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If money was not an issue, what would you do for a living? What do you absolutely love doing? I am curious to hear what other peoples passions are.

I feel like I have lost mine and am at a crossroads. I left a good paying job that I despised. I hated the company, the people I worked with – everything. I need to discover joy again because I cannot keep working at a job that is slowly killing me.

So throw into the comments what your heart absolutely loves doing. I would love to hear some inspiration.



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  1. Karan Sandhu Karan Sandhu says:

    Id love to be a male stripper

  2. My dream would be to open my own kitchen, not a “restaurant” but a small space where I can cook and have a few tables that people can eat at. I would love to learn more Hungarian dishes. I would definitely open a Hungarian kitchen, maybe call it Kinga’s kitchen?

  3. Nails , started practicing myself two years ago , now I just gotta get certified , its my biggest passion

    ( nails are pink holo polish and real flowers encapsulated in uv gel , crystals in the centre , just did today )

  4. Adam Warmuth Adam Warmuth says:

    I’d like to try my hand at gunsmithing and blacksmithing.

  5. Amanda Maxim Amanda Maxim says:

    A best selling author.

  6. Tracy Lewis Tracy Lewis says:

    I work in fire and flood restoration and the reward is giving people their homes back to pre disaster condition it is so rewarding and the pay is good which is a bonus !!!

  7. Driving a tow truck being out 2yrs really miss helping people and meeting new people

  8. Danny Dupont Danny Dupont says:

    I would have love to play baseball my whole life,if not that pet sanctuary. Would be so rewarding having 100 pets just loving your every move because you give the love back ❤ ….maybe pet sanctuary first

  9. I would devote my life to stop child sex

  10. I would devote my life to stop child sex

  11. I became a full time Travel agent – my husband makes enough that I could go full time to build my clients – I love making peoples’ vacation dreams come true!

  12. Hair Dressing
    I’ve been so blessed to do what I love and earn a decent living at it

  13. I would own and operate a greenhouse and travel during the winter.

  14. Melanie Dawn Melanie Dawn says:

    Broadway, I dream of Broadway. All the singing and tap dancing. I have always worked in theatre as a performer but a few years back I decided to go back to school, became a graphic artist and now work with our local arts community on a regular basis making posters and such. My own little version of Broadway at home.

  15. I would either run a petting zoo or do flower design

  16. Neuroscience, phycology and behavioural kinesiology

  17. Stacy Anhorn Stacy Anhorn says:

    I love helping people in crisis. I would do more like that

  18. Saving all the dogs and cats

  19. Helping others. All over the world. Volunteering

  20. I would manage the Wine Tasting room at a winery in the Okanagan. Sigh.

  21. Rescue old horses and cats

  22. Become a chef, IT WILL take 5 to 10 years but there is a desperate shortage of GOOD chefs

  23. Diane Wilson Diane Wilson says:

    I do high-precision mechanical stuff right now and tbh I love it….but the pay isn’t gopd enough and I may have to leave soon, which genuinely makes me sad.

  24. Meena Milley Meena Milley says:

    4 years ago when I was 38, I quit a good-paying job that I hated. I started my own business helping other people manage their money, build confidence, and other things so they could have a similar freedom of not being stuck working in a job they hated forever.

  25. Debi says:

    I would rescue animals

  26. Amber Ible Amber Ible says:

    Slurpee machine owner in a tropical country

  27. I’d own a bakery. I love working in agriculture research but something happens when I bake

  28. Kyle Urban Kyle Urban says:

    Automotive mechanics. Maybe a boring answer, but I like being able to do things other people find complicated, and there’s something satisfying about making something that once didn’t work, work.

  29. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    Archaeology or something to do with quantum mechanics.

  30. Id volunteer at an elephant orphanage

  31. I would love to be a elementary school teacher

  32. Id have a job like anthony bordaine

  33. Katie Hurley Katie Hurley says:

    Wildlife conservation officer

  34. Volunteer! That’s the answer I came up with a few years ago. I’m a volunteer Coordinator now for the past 5+ years!

  35. I’d be writing books.

  36. I studied florist.. a very hard job. Cold wet and there were BRIDES. But that’s what I love.

  37. Miranda Dawn Miranda Dawn says:

    I would probably do exactly what I do. I love my job. It pays decent. I also do respite work as well. The one client I wouldn’t do anymore. The other one I would still do. I love what I get to do and the activities we do.

    However I think it would be amazing to work because I want to not because I need the cheque. Different mindset

  38. Also, good for you for leaving a job that doesn’t inspire you. Good luck on finding your calling!

  39. I would have a sanctuary for pets and farm animals particularly goats Lol or open a B&B or small diner in a tiny town

  40. Cassie House Cassie House says:

    Professional beach bum.

  41. I would love to take care of dogs in my own shelter, or travel the world and write about it in a magazine

  42. Kathleen Rae Kathleen Rae says:

    Genealogy…I instruct classes in the city. Occassionally i work with people to find lost relatives, help with wills. Recently i did my Ancestry DNA and i am on a mission to meet all my cousins i find for matches. The DNA has been a living gift to me.

  43. I would be a writer ❤️

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