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Is it absolutely necessary to cut the natural nail back as far as you can before applying acrylic nails?

I specifically grew my nails out for 2 months in order to gt acrylic nails done on top. I have very thin weak natural nails and i’ve had acrylic nails before and every single time i hit a nail (or pick up my purse this time) and it rip off taking several layers of nail with it, leaving a thin nail i’m scared to put another acrylic nail onto, cause it’ll hurt it it rips off more layers.

So i grew them out thinking that if there was a natural nail base where it’s longer than the finger that it would give it more strength and more surface area to bond to so its not jut plastic cantilevered over the end of the finger but has a base of real nail under it. So i told the girl who was gonna do my nails not to cut them all the way back and why and she just looked at me said not its stronger if i cut them, and then cut them all the way back and then put on the acrylic nails.

But now it’s been a week and i already ripped one off and i’m annoyed and thinking that if she had just done what i asked her to do that this wouldn’t have happened.



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  1. Sam Murray Sam Murray says:

    Depends…sounds like they were putting tips on, in that case yes it is necessary so there’s no gap between the nail and tip for junk to go into.
    However what she SHOULD’VE done (what you wanted) is a gel overlay. In that case you wouldn’t cut the nails back.
    It is worth it to see an experienced, licensed nail tech ladies. The money you save at the chop shops will end up costing you more in terms of overall nail health and sanitary practices.

  2. interesting question, I’d like to hear the answer too!

  3. Amanda Nic Amanda Nic says:

    What Sam said.
    If you want to keep your natural nails. Always do a gel overlay

  4. Yes. You should have requested gel nails, with forms. Which would be an overlay on top of the natural nail and does not require heavy filing/thinning of the natural nail.
    Acrylic can be very harsh, especially if you are not seeing a qualified technician. Feel free to PM me if you’d like to chat more.

  5. I have the exact same issue as you. Very weak nails, so I get gel overlays
    My natural nail just with a layer of gel. Works great !

  6. Karen Ingram Karen Ingram says:

    agree go with the gel !!!!!!! no breakage no pain.

  7. Mandoid Ray Mandoid Ray says:

    Find a nail girl who does nails at home. There’s tons on instagram you can find. Search hashtags and find someone good who speaks clear English and steer clear of crap acrylic.
    I get gel only from my girl and I can have them long with zero issues of them breaking easily. I got my nails filled dec 26… still got the same set on with no lifting or breaks. And I’m extremely hard on my nails.

  8. Agree with the others..first mistake was getting acrylic! It is so hard on your nails, gel all the way

  9. I have had acrylic’s for 6 years or more and my nails are healthy and fine. I would stop going to those fast mall chop shops. They always hurt me or cut me until I found a nail tech who had been nothing but amazing, home business too.

  10. Jes Woodman Jes Woodman says:

    When your tech is not listening to you .. The first thing you need to do is pull your hand away, and say “no, i would like my nails done this way” . and if she refuses .. You find a diferent nail tech .. If your looking to add strength to your nails, I would suggest gel .. No plastic tips .. Use forms to add length .. Or if they have it … Polygel .. The strength of gel with the flexibility of acrylic.. Plus it goes on much thinner.. Great stuff .. Sorry you had such a horrible experience with this.. Getting your nails done should be something you look forward to.. Message me with any other questions

  11. Ask for a French manicure they will paint the tips of your own nails white and then put a coat of acrylic on and there as hard as fake nails but they’re your own nails

  12. Ive had gel nails for a decade and never needed a break. Not sure who told you that.

  13. Stay away from Asian sweatshops

  14. Same with me Kelly..mine need breaks too..we all dont have the same nails

  15. Sam Murray Sam Murray says:

    Your nails don’t breathe. They get their nourishment from the cuticle. If you want to give them a “break”, use cuticle oil regularly.

  16. I have never had my nails done, but I have been told not to start, because they will be ruined.

  17. Check w Heidi Petersen she uses a gel polish that lasted 3 weeks on my nails. It’s called Gel Moments. They do trim nails but she will work w you. The product is not as damaging as acrylics.

  18. Adele Hammer Adele Hammer says:

    I am a gel nail tech and I never cut your natural nail to apply


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