Pull your head from the sand Alberta

I feel this will fall on deaf ears but if one person is intelligent enough to read this with an open mind it will be worth it.

Alberta’s unemployment is lower now than it has been in years. That’s a good thing. But so many of you are so full with hate for Trudeau you cannot even see anything good.
And you all are sharing hateful memes often loaded with false information but because they fit your agenda you don’t fact check.
You act like oil is all Alberta has. We have lots more and maybe you should support that too.
You call minimum wage workers “entitled” but are okay with people doing less work for more money ( those who sit on EI instead of taking low paying jobs)
You hate on refugees and immigrants but most of you have relatives who were immigrants

Maybe you’re just so full of hate you can’t say anything nice to anyone


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181 Responses

  1. Darryl Braun Darryl Braun says:

    Its that simple for people who are likewise simple. We have every right to protest when we are victims of a deliberate action intended to prevent us from reaching our full potential. If you are falsely imprisoned do you simply say “well hell, we get 2 yard periods every day AND 3 meals, so let’s say something nice about our captors”? Its not about what we have MANAGED to hang on to in spite of government ineptitude, it’s about what is being denied us as a result of government intervention and near sighted activism. Just because you have a roof over your head doesn’t mean you should be happy about living in a shed when you could be building a house! IDIOT!

  2. Peter Harris Peter Harris says:

    Yes check it June when we know how many people lost their jobs

  3. I definitely hate on knobs who try to sum up how Albertans feel about the political and economic systems. It’s obvious that “anonymous” was breastfed by his/her father.

  4. I do not have an issue with legal immigration it is the illegal immigrants who are impeding the people who are legitmently following the rules and are told we are at least 10 yrs back logged if no one else enters the system illegally.
    As for the employment rate if you consider losing full time and good paying jobs by the 10s of 1000s and being replaced by part time work with no benefits a good thing you are delusional.

    Oh and these people you call free loaders on EI are making less then 900 every 2 weeks so 1800 a month ish.
    Try to make ends meet on that when you have kids, it is skinny out there on the job market and finding one is not as easy as it once was.

    If you are working, please consider yourself one of the lucky ones, maybe consider donating to the food bank to help feed those who are debating which is a higher priority, lights and heat or something to eat.

    My 2 cents.

  5. Better check your facts again bucko.

  6. Coward put your name on your shoutout! And get your head out of your ass ! You don’t know what the hell you are talking about ! Maybe Jt shouldn’t of legalized pot … Can you say hallucinations…. if you think you are so right put your name on this …. but you can’t because you are so full of Trudeau’s shit !!!

  7. Hahah, well guess what , we work a lot hours to get ei because we go thru a ressesion every once a while and of course we gotta stand up for our own province to protect what we worked for instead of bringing immigrates in and living off over 80% of our ei funding than we get from the government so don’t start that shit , I guess we all Albertan are proud to be where we do the right thing to stand up for

  8. The most idiotic post I have ever read. This takes the popcorn kernel award!

  9. The deficit that Trudeau has created is almost $1000 per person for every Canadian and the total keeps rising. 30 billion plus in 3 years. I’ll keep it up every damn day till the man child is gone.

  10. Slavery is but the owning of labor, and carries with it the care of the laborers. While the European plan is that capital shall control wages. This can be done by controlling the money. Physical slavery requires people to be housed and fed, while economic slavery requires people to house and feed themselves.

  11. In Canada, Statistics Canada releases two sets of sample-based estimates of employment on a monthly basis: from the Labour Force Survey (LFS) of households and from the Survey of Employment, Payrolls and Hours (SEPH) of businesses.

    The unemployment rate is NOT just a calculation of EI, which would be a very overly simplistic picture of a complex issue.

  12. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    hmmmm … and yet the Edmonton food bank say demand for their services has increased by 50% over the past 3 years

  13. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    have ppl forgotten oil is not only Alberta,s #1 export , but also Canada’s number 1 export?

  14. Bunch of fake shit because they back Nothead and the NDP’s.

  15. I was kind of waiting for you to say something wise, or useful, or maybe share some insight. Nope. Just kinda ended, like you dropped your pen lol.

  16. Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

    Yes, Notley was elected in May 2015 after “in June 2014 the record high volume of worldwide oil inventories in storage—referred to as a global oil glut[6]—caused crude oil prices to collapse at near ten-year low prices.[7][8][9]”

  17. A lot of people lost their jobs in December are you including those numbers

  18. Craig Piche Craig Piche says:

    1. The only reason unemployment records are low is because most of Albertans have run their EI dry and no longer qualify.

    2. Minimum wage is not and has never been intended on being a living wage.

    3. I know several accounts where the people on EI are not hired for lower paying jobs due to being over qualified for the job.

    4. No one hates legal immigrants that go through the proper means of immigration and contribute to society like many of our relatives and ancestors did.

    5. Yes people should be upset, angry, scared for their safety when illegal undocumented immigrants and refugees that walk through into Canadian tax payer funded systems like health and dental care free to them.

    My grandparents immigrated here without so much as a dime given to them upon arrival so what makes this new wave of refugees so special they get everything handed to them? I’m pissed off with our liberal/globalist government as should every other Canadian!

  19. Kevin Merz Kevin Merz says:

    Definitely some good things to consider,but…
    unemployment figures DO NOT include provincial welfare rolls, people who have given up looking for work,those out of work who left the province or workers still getting by on savings or cash from sold assets. The real unemployment rate is likely 10-12%.

  20. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    Just because things are better than they were doesn’t mean they’re as good as they can be.

  21. Joan Warren Joan Warren says:

    Ever think unemployment stats are lower because people actually ran out of benefits?

  22. 1 rig working supplies 125 direct jobs from personnel, office staff, corner stores, hotels, restaurants. Indirectly construction jobs, fabrication, engineers, IT, the list is so long and so incomprehensible to some people. Maybe next time your on your way out of town and stop at a really nice gas station you can thank the people helped produce that gas and helped pay for the amenities in it by spending there money on drinks and lunches while digging for oil

  23. Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

    OP doesn’t see the big picture and what this idiot is doing to Canada.
    Our future is not looking good if he gets reelected.

  24. What do we have that will us as much profit as oil?

  25. Andrew C Mac Andrew C Mac says:

    Anonymous, what a joke. If it’s worth saying, own it coward

  26. Oh puhleeze we all know oil isn’t all we have it’s just the one domain that’s trying to be killed it’s not ok to do nothing for great pay who in the fuck does that take off your rose coloured glasses and realize that the people in that field sacrifice a lot families and personal safety for the sake of our economic needs that’s not nothing ! Alberta was the only province to have wealth n prosperity on its own until Trudeau and his group fucked up royally look at the big picture

  27. I think maybe your facts might be a little wrong. I don’t really care who is in power, so long as they take care of the people and I don’t really see that happening much lately. But that doesn’t just mean trudeau, other prime ministers also do it. Also I’m pretty sick of hearing about cut backs and whatever else because “we can’t afford it” yet the government pretty much affords whatever they see fit for themselves.

  28. Kathleen Rae Kathleen Rae says:

    So many people want Trudeau to help, yet in the same breath you tell him you hate him and want him out of power. He does not need Alberta to get re-elected. Maybe be a little more tactful and you will get what you want.

  29. Everyone with the Trudeau hate but my life hasn’t changed one iota. People just want to be angry

    • You haven’t had to pay more for gas? Sure it’s lower right now but it’s been quite high recently. You don’t pay a carbon tax? I don’t work in the oil industry and I can certainly say I’ve been impacted by this. Cringing when I hope that $20 of gas in my car will get me through until payday because prices are so high… having to pay more on my power bill because they decided I should, and I can assure you I have done everything possible to keep it as low as I can. Food costs have gone up. Living costs in general have gone up because it now costs more for companies to ship things and to run their businesses. I am tired of people thinking that just because they aren’t riggers without a job that they aren’t affected by what’s happening to the oil industry.

    • Talk to me when you lose your job! Wow nothing like it hasn’t affected me so who gives a rats ass about the rest. Pfft that mentality is whats hurting everyone you included Brenda. Your turn will come if this continues

    • Marilena Bombino meh. I work park time minimum wage. There are always part time minimum wage jobs.

    • Brenda Nelson meh talk to me when you grow up have a mortgage and a car payment and 2 kids.

    • Marilena Bombino lol. I’m 54. I have a mortgage. I have 2 vehicles but no payments. I have 10 acres, a donkey and llama. The photo of me is from 1986. Lol.

    • Marilena Bombino oh and I had a kid too. Lol. I’ve also graduated college twice (Olds College and Medicine Hat). Travelled, you name it b

    • Brenda Nelson whatever then you got help from your parents cause in the real world this could never happen. So tell it to someone else

    • Marilena Bombino um no. Just be good with money. Don’t buy a new car. Buy used don’t have car payments. Save up for a down payment so your mortgage will be less than rent (my mortgage is $770). Don’t have more kids than you can afford. I had one. Anyone can do it. Most don’t know how.

    • Brenda Nelson Kudos then you should teach a money management course 🙂

    • Marilena Bombino I know right lol. Honestly I blame greedy landlords for a lot of people’s money problems. Personally I learned to live below my means and it was the best thing for me. A lot of people live beyond their means and will be slaves to work for a long time. It’s very sad. Once people realize that less is more they can stop being slaves. Take care

    • Brenda Nelson I have to say I understand exactly what you are saying. Brand new cars, homes, the material things with the finest furnishings. You are correct. When people purchased a home back in the day they bought a used older home, Today its right off with building a new home and etc etc…I get it we want everything now and not willing to really save for it, most people live on credit and that is a recipe for disaster. I am not into material things.

  30. Most of the comments here focus on employment in Alberta. Buying oil from countries with poor environmental and human rights practices is insane.

    Also, we pay for boarder security and most of us cross lawfully. Refugees and immigrates are welcome but should respect that. Proper vetting and time, preparation for shelter, education, medical care, social assistance, CPP, social security need to be looked at.

  31. It’s only low because those on EI have fun out of benefits. They still don’t have jobs

  32. Alberta lost 30,000 full time jobs in December and gained 17,000 part time. Our unemployment rate went up while the rest of Canada declined. Ensure you know your facts!

  33. The reason the unemployment rate is so low is because those who were on EI have run out and have no income, therefore lowering the unemployment rate which is the basis of the percentage, not the actual people who are unemployed….

  34. Whoever you are …give your head a really good shake and back away from the Red Kool Aide

  35. Your first mistake is referring All Albertans as ‘ You this ‘ ‘You that’

    I’m not even going to argue with a fool, who after all thats transpired, thinks Albertans and Alberta are doing ‘good’.

    Repost when you know what the hell you’re talking about.

  36. My mother came to Canada from East Germany before the wall went up. Her family came with not a lot and she made her way into a good paying job with hard work. She agrees that many of these refugees need to assimilate to our ways the same as she did. Yes she came from a European country but she had to learn English and chose to be Canadian. I’m not against the refugees religions but I’m against them wanting us to bend to their ways. You want to live in Canada then you support Canada. Do not expect us to change our ways to accommodate anything more then your religion.
    Trudeau is spending more to help refugees then he is putting in to help the seniors or middle income or low income. We are in more debt as a country just like his father. Like father like Son there. Does he think Canada’s money grows on trees?? He is stealing from us hard working people and taxing us more for that pleasure.

  37. Alot of people’s EI has run out so they are not included in the stats. Number of people unemployed is always higher than the stats.

  38. Joan Parker Joan Parker says:

    FYI……….employment stats are NOT generated by EI. Employment stats come from Statistics Canada. Statistics Canada has been doing the Labor Force survey once a month every month since 1945. They don’t care if you are on EI, social assistance or anything else, they are simply counting how many people are looking for work!!!!

  39. Lived here since 1970. Seen Ups and Downs in Economy so many times. Only two names of Premier come to mind who handled things efficiently…Rachel Notely and late Peter Lougheed.

    • Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

      Shabbir Pathan lol really ….

    • Shabbir Pathan only one that comes to my mind is Ralph Klein…only man to ever do alberta right. And I should know I was born here…spent my whole life here.

    • Rebecca Navrot That is your mind after all

    • Shabbir Pathan mine and about 40000 other people’s alberta is a conservative province and soon as that moron we call the NDP is out of there our province can go back to thriving and being in the black..not the red. She’s killed our province her and Trudeau not only our province but look up suicide rates in Alberta since she took over they have gone up 64% because she’s killing all those men in the oilfield by killing their jobs so it’s not only my mind it’s mine and sooo many others…Ralph Klein was a god to us born and bred Albertans and we need a conservative government like that again….good try tho. You must be new to our province and that’s why you think she’s so great but she’s not…she’s killed so many people you need to open your eyes.

  40. Leo Mason Leo Mason says:

    Unemployment isn’t low. In fact most of our annual job gains, (which were part time low paying jobs for the most part), were wiped out in December. Also the stats are biased as they removed the people who no longer can collect EI. It’s manipulative garbage pushed by govs trying to spin optics.

  41. Linda Knopp-Louden that’s what I was going to say. It’s more than likely someone with a high paying government who blew Trudeau during his whole time in office

  42. Becki Pound Becki Pound says:

    Huh? Can u repeat that? Don’t think I heard u right….

  43. Dear OP, you are a fucking waste of space and probably don’t live in Alberta. It’s so hard to find a job here. My daughter looked for a year and finally got a retail job and still it’s maybe 2 shifts a week. She still lives at home thank god for that. Cost of living is high. So maybe shut the fuck up. You must be related to Trudeau.

    • Hazel White Hazel White says:

      Dianne Machado i hear you Dianne. My fiance has been out of work for 2 years because he is overqualified. He applied any jobs and interviews after interviews lead nowhere. So they say “you are over quality for this position”

    • Hazel White exactly. Those speaking bullshit out there mouth are sitting in their high paying jobs. They can say there are so many jobs out there, ya and my kid applied to anything and everything. And nothing and still she struggles.

  44. Just another bored person, righting another crappy message. Yawwwnnnn

  45. Lowest in years?? You are completely out of touch. Look up stats. Government stats. It’s the highest in many years and higher than the Canadian adverage.

  46. Dawn Saumer Dawn Saumer says:

    Ok so lets break this down simply.
    We will feel a HUGE trickle down effect as more oil and gas people are laid off.
    Its not hard to grasp.
    Many workers from out east are headed home. They spent money in our economy.
    Those with the”how dare they have such high paying jobs. Losers” mentality is going to hit the minimum wage workers the hardest. You will no longer have families afford to go to movies. So bye bye ticket takers and concessions. Forget about buying tvs and electronics. See you later salespeople. No more dining out even at mcdonalds. So time to cut back to skeleton staff and increase number of self check outs

    Now lets talk about the “extras” most of these workers have kick ass benefits they pay a shit ton in to. Well guess what massage therapists and physios and chiros and dental and eye doctors. Say goodbye to your clients because they can no longer afford to pay out of pocket. And they lost their benefits.

    Hair salons. Nails. Spas. Gone. Its an “extra”. Can no longer afford it

    Even grocery stores will lose staff, cut hours because more and more will turn to thr food bank.

    No new homes being built or old ones being sold. So see ya later realtors and carpenters and electricians and plumbers. Cant afford you.

    Should we be only reliant on oil?? Fuck no.
    Does it play a massive role in our economy and wilk drastically affect ALL sectors?? Damn rights.

  47. most people who work in the oil field are over qualified for most minimum wage jobs and get shut down because employers know once something better comes along they are gone. Has happened to my husband a few times in interviews (job interviews at Best Buy, vape shops and even Walmart ffs) he is willing to take anything at this point, but unfortunately employers are not willing to take anyone.

    • Dani Nichole Hendriksen I had the same problem when I was laid off and I don’t even work in the oil field.

    • Overqualified with a high school diploma?

    • Overqualified with a high school diploma?

    • In fairness – they’re right aren’t they? Why would a company want to hire someone and train them when as soon as something they’re not overqualified for comes along they will leave Fast food is probably the only place that has zero expectations of people staying. Unless people are committed to a career change then that needs to be stressed

    • There are a lot of overqualified people doing lower level jobs. Some of them have degrees from University.

    • Lynn Meger Lynn Meger says:

      Eila Ollinheimo – degrees from university do not equal qualifications in many cases. That is more often than not determined by your job history. The point remains that many employers will not give jobs to people that they see as “over-qualified” because they know that that individual will move on as soon as something in their field comes along.

    • Eila Ollinheimo yeah, like doctor of philosophy working as a warehouse worker, or geologists working at sportchek. Just because they are highly credentialed, it means nothing if they don’t figure out how to transfer their skills while there’s no jobs and they won’t innovate and start a business, then it’s low level jobs where they will exist until things pick up.

    • Dani Nichole Hendriksen the problem is that a lot of companies have taken chances on people from the oil & gas industry even in the downturn and have been burned repeatedly because often they stop showing up without quitting to low level jobs when they either have another opportunity or just get tired of the job.

    • The overqualified excuse is getting a bit old. Many low level jobs have a high turnover so they do not care if you move on when you find something else. You can also adjust your resume to the job you are applying. Most likely you target wrong jobs. If you are looking for a work where you have zero experience in what they do it does not matter what your credentials are.So instead of becoming a bartender you may want to try renovation retail. They are constantly hiring and have even high upward movement for right people with a better pay. That is if on top of your ‘credentials’ you are able to actually communicate with people in a friendly manner. Also you need to learn to understand here that employers do not hire you because YOU need a job. They hire you because they need the best candidate available. Their needs not yours. Let that sink in. I repeat – not your needs.

  48. Alberta’s unemployment rate in 2014 was 4.5%. In November it was 6.3%. So using years is a bit of an exaggeration. In December, Calgary’s unemployment rate was 7.9 %. Edmonton’s was 6.2 %.

    Maybe take your own advice and fact check before you post. Be informed instead of opinionated.

  49. Alexii John Alexii John says:

    So much this post right here !!!!!

  50. I must’ve accidentally stumbled into the conservative meme convention. It’s all right here! In one handy thread!

  51. Sounds like someone living in their parents basement that’s never worked for a thing

  52. If it wasn’t for oil you would be making 7 bucks a hour you fkn ingrates.

  53. Voted for Trudeau’s father way back when and he put Canada on the world map. Hate his son if you want but acknowledge we have once again advanced on the world stage – cannabis, good hair, no name calling of competitors, respect for women and yes Alberta is more than oil. Thanks for this rant!

    • Advanced on the world stage? How? He’s made Canada the laughing stock of the world. He’s sold Canadians out. He wants to give control of our borders to the UN. His “respect for women” has turned into him demeaning men and all they do and treating them and their positions like dirty animals. It’s as if a drama teacher with no political experience other than a name is running this country… hey wait a minute…

      PS-good hair is not a political qualification

    • I respect your opinion.

    • Caroline Smith Wow. Just wow. I don’t even know where to start. That’s what you look for in a PM? Cannabis, good hair and no name calling? You obviously have missed all the names the liberals have called Canadians (Nazis, Neanderthals, misogynists, racists etc). Also, you do know he groped a woman right? And blamed her that she “experienced it differently.” And as far as putting us back on the map, how’d things go for him in India or China? He’s a laughing stock and other world leaders don’t take him seriously . You should really try getting news from other than the CBC.

    • Jan Anderson Jan Anderson says:

      Caroline Smith good hair? Did you really just say “good hair?” What are you in the 7th grade? Good grief if that’s the best you have to say about TrudeaU then you as they say have issues

    • Take what you wrote Caroline Smith and see if you can feed your family with that! Wow

    • Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

      Caroline Smith I guess you couldn’t see thru your glasses then ..I guess you forgot what the national energy program was about ….you must have Alzheimer’s now …

    • John Stecko John Stecko says:

      Caroline Smith no name calling? Everyone who doesn’t agree with his agenda is a racist.

  54. There are more stats to look at than the un/employment rate. Perhaps the OP should take a look at the number of people receiving social assistance as well.

  55. Talks about fact checking, doesn’t actually check facts…

  56. Fuck Trudeau he’s a worthless piece of shit a vote for him is a vote for isis

  57. Cindy Gillis Cindy Gillis says:

    The OP needs to see how they come about giving stats like that. Do your research!

  58. Cindy Gillis Cindy Gillis says:

    Greg Carey this ☝️☝️☝️ 100% the op of this post is just an idiot

  59. One other thing to keep in mind is that unemployment info just says if people are working, not the quality of jobs. If 1000’s of people who were making 80k a year are now employed and only making 30k then that’s not a good thing.

    • Adam Spamler Adam Spamler says:

      Mark Kokolsky also this retard doesn’t understand that a lot of the families that were here for work have moved back to their home provinces. It also skews the unemployment stats.

    • I think it may be a good thing that they learn that nobody has quarantees in life and they have to learn to be resourceful. Besides they were obviously not the best if they are not wanted.

    • Having a huge chunk of workforce all of a sudden making a lot less is a bad thing. They spend money in stores which helps inject money back into the economy, plus they shoulder a big chunk of tax burden. Where do you think the government is going to go if tax revenue drops a ton? Calgary’s city council is facing this exact thing right now due to dropping downtown property values and the reduction in tax dollars coming in because of it.

    • There are oil sands in Calgary?

    • I was using it as an example of what happens when tax revenue dissapears. Tax revenue from a lot of oil and gas companies. And it wasn’t just people physically working up in the oil sands that were affected.

    • Not all property values only the office ones. The residential sales decreased slightly due interest rate and mortgage rule changes. A lot of property values were inflated and the affordability can provide a boost in same way for other business.

    • Not only office buildings, the burden is being placed on all a massive percentage of non residential. So that building the small family owned automotive shop is in, that fast food place on the corner, all of them are facing large tax increases. And eventually if they cant fix the problem, those tax increases are going to spill over to residential. In the article below it even mentions that this year they are going to start putting some of the burden on home owners. Both assessed values and tax rates are going up, so its a double whammy, although assessed values didnt go up everywhere.

  60. Aimee Robb Aimee Robb says:

    The only reason that the unemployment rate is low is because EI has run out for most that were on it. And many have taken jobs that barely support their families.

    • Aimee Robb I’m sorry and I’m not meaning to be a jerk, but that’s exactly how it is in most provinces. For example: in PEI the sales taxes are much higher, rental rates are skyrocketing, there’s a housing shortage crisis and half the time if there’s something available it’s $1000+ for a one or two bedroom apartment (not far off from AB). Yet minimum wage is $11.55 and since there’s an abundance of employees available the jobs rarely pay more than that. In my home town most stores have left and new ones fail because so many people can’t afford luxuries, which takes away even more jobs. People have no choice but to make it work and it’s not new here.

    • False. Ei doesn’t run out. the people using it have a certain time but the EI doesn’t run out. And if you’re trying to argue that the people on EI were all kicked off… try again. Most found jobs. The problem is the flooded market with potential employees so it is a buyers market for employers. They aren’t going to just hire anyone for their positions

    • Aimee Robb then maybe you should have spent the time on ei looking for a job instead of sitting on your ass? Just a thought.

    • Aimee Robb Aimee Robb says:

      Kathleen Arsenault
      I dont disagree with you. The op is talking about alberta. So I was just talking about my families experience.

    • Aimee Robb Aimee Robb says:

      Kathleen Arsenault
      I dont disagree with you. The op is talking about alberta. So I was just talking about my families experience.

    • Aimee Robb Aimee Robb says:

      Chase Yaremchuk
      Actually it does. You only get so many weeks. Then you dont get it any more. Ex. You’re approved for 52 weeks of ei. After the 52 weeks, there is nothing.

    • Aimee Robb Aimee Robb says:

      Travis Millar
      I’m guessing you’re just being ignorant, as you do not know my family situation.
      I dont need to justify or explain my situation to you.
      I will say, I run a business that does well. And am able to support my family on that.

    • Chase Yaremchuk look into it again. After the 52 weeks you can apply for extensions but guess how well those go. I have been lucky e ough not to have that issue myself but know of several who have.

    • Nicole Keats Nicole Keats says:

      Travis Millar you clearly know absolutely nothing about Aimee….

    • Lynn Anne Lynn Anne says:

      Aimee Robb EI doesn’t run out – your claim expires – that means – you were given “x” number of weeks to FIND ANOTHER JOB – not “x” number of weeks to sit on your ass before you decide to look for something else. When people finally clue into this fact – we’ll all be in better shape. There are also career counsellors with Service Canada and Alberta Supports to talk to about other job search options / education and training options etc As a side note – the NDP have touted that they’ve created more jobs – maybe in the middle income sector but they’ve done nothing for the entry level sector and even though I agree wholeheartedly with the increase to minimum wage, it’s killing a lot of minimum wage jobs and businesses dependent upon those workers.

    • Aimee Robb Aimee Robb says:

      Lynn Anne
      Sorry my wording wasn’t exactly what is on the government website. I’m just not as well versed as you.
      I dont know why you felt the need to point it out.

    • Claims expire, yes… but the EI doesn’t. Work for a couple of weeks and you might get to go back on it depending on the circumstances.
      The argument of “Ei claims expired so unemployment went up” is false. Those aren’t tied together.

    • Aimee Robb Aimee Robb says:

      *employment is up, unemployment is low.
      Ei claims expired, so many took lower paying jobs outside of their industry.

    • Lynn Anne Lynn Anne says:

      Aimee Robb I pointed it out likely for the same reason you posted your opinion – I have one too 😉 AND you totally missed the point – I wasn’t correcting your grammar – I was making a point that too many people don’t utilize the weeks given on EI to look for a new job but rather feel that that is the time they’re allotted to sit on their ass BEFORE they have to look for one.

    • Some industries go through highs and lows but none have had the cyclical effect the oil industry has. Every 7 years this happens. Then people somehow forget this happens and now that there is a different government in power, people blame them. But let’s ignore that this has happened under other parties and they never seemed to get the amount of blame the current government is getting.

    • Aimee Robb Aimee Robb says:

      Lynn Anne, and that’s my point, there are no industry jobs to get. So while you’re looking for work, you sit on EI. It doesnt make sense to take a job that pays less then EI while receiving it.
      Then after it had expired, said person is taking a job outside of their industry, often for less then EI

    • “Doesn’t make sense to take a job that pays less than e.I”
      So you had a chance for a job and ignored it for a few more bucks? Then tax time comes and you get nailed because you spent a year on e.I. Turn around about blame the government for this. Really? Do I need to draw you a picture why that sounds absolutely fucking stupid?

    • Lynn Anne Lynn Anne says:

      Chase Yaremchuk Thank you!!! she sure wasn’t getting the point when I was trying to be polite about it – smh I give up – people like her are why the system is broken

    • Aimee Robb Aimee Robb says:

      Have either of you(or someone you know) been in the situation?
      Sounds like its doubtful. So let me break it down for you.
      Person makes 150k a year.
      Person gets laid off, goes on Ei for 30k a year. Note they do get taxes deducted.
      Said person looks for work for a year, they find something for 15-18/hr. 550/week… (about the same as EI) but now they need to pay (at a minimum) an additional $200 per week for child care, and additional $50/week for gas.
      So now, their $550 turns into $300/week.
      That’s a significant loss, especially when there are no industry jobs, when the person is looking for anything, just to be able to contribute. So yes, their 550 turns to 300/week. It is better then 0, when EI “expires” and you’ve not found an industry job, said person is taking a job, where they are making significantly less then previously.

      So, that’s exactly true. It doesnt make sense to take a job that pays on par with EI.

    • Aimee Robb Aimee Robb says:

      “The only reason that the unemployment rate is low is because EI has run out for most that were on it. And many have taken jobs that barely support their families.”

      My initial statement. Still true.
      I dont know why I feel like I need to explain my reasoning for this…
      I’m not entirely sure why you feel like this is not accurate.
      As you can see by my generalized breakdown, things may not be as simple as you make them out to be.

    • Lynn Anne Lynn Anne says:

      Aimee Robb STOP talking – you know nothing about me and YES I have been in the situation! Go check your facts and stop rambling on – you make ZERO sense

    • Aimee Robb Aimee Robb says:

      I’m sorry that you cannot understand the words that I’ve typed.
      If you like, i can clarify them for you?

  61. Meanwhile our veterans… remember them, the ones who risked their lives so you could live yours, they are receiving less and less yet dumb fuck has no problem in letting more immigrants into the country. I’m not racist, our ancestors have all come from all over, so we technically all are immigrants to an extent. But take care of your own first!! Meanwhile those of us directly affected by the oilfield have to worry about putting food on our table, and if we can keep a roof over our families heads. As soon as you put oilfield down as past work experience, they will most likely not hire you. They know once you get a job offer in the field, you will probably take it and they will be left filling the position again. I think you need to give your head a fucking shake

    • Kayla Erhardt so Jason Kenney was any different how? Oy the hypocrisy in this thread is strong. Mr Kenney flung open the doors of the Temporary Foreign Worker program a few years back…remember that? When all the Filipinos came here in droves to take away all the service industry jobs that our high school students, part timers and seniors could have filled easily? How is that different from what Trudeau did trying to help immigrants find a better life from a war torn country? The kicker is The Philippines were not a war torn country then and they still aren’t now. But the people that came here send a massive chunk of our money/economy back home to family there so they can have nannies and housekeepers and gardeners. What?! Many of us don’t even have those luxuries here so why should they a world away?

  62. Said by someone who still has their job and doesn’t have to worry about feeding their children. How about you go without work and loose everything you worked hard for for years? Maybe you’re the one who is closed minded? You try to get a job at this time, it’s not easy. You think it’s all good only because it doesn’t affect you. Please get your head out of your ass! Thank you.

    • Anu Khullar Anu Khullar says:

      Jaime Bilodeau Howard – I just looked at indeed and there are over 100 listings for jobs…what are you talking about no work? That was one website 2 min search…

    • Anu Khullar most people who work in the oil field are over qualified for most minimum wage jobs and get shut down because employers know once something better comes along they are gone. Has happened to my husband a few times in interviews (job interviews at Best Buy, vape shops and even Walmart ffs) he is willing to take anything at this point, but unfortunately employers are not willing to take anyone.

    • Anu Khullar Anu Khullar says:

      Dani Nichole Hendriksen – then keep applying, someone somewhere will hire…took my friend 70 resumes but found one…to say there are no jobs is first false, second so you have to do some legwork to find a job…good! It was to easy for most people including oil field workers…you just had to have a heartbeat and they would hire…time to weed out the bad workers, the worker with attitude and the ones who think they can just go next door and get hired. Life is tough and you got to work at it and prove your worth.

    • Anu Khullar really and what about qualifications and experience. Now apply to those jobs and see how many call your ass back. Shut the hell up

    • Anu Khullar you act like u know so much but you really have no clue !!! When you are over qualified employers just simply do not hire you !! Why would they knowing as soon as a higher paying job opens up that person is gone !!

    • Anu Khullar try to find a job after staying home for 10 years…. good luck on that one. For those 1000 jobs you have at least five times of people sending in resumes. And if you have oil field background, forget to find a job anywhere else. And this is because people are narrow minded. They think those guys don’t want a change when applying. Companies think their wage expectations will be too high or they will leave as soon as the oilfield is picking up. Guess what? The only thing those guys want is a) a chance b) a steady income and c) provide for their families.

    • Kerry Lynne Kerry Lynne says:

      Anu Khullar you are naive to think by looking at Indeed and seeing postings that people are not trying to get these jobs. Majority of people having a hard time are older and have worked in these industries for years. When you’re almost 50 finding a job is not easy. Half of those jobs on indeed are going through a process of advertising because as an employer they have to. I can guarantee you 75% of them already have people picked for the positions.

    • people lost jobs in 2001 and again 2008 on the SAME scale and yet… no one complained and blamed the PC government.

    • and actually, people lose jobs every year no matter which government is in office

    • The job losses are due to the private sector not the government. Voting for the UCP will not get you a job just higher taxes and fees and fewer services….

    • Joan Parker Joan Parker says:

      Dani Nichole Hendriksen maybe suggest to your husband to research the job he is interviewing for and then be prepared to explain to the interviewer how the skills he has are transferable to the job he is applying for

    • also, mention it that he doesn’t want to go back to oil. If it means starting over at a lower wage, fine

    • Jaime Bilodeau Howard then get a job. It’s your fault for not planning ahead. You seriously thought the oil boom would last forever?

    • Travis Millar people said the same thing in 2008. And before that in 2001. And before that…

    • Leah Hickman Leah Hickman says:

      Britta Baader wow, you had the LUXURY of staying home for ten years. That isn’t on anyone but you and your husband.

    • Chase Yaremchuk yup. I’m failing to understand how people have yet to realize oilfield work is not permanent.

    • Kenda Breen Kenda Breen says:

      Dani Nichole Hendriksen that is sad but true

    • Somehow I have been always able to find a job. I have been overqualified for many jobs but paying my bills is a priority. I have done several career switches since I begun to work 40 years ago and worked in three different countries and many cities. I have been self employed and still work as a freelance on top of my full time job. With a hard work the reputation precedes me. So how about stepping down from your high horse and see we are all equal and anyone can take a lousy job until they get back to their feet. Try surviving when you get a chronic illness and need to work 24/7. Canadians are so needy.

    • Leah Hickman said who???? And are you jealous because you weren’t in that position? Have you an idea what people sacrifice for that so called LUXURY? I guess not

    • Travis Millar the problem is, husband worked in the oil fields, even though his job is not oil field related and he has years of experience outside the oilfield, no one takes him, because he was working in the oil fields

    • Leah Hickman Leah Hickman says:

      Britta Baader lmao that was 100% their choice. No one made them take it. And it is 100% a luxury. What does anyone else have to do with THEIR choices. I’ve sacrificed years of my life and 10s of thousands of dollars on getting educated. Get some marketable skills and quit whining.

    • Leah Hickman what you consider luxury may not be someone else’s idea of luxury. For one it’s actually cheaper for some families to have someone stay home then pay for childcare. I’ve done both and I can tell you, I prefer working. But I also have a child where child care would cost me more than what I would make, so I at this time stay home. Every situation is different so don’t be so quick to judge.

    • Anu Khullar many of those jobs have been posted time and again because they are looking for the cheapest employees….the ones that don’t know shit and have no experience or qualifications. I know they pass over anyone who was working for 45/hour doing warehouse, they know that the person is far superior in qualifications and cannot get away with hiring them on the cheap…..sadly, those same folks are actually willing to work on the cheat just to work but NEVER get hired. Don’t spew “INDEED” job listings without putting your own creds out there to be shot down if you dare!
      I am willing to bet a great many, even commenting here have applied to reams of INDEED listings and been turned down. So easy to make an assumption based on a quick search that tells you very little. Like the original OP, do some actual research!

    • Thomas Glover you are wrong on the private sector being the issue… son lost a job because when the minimum wage and carbon bilking happened almost at the same time, the restaurant he worked at folded like a bad card hand. They simply could not absorb the impact of those 2 government decisions simultaneously. He is lucky that he is in an industry that he could move to a new venue and continue being employed. Many businesses are going under simply from their utility bills. If you haven’t seen the gas bills for a company, look it up. I am sure someone is willing to show you what their utility bill looks like. Look at McDonalds……….they are automating as much as possible……no wages, just maintenance on the automation. Many places are doing the same thing, replacing employees with automation. You simply cannot compete with a machine.

  63. I Cant… many generalizations…

    And I’d love to take a lower paying job instead of sit on EI, the problem is if you have oilfield/industrial on your resume no one will even look at you.

    And maybe some albertans are bitter because the country and alot of the people in their own province have not only turned their backs on them, but open make fun of them and celebrate their hardship….

    This problem you speak of OP, is not one sided…..

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