Pure clinic

Don’t do it.
They are BS….
I lost $172
Stop payment
I live in Fort Mc Murray Abraham
They make you sit through presentation and won’t say how much
At end you sign
Void check
Make it look like you borrowed money…BS
They didn’t do anything
Strangers phoning me…digging in my life…
Over the phone
9-5 doesn’t work for me
First monthalf I tried to cancel
Nope you have to pay
I put a stop payment
Today I get a call, jest is threaten to take me to court
Ruin my credit, garnish my wages.
Called them scanners.
And said see you in court and hung up.
Don’t do it



10 Responses

  1. There are so many scammers out there

  2. Elly Mac D Elly Mac D says:

    I understand your frustration!

    please read my post keeping in mind that I know it was my own dumb fault for believing what I was being told and allowing myself to be pressured into signing the contract before I read the fine print.

    Passing this along just so anyone I know can save themselves from being cheated….I found pure clinics in Edmonton to be a complete rip off. First, They did a credit check on me without me knowing. When I signed up I had NO idea I was financing, nothing of that sort was explained. No one mentioned to me that there was no cancellation policy. I went to barely two months of the program, which I felt many of appointments to be a waste of time and not very helpful, and I stopped going last May. I’m still being charged a few hundred dollar every month paying off a service I didn’t receive. I felt like all they were interested in was getting my money. The diet plan and sessions with the nutritionist were very disappointing, as I was expected to create my own meal plan, which lets face it….if you’re going to a clinic to help with health and nutrition then obviously you need help and recommendations in that regard. They pushed the 6 months of service on me pretty hard stating that it was an extraordinary deal within my first month before I realized how awful the service is. When I realized that the program wasn’t for me I tried to say that I’d pay for the initial 3 months of service but did not want 6 months and then they tell me that there’s no cancellation policy. So they’re literally ripping me off thousands of dollars for a service I didn’t receive and continue to do so. They managed to rush me through and sign a contract, which admittedly I feel like an idiot for believing what they were portraying to me, got me to sign it and now are cheating me out of my hard earned money.
    When the gentleman (said he was the founder) rushed me through the process of signing the payment forms he said that it was for direct deposit only, and mentioned NOTHING about the fact he was actually signing me up for financing through a third party billing company for the year. After investigating I believe this is how they get you, you’re hooped into signing this third party billing that gets paid no matter what and tells you to take any discrepancies to the company. This is an AWFUL company and all they care about is making a buck! I will continue to boycott this business to anyone and everyone I know, their policy isn’t right and they’re cheating people out of their money.
    Feel free to share my post and pass my message along to anyone who might be considering Pure Clinics as as option to give them something to think about first.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Thank you
    Sorry you experienced this.
    Lots of people have been scammed.

    I wrote my venting through tears ..
    So sorry spelling mistakes.

    Anyways..dont give in to them.
    Im filing a case with
    I think eveyone who had a bad experience with Pure Clinic should

    If you go to your Dr. All the weight loss help is FREE.

  4. Stacey Adams Stacey Adams says:

    This is an interesting poem…..

  5. Doug says:

    Some long form version of a Haiku?

  6. Carolyn says:

    Consumer lol

  7. What are you even babbling about?

    • Carolyn says:

      Kristyn…its called venting
      When you feel you”ve been
      Sure that never happens to
      To you….Piss Off


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