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Hello, I am new to the city and I love exploring different areas of this beautiful place. When I see buildings that are shut down or abandoned, it makes me curious about the history behind these old buildings. Of course, I googled it but I would like to know from the residence of Edmonton about the history or reasons it has been permanently shut down. It is located on 94th Street and Jasper Avenue.

I find it fascinating to hear the stories behind these buildings from actual residents of the city. Whether it be drug or gang related, financial reasons or anything of that matter. This building looked like it had a lot of great history that brought in a lot of interesting and happy clients. I would have definitely enjoyed a cup of coffee here or tried out a new dish when it was open, just for the experience.

Mirama Dining

So please let me know, I can google all day about these areas, but please tell us a story. I love learning about histories in Edmonton, so much to learn about this city and so much to see.

Thank you Edmonton.



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  1. Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but this page is AWESOME!

  2. Dana Carter Dana Carter says:

    This building was a bit part of my childhood, and teens all the way up to when it shut down (I think I was about 25 or 26 when it did – I’m 32 now). The Mirama Dining and Lounge itself was a great dimsum place. Quite authentic. I was told by a staff member once that when new immigrants from China came to Edmonton, Mirama was often the first place they worked because it helped them learn English. The last couple of times that I went, the stores downstairs had all their stock on sale from 50% – 80% off. They were clearly clearing out their inventory. Then one Sunday, my family went for Dim Sum and were greeted with a sign on the door stating that the building had shut down. Like… the whole building. Restaurant, stores, offices, everything. If the sign offered any kind of explanation, I don’t remember what it was.

  3. Jeri Noyes Jeri Noyes says:

    In about 2004 there was significant gang violence in the building ~ two weddings had been booked for the same day upstairs/downstairs and the booking agent did not note the rival gang affiliations. I used to live right behind it and heard what I thought was chinese firecrackers, ran out to the balcony to watch but could only see the people fleeing the building. It took another round of “crackers” for me to actually figure out what was going on. I would think this may have been the start of their decline.

  4. Kass Kisikaw Kass Kisikaw says:

    Used to be head cook there was called re al at the time I got fired for putting to much toppings and frying potatoes with the eggs…far as I know they loved the food,…they shut it down after I was let go

  5. This place closed down sometime in 2011. It was a small mall consisting of a large Chinese restaurant and a few stores inside. I remember driving by and the restaurant looked very cool all lit up at night. I’m not sure why it closed, but as mentioned above there was gang activity at the restaurant which definitely soured its reputation. I didn’t even know it had closed until driving past Saturday and noticing the lights were all out. On top of that, the formerly immaculate signage of the restaurant was torn.

    Here’s a TV commercial featuring the inside of the restaurant from 2009:


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