Rant – Blood Shortage in Edmonton – Please Donate

This little girl just about had to go without a needed platelet transfusion today because there is such a shortage of blood and blood products. She is one of the lucky ones in the province that got transfused but many did not get a needed transfusion because of a shortage of donors.

This is a constant problem though not usually this bad. This saddens me because there are so many people in our province who could donate and don’t because they don’t have time. Please make time. It may not be someone you know today but it could be tomorrow!

You sit in a chair for an hour to donate this needed product. This little girl sits for four to receive it. If she can do that many times a month you can do a quarter of that once a month! Please donate today.

The risks to those who don’t get transfused is possible stroke, bleeding out, heart failure, brain damage from lack of oxygen and many other things. No one should have to worry that they may not get a life saving transfusion.

You can donate blood, plasma, platelets, etc. or if you cannot donate directly, donate a bit of time please. Don’t allow children like Freya go without or worry about going without.


Please, please donate and make it a regular habit.


(Submitted on January 5th at 3:25pm)



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  1. Kody Shwaga Kody Shwaga says:

    I try to donate plasma on a regular basis but their plasma clinic hours are kinda wonky and don’t work well with my schedule.

  2. I wish I could, but I don’t meet the minimum weight requirements. Growing up I had planned to donate once a month, then when I was finally old enough -nope, don’t weigh enough. Sucks! I hope some people will read this and make an appointment to donate blood!

  3. I just got a tattoo and was told I can’t donate for six months. I can and will make a financial contribution to the Canadian Blood Services though. Such an important service!

  4. I wish I could and feel guilty every time I hear there’s a need but I used to live in Germany and I can’t donate because of that 🙁

  5. If they’d open up and let more if the lgbtq community donate, and were more accessible for those who can’t get to the cbs building then they’d have more donations. I remember them going to the schools and malls and taking the blood right there. Why don’t they do that now?

    • I know that they take appointments for Canada place downtown. I booked to donate blood but then found out that I couldn’t because I used to live in England

  6. Maybe provide an incentive to people who give?. More people would give if they were given something in return, nothings free in life.

  7. Many people I know, including myself, are told they are unable to donate. If the Canadian Blood Services would make it easier for different people to donate, they would have more product.

    You can go to the website and find a donation site close to your home or work and book an appointment.

  9. Some that don’t have time, for whatever reason don’t,t and then there are some of us who would like to and we can’t for a number of different reason’s, like too old.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Related question: I have very difficult veins to get blood out of for lab testing or even start IVs. I have a lot of scar tissue from past medical procedures and such. I’ve only been able to donate once in my adult life because I’ve only ever found one tech that could get blood out of me for donation. People like me know there are a few out there with the mad skills to be able to get blood out with minimal agonizing pain – and they keep going to those people whenever possible. Anyone in Edmonton know of a blood donation facility with a blood collecting wizard like that working there?

  11. Not a lot of donors because they have so many rules for donating blood. Now a days who doesn’t have a tattoo ?

  12. Well I cannot donate because of medication I’ve been on for five years or I would as well.


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