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Racism Is A REAL THING weather you wanna recognize it or not…

[Foul Language] Went to Walmart …. bought a handful of things and i went into the mall

decided i needed to piss and the closest bathroom was in Walmart so i turned around and went back in
i lost my shit on the bitch
thier excuse was they wanted to know if im returning my items
Fucking racist fucking goofs



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  1. I bet it had less to do with race than it did with you being an asshole.

    My first thought when reading this post was exactly this: “this sounds like an entitled white man”.

    Now I can assume you’re not white since you’re playing the race card and, from my experience, most white people don’t play the race card in these types of situations.

    So if reading that your behavior reminded me of an entitled white man has offended you as much as it should have — you’re clearly a much bigger asshole than you realize, and race probably had little, if anything, to do with it.

  2. if people stop stealing then maybe they won’t ask for receipts.

  3. Yes blame racism. Play the victim.

  4. Because if your returning something they have to tag it Jesus everyone is so damn entitled these days just because you’re asked a question doesn’t mean everyone is racist.

  5. Yes there’s racism but they’re paid to do a job, ever work in retail or security in the city? Shit show all day long.

  6. Happens to me all the time. Maybe its prejudice because I have tattoos and live in hoity Sherwood Park. How dare I! Pretty sure it’s just Walmart dude.

  7. At the walmart in my town they do the same thing Ive had it happen to me a few times. Once they made me leave my bag I was carrying at the doors until I was ready to leave. Im white and a redhead. Sorry, if that is racism, then they are racist again EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE PLANET. Have a great day, I know it hurt my feelings when they did it, so I can imagine how you felt. <3

  8. I get asked all the time!
    It’s not racism it’s because too many assholes steal so they ask everyone!
    I get tired of people pulling the racism card!

  9. Racism is real but there is nothing to indicate this incident was fuelled by it. For all we know it was sparked by sexism, homophobia or by the fact walmart tends to treat all the same.

  10. I have had the same thing happen. It is because people will come in and add things to the bag. It has nothing to do with the colour of your skin. I’m white and blonde and have had this happen. It is part of their job. Instead of screaming at the person who is just doing what they are told, talk to the store manager or call corporate.

  11. they are trained to do that there is nothing personal about it. you shouldn’t have treated her like that. 🙁

  12. I am a white woman and any time I have gone to Wal-Mart to return something, the security has always asked to see my receipt and I show him because I know it is his job. He puts a sticker on and I go return it. Simple.

  13. Tasha Marie Tasha Marie says:

    Yeah there’s real racism. But this seems like a policy. Just like how my job has the bathrooms locked.

  14. Wait them stopping to ask for my receipt is racist? I’ve been stopped and I’m white

  15. Brad Daniels Brad Daniels says:

    Anything to pull the race card eh?

  16. Felicia Rene Felicia Rene says:

    This is legit protocol for any store if you’re walking in with a bag from that same retailer.

  17. AW Smith AW Smith says:

    Holy shit, simmer down.
    Have you never been to Walmart before? They’ve been doing this for years.

  18. They have no legal authority to look in your bag or ask for receipt. If they feel you have stolen something, then they can detain you, but you need to ask for the proof or a witness. If they cannot provide any of that, ask them to call the police to sort it out, you will be more than happy to show them. Once it’s been determined you did nothing wrong, you noe have all legal authority to take them to small claims. They can though, ask you to leave your bags in a secure area while you run back in.

  19. That’s their job you seen a little Raceafobic

  20. Any time you go inside with anything, you need to get it tagged.

  21. I wonder if it was you race or the fact you looked like the piece of shit you sounded like writing that post?

  22. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    Agreed. Racism is a real thing. If someone has experienced this kind of prejudice first-hand a lot , one can unfortunately become hypersensitive to situations which they deem just more of the same prejudicial racism . So real ,or not directly in this particular scenario , the underlying long-term effects of racism is not something easily brushed off by a victim. It can much more easily be brushed off by people who aren’t faced with it on a regular basis. Racism , (and any of the other “isms” ) can be pretty tricky to deal with as a society. It can be really blatant , but also very subtle , as is it effects. Some day , some century , lol , society in general may figure out there is really really only race. I like to imagine the next generation coming up will be a little wiser.

  23. Barry Martin Barry Martin says:

    Nothing fuels racism like stupidity!!!

  24. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    There’s real racism and then there are people (of all races) who love to play the victim. This rant makes it easy to figure out which this is.

  25. Sounds like you handled that well.

  26. Racism is real all right. Sounds like the op is being racist by assuming racism

  27. Cindy Kupser Cindy Kupser says:

    Calm down! It’s not stealing coming into the store. It’s stealing inside the store while walking around with a Walmart bag. They check to make sure what you brought in is what you are taking out and nothing added.

    It’s not racism. They do it to everyone and it’s their job.

  28. I am white and blonde and I am also stopped anytime I enter a Walmart with stuff in my hands. They ask if it is a return and sticker it if it is. Never once did I get defensive when they are just doing their job.

  29. Are you fucking retarded ?

  30. Racism is not the problem, your attitude is!!

  31. I just bring back water jugs to exchange for full ones and they put stickers on em. What you seem to perceive as racism, is them doing their jobs.

  32. Woah settle down Cracky Chan….

  33. At my store if you walk IN to the store with one of our bags we are trained to watch you to see if you fill it up and leave without paying..doesn’t matter who you are.

  34. Aura Machuca Aura Machuca says:

    Sometimes is our attitude, behaviour, or vocabulary that may get us in trouble. However, In this instance I can’t find evidence of racism. It may be your perception

  35. Dont see how it’s racist, but you sound incredibly stupid using so much language over something so minor.

  36. I laugh right at them whenever they ask me that and keep walking.

  37. I’m not sure what “race” you are however I’m a caucasian female and if I bring a bag into Walmart with me I also get stopped. So this has nothing to do with you or your race and all about their processes. If you don’t like it don’t take a bag into Walmart

  38. Andreia R-ib Andreia R-ib says:

    I fail to see how those actions are racist. I’m all for eradicating racism but this doesn’t seem racist at all.

  39. Arlee Hanson Arlee Hanson says:

    Put down the pipe.
    Haha jk

  40. What’s so racist about that???!!!

  41. They ask you to show your receipts for items you bring into the store so you don’t get accused of stealing them on your way out. They’re kinda doing you a favour, and they do it for everybody.

  42. Uhhh, racism exists, but it wasn’t exercised in this instance. White man here. If you bring items you purchased back into the store, they tag them as returns. Stop wanting people to be racist so badly. Lol

  43. Jaime Sharon Jaime Sharon says:

    If you had a bag in your hands…that’s normal. I’m caucasian and they stop me.

  44. Marie Jenna Marie Jenna says:

    When you enter the store with an item the security guard typically checks to see if you have a receipt and give you a return sticker on your item . It’s not racist , it’s the security officers job

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