Random Acts of Kindness

Thank you to the beautiful lady at the RAH parkade who gave me her pass. It’s stressful coming here, my mom just had surgery, and this beautiful lady called me over as she was leaving to give me her pass which is good for another day.

Thank you! You made my day a little brighter and I don’t have to stress about parking today just that small act changed my day.



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  1. Anne Reid Anne Reid says:

    I love this! If I have time left I always put it in the bottom part of the machine so it’s noticeable so someone can use. I also when you could put coins in-drop loonies in the machines of random cars. I also once stopped a guy giving a ticket by saying it was my car…it wasn’t. Karma

    • Katy Evans Katy Evans says:

      That’s a good idea!!I always am so disappointed when there’s no one to pass it on to!! Thanks!

    • Emma Maguire Emma Maguire says:

      I do the same! Putting my ticket in the machine if there’s no one to pass it on to. The new city parking meters are bad because you can’t find free leftover time nor leave it for someone else

  2. We do this whenever we can. I wish more people would!

  3. Love this city’s people

  4. Adele Hammer Adele Hammer says:

    This made me cry happy tears. I have been also going thru the hospital stresses and it is a great feeling when someone helps out

  5. I always do this! Pay it forward!

  6. I usually do this too but it’s getting harder now that impark requires you to put your license plate number in on some of the machines.

  7. I hate how you have to pay out the ass to park at hospitals.

  8. We don’t pay for parking at hospitals in our area –Don’t know if it is the same everywhere in Spain?

  9. Westlock Hospital does not charge for parking. At least they didn’t. One less thing to worry about when you are already stressed.


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