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For people breeding their dogs and selling the puppies. If neither of your dogs are registered and not health checked and you are breeding because your dog is cute/fun/nice/sweet etc. and/or if you are breeding two different breed of dog, your dog is a MUTT and you are a backyard breeder. AND It is not a special breed worthy of $800-$1200. Especially if you cannot provide any VET checks and/or vaccinations. If you buy the vaccinations from G&E and give them yourself you should be upfront about it and you should not be charging costs that would be associated with actual vet care.

While I agree that dogs/puppies should not be free, no matter the fee a dog can be abused and can be used as bait/fight dogs. I think this assumption that allllll these dogs are going into fighting rings is WAY over exaggerated. If you have any animal you are rehoming look at the HOME and stop trying to make $$ off it. If you are asking hundreds and hundreds of dollars for your mix breed mutts you need to STOP breeding and STOP over charging. The welfare of your animal(s) should be first and foremost not how much $$ you can make off the pups/dogs. Lastly, if a rescue can drive to another Province, rescue a dog, give it vet treatment and a foster home to reside in and still only charge under $500 stop being so damn greedy and ask for a reasonable amount for your mix dogs.

To the rescues…thank you for what you do. However, your 4 page adoption forms demanding to know everything under the sun and then rejecting for any small infraction to your over the top requirements are only fueling these puppy mills. All of the rescues I follow on FB are crying for more foster homes and for people to adopt all these dogs, some of whom are coming from MB and SASK. If you want to find homes for these dogs, perhaps you need to consider people who will provide a loving and caring home despite not having a fenced yard or both people working full time, etc. I have heard of a number of people having trouble adopting dogs. If there are so many dying and needing homes, perhaps a home that scores 8 out of 10 on your application is better than the 1 out of 10 they are currently living in.

Again, I appreciate and support rescues but if people really want a dog and can`t get one from a rescue they will buy from sometimes horrible puppy mills and then guess where those dogs go in a year or two….to a rescue. Perhaps if rescues worked with the families who don`t qualify to attempt to get them where they need to be the puppy mills would have less customers.



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    Nailed it! 🙂


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