have killed them.

    Knock off the damn judgment

  22. Why don’t you just chill tf out and stop being in such a rush, Things happen, people need to get places. You’re not the only one on the road cock face.

  23. How about this. Learn to drive defensively and look out for the people not confident so they can gain confidence. Share the road.

  24. Kellie Ayer Kellie Ayer says:

    I watched a women yesterday sit at a light in the left turn lane until the light turn yellow. She had enough time to turn many times but she just sat there. I don’t drive but that would drive me nuts especially if I was the sitting behind her laying on his horn

  25. Lol. I’ll drive how ever I want thanks. You can just mind your business

  26. Omg yes! These drivers bug the shit out of me

  27. Thanks tips!!!! What would I have done without you.

  28. Noh Huan Noh Huan says:

    I for one have been going slow enough to allow for two car spaces in front of me.
    This has been useful when people don’t want to wait in line in the lane they’re currently in and many more situations. I’m gonna do this until the roads are better at least.

    But I truly don’t appreciate the people riding my tail the whole way.

    • Noh Huan same! Even with that space on Saturday it was so slippery I was getting close enough to rear-ending the car in front of me that I had to formulate a plan b. But then the light turned green and the car moved out of my way. AND THIS IS WITH NEW SNOW TIRES.

    • Noh Huan Noh Huan says:

      Tuesday was nutso icy too! Went 20-30 km the whole way. When I would go above 35 km/hr I would get the slipping icon on my dash. Message read time to take er extra easy.

    • Noh Huan Noh Huan says:

      Tuesday was nutso icy too! Went 20-30 km the whole way. When I would go above 35 km/hr I would get the slipping icon on my dash. Message read time to take er extra easy.

    • Noh Huan this is generally the rules to winter driving. Specially the past few days it’s literally a skating rink out there. I’ve watched sooo many people sliding around and damn near causing accidents all because they couldn’t slow down a bit.

    • Noh Huan Noh Huan says:

      Right. Even as I was typing it I was like ‘basic things I’ve learned in my two years of driving’. I feel like being late to the party generally results in better habits. Very very generally tho.

  29. You had to learn once too. How quickly we forget.

    • Manda Koulouris I agree with the poster and I dont forget my first years on the road. I planned my routes so I wouldn’t have to turn left in major intersections, stayed in the lane I needs to be in, things like that.

      I never once figured the rest of the vehicles should assume and therefore react as if I am a new driver

    • Charlene Piche how does that teach someone to become a better driver? Just turn right all the time? This is my sons first winter driving he did drivers trainer but the only way hes going to learn how to drive in winter is to actually drive in winter. I’m glad that worked for you but that is not realistic at all.

    • Don’t worry, Charlene should be an AMA instructor by now, with her expertise

  30. Susan Taylor Susan Taylor says:

    So new drivers or non confident drivers are just supposed to not drive! What a dumb post!

    • Susan Taylor they absolutely shouldn’t be on main thoroughfares such as whitemud or henday. When I was a new driver I planned my routes to ensure I was not out of my comfort zone…..sometimes it took a little longer bit that’s the way it went.

    • Susan Taylor Susan Taylor says:

      Charlene Piche That does not always work and if they need to go to work then they will have to drive them.

    • Charlene Piche are you proposing they drive on the roads that are filled with snow and ice..? The highways are some of the safest and most kept roads ways.. the city roads have black ice at every intersection, and at best are cleared 24 hours after snowfall, residential roads being even worse. Eveb travelling at 20 kms an hour you could end up running over someones kid just playing in the front yard. The notion that they should stay off the highways is absurd. People just need to calm down keep a safe distance and let people drive

    • Um no Charlene. It’s called driving. Everyone has to do it it in the city. You propose that if people aren’t fast enough or don’t know how, don’t do it. very good tool there….clap clap…

    • I guarantee you, Charlene, that new drivers could learn and be good drivers in the city than the asshats on the henday

  31. Stacey Lynn Stacey Lynn says:

    How is someone suppose to get comfortable with winter driving if they don’t push themselves to do it ? How do you know the person in front of you, that’s annoying you so badly because they are going slow, didn’t just slide threw an intersection and almost got hit? How do you know that that person isn’t a new driver and is cautious because it’s still new to them ?
    How do you know that person isn’t on their way to work because if they don’t go, they will get fired and unable to feed their kids if that were to happen ?
    How do you know that that person who is going slower and is shaking, is doing it because they have a brand new baby in the backseat and they are just going home from the hospital ?
    How do you know that a family member just died and they are just trying to hold it all together while they go to hug their family who is also grieving ?
    How do you know there’s not a reason, besides being scared of winter driving ?
    How do you know ??
    How do you know if they don’t have family who can drive them ? How do you know that they have to drive themselves because a cab ride is ridiculously expensive ?
    I am not a confident winter driver, so I do stick close to home because I do not want to drive on the ice… but I am speaking for those people who do not have a choice.
    Just breath and try to have patience because you never know what’s going on with other people

    • Should be able to turn comments off now, well said.

    • Lynsey Lyn Lynsey Lyn says:

      Stacey Lynn well said.

    • Stacey Lynn thank you so well said! I’ve tried not to drive this winter as I was hit head on by someone under the influence. So be kind to those that try and push themselves.

    • I was tboned by such a driver, who’s spouse had just died. Not my problem…until I had to spend years recovering. Stacy Lynn…get a life!

    • I’m much more concerned with the idiots that don’t drive to the conditions than the people that are a little over cautious. Be patient and there won’t be a problem.

    • Stacey Lynn ummmm none of these reasons are valid for driving too slow. Again if you’re scared you are more of a danger. Baby in the car or not. Seriously don’t make your issues everyone else’s. I just smdh if you just slid through the intersection maybe go park and cool off grrrrrrrr

    • Noh Huan Noh Huan says:

      Well then you can pass them. I see so many people spin out and there are so many accidents when it’s like this. I got hit Dec 5 when someone merged into me bc I’m guessing they didn’t check their blind spot. This Monday someone rear ended me while I was waiting at a red light.
      Just take er easy. It’s a maximum and accidents are preventable. I mean you’re not gonna go anywhere if you get hit or hit something.
      Driving impatiently is more dangerous than doing 40.

      I was on the henday Saturday and the wind was kicking up so much snow it was hard to see even the lights. I was doing 60 or 70 in a 100 bc I legit did not feel safe doing more.

      I also got my license in winter and I feel there s a lot of value in New drivers getting acquainted with these conditions.

      Also life happens you guys. If you’re raging on the road all the time andncursing the people you share it with you clearly suffer from the same instability you’re telling people to stay off the roads w.

    • Noh Huan so you drove 40 down henday ?? Seriously!! And I do pass them. But sometimes you can’t and you’re stuck there! Hell no man that’s ridiculous …. maybe 5 km off the speed limit but not friggin 20 …N O not acceptable. That’s bullshit

    • And I’m not even talkin a highway…. main roads …. no reason for it. I can stop and go why can’t you?? Hmmmm

    • I don’t care how many times y’all honk at me, my rear wheel drive is not about to go sideways so you can go the speed limit on an ice rink. <3 I'm staying below the speed limit if the roads aren't clear. If you have a problem with it, take a road safety course or anger management. I am accident free because I am cautious. Even driving below the speed limit I have slid into oncoming traffic, almost got in an accident, but have the experience to drift safely. Does that mean I want to be Tokyo drift driving 24/7 because you have somewhere to be? Nope.

    • Noh Huan Noh Huan says:

      Natalie A Chesser no i drove 60-70 down the henday in some parts. in the right lane.
      the reason was that i couldn’t see through the snow cloud in front of me, there was little traction, and i could barely see the traffic lights themselves. remember? don’t do the birdbox challenge while driving.

    • Noh Huan Noh Huan says:

      also if you have places to be you should take care to plan your trip, including the time you leave. it’s not everyone else’s fault it’s not ideal conditions.

    • Noh Huan Noh Huan says:

      Crystal Vincent right i never really got it when people said it was like skating, not driving. now i totally do.

    • Noh Huan Noh Huan says:

      there’s nothing wrong with my tires i would just prefer to preserve the money invested in my vehicle and my life. if i can’t see and i’m getting the notice my car is adjusting itself from slipping i will pay that shit respect.
      i am a confident driver too just not an immortal one.

    • Noh Huan Noh Huan says:

      i mean if you’re not late and you’re not having near misses i really don’t see what there is to complain about. just be glad you don’t have to bus i guess.

    • Or you could just drive your damn vehicle

    • If you can drive 70 there’s no reason you can’t go 60

    • I drive 70 when posted…..

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