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Question about the slur “white trash” .

I’ve seen “white trash” being flung around here. I’m a white female and am not offended because there is definitely very trashy white people but I am just wondering how people use this term nowadays.

Do you use it to slur white people in general, poor white people, dirty white people, slobby white people who need help with hygiene and diet, white people with addiction?

Some have also suggested “white trash” is used by the white supremacists in suits and gowns to bolster up their way of life which everyone should follow, do we have corporate executives and political appointments, maybe UCP, posting here?



2 Responses

  1. PredominatelyWhite, CndShitizenship Denounced says:

    White Trash: improper noun; improper people. White people who reside in Canada, USA, Iceland, Greenland UK, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Malta, Greece, South Africa and Israel.

    One can put white trash in a fancy car and the only change being that the white trash no longer thinks is white trash. Alberta and it’s twin Saskatchewan are probably the capital of white trash in the world. In the immediate Edmonton area the most highly densely populated white trash areas include Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove and St.Albert. When assessing the administration of law in alberta, it is obvious the police, courts and government are among the most depraved white trash in the province.

    Confucius said: All people are the same, only their habits differ.
    I agree and that is why I hate white people so much: they are habitual garage and subhuman trash. The world will be a better place without white trash and jew trash controlling it.

  2. WildRose Nation Giddy Up! says:

    Join the Nation!
    The term “white trash” is just a term by thems racist academics, thems racist liberals, thems racist immigrants, thems racist coloured folk and thems racist united nations! We aints no trash, we supreme! This is our home we invited yawl into! If we white folk donts unite, then thems Moslems and CHIneeeeeeese gonna takes over our home! Yawl read the Bible? thems apoca-alypse is coming! Thou shalt great rapture! Repent to the lawd first century jew Jesus so thou may fly up into the sky WIP us.
    I’m sure this is a growing movement and our southern blessed brothers in arms supports us too. Like thems, we wants ah white conservative and orthodox Christian and Jew Utopia where we can live in faith and harmony away from all the evil doers and savages! We even gonna haves a gated community and a “no trespassin’!” sign. I reckon it’s time we yawl join the nation, let’s make this big!

    I ams proposin the Great Can-Am Wex-Redoubt!

    Join the Nation! It’s gonna bhe grand! Even the world capital of inbreeding!
    We zionists concerned about biblical disaster, more fears of war, coloured folk, liberal folk and social breakdown due coloured folk would like to identify Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, half of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba as the GREAT CAN-AM WEX-REDOUBT; a safe place where us highly cohesive, like minded, well-armed, neo-zio-white-conservatives can migrate to settle and defend themselves when First Nations, BLM Nations, the Nation of Quebec!, Liberal-Democrats, pinko commies, Russia, China, the world of Islam, Mexico, immigrants, LGBT, scientists, doctors, humanitarians, school teachers, hippies, vegans, environmentalists, human rights advocates and free spirited teenagers disrupt our civil, just, tolerant society and our HOMOgenous way of life unravels.

    Just Join the Nation!
    Any ideas for a national beer or beef?

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