Random Helpers on the Henday

I was involved in the 10-15 car pileup on the North Henday on Saturday.

I had to ditch my truck, and wound up stuck. These two guys pulled up in their truck pictured behind them and without even asking if I needed help, just got out, started assessing the situation, grabbed their tow straps and helped me and another guy out of the ditch.

It’s a long shot, but If you know them, please send them my thanks. Nice to know there are people who will still help, no questions asked.

On another note, here is the dashcam footage of me ditching my truck:

Between the silver car randomly pulling out in front of me and then hitting the brakes, and the truck to my right starting to slide into my lane, I didn’t really have any choice.



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  1. Nicholas says:

    Can we see the hole video

  2. Jessica says:

    My boyfriend Nicholas Boucher and cousin Lucas Lemay are these two guys! Great job boys!

  3. No problem helping people out

  4. Lucas Jessy Lemay is the one in the hat you?

  5. Wow amazing driving skills on your part. This could have been so much worse. I come from Ontario and have driven the 401 countless times. No fear driving there. But… I fear driving the Henday somedays.

  6. Liz Frank Liz Frank says:

    You sure handled that really good! Good on those men for helping:)

  7. Dave Metzger Dave Metzger says:

    I can never understand why people drive too fast for the road conditions. You did good not hitting anyone but if you were going slower you wouldn’t have had any problems.

  8. Cindy Gillis Cindy Gillis says:

    It only takes one idiot to cause an accident . It’s nice to see random people helping out. Kudos to those guys and anyone else who has a heart of gold like that

  9. I hit the ditch on Saturday as well. Just as I went in and had to throw it in park and random stranger came to same me. I didn’t get his name but he was my daughter and mine hero for the day. If it wasn’t for him I dont know when I would have gotten out

  10. Excellent driving on your part! Glad you are ok, and encountered such wonderful people to help you!

  11. I hit the ditch with my truck on Saturday too, and I had a random Knight in shining armour come and pull me out. I was on 16A though. It was really scary and happened so quickly. I don’t have any way to properly thank my helper, but here’s a huge shoutout to all the kind souls out there. Karma will be good to you.

  12. Good for you, glad you made it out! I just got yelled at, fingered at, swore at, I was in that too, no one helped and I have a injured knee, but I got out!

  13. Samara White Samara White says:

    I just want to say that was on your part great driving. I feel like had this been the average Edmonton driver things wouldn’t end up with just your vehicle in the ditch.

  14. Great driving, Scott. Glad that it wasn’t worse.

  15. This is sooo awesome of them 2 guys stopping to help out!!
    Tyvm for posting , it made my day to see some people do care!!
    I will share too, I hope they see ur post!!

  16. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    Like to hear these stories. With all the negativity out there I think we tend to forget there are lots of fine people out there.

  17. What kind of dash cam is that ?

  18. henday is hwy 63 people drive so fast…..

  19. Sara Curd Sara Curd says:

    Thats awesome. I miss my truck. I helped alot of people outta the ditch.

  20. …..clippin’ right along in nasty conditions! SLOW DOWN

  21. It kind of looks like the silver car was hitting their brakes changing lanes because of a car doing the same in front of them. Had to pause it to see but that’s what it looked like. They should all have checked, but at least it might give a bit of a why. I just feel like too many drivers in Edmonton are scared and panic drive while out there. Good on you for only hitting the ditch and not the other cars that looked like they were everywhere.

  22. Susan Pristouski This is the exact spot I was talking about

  23. Thank you Good Samaritans! I’m glad you’re ok Scott.

  24. Ange Freer Ange Freer says:

    That silver escort hatchback clearly has NO business driving. Did they even shoulder check? After reviewing your dashcam footage, it looks to me like they just switched lanes without ensuring there was adequate room to do so safely. I didn’t even see the use of a signal light. And we wonder why our insurance premiums are increasing 10 fold. You’re lucky you didn’t take out that other vehicle buried in the snow.

    I’m curious … did the vehicle that caused you to hit the ditch, also hit the ditch?

    • Scott Gill Scott Gill says:

      Nope, Here she drives right past me, without even stopping to check on me. I don’t expect people who can’t help to help, but looking at the cam footage, she (yes it was a lady) was totally oblivious to the orange truck that just barreled past her.

    • Ange Freer Ange Freer says:

      Wow! Honestly, Scott, I can’t say I am surprised. Whether she was capable of helping you or not, the right thing to do after causing someone a near miss, would be to check to ensure they’re ok. I know I would. But much like you, I’m usually the one who is cut off and takes the ditch. While the guilty party drives away unscathed. It’s this category of drivers on our roads that are problematic for those who are responsible.

  25. Scott Gill Scott Gill says:

    I’m the OP.

    Thanks again guys.

    As for all the monday morning quarterbacks, take a look and see how quickly these pileups can start, and before you know it, you’re already part of it.

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