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Aish – Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped
Adl- Aids to daily living

To people saying I’m living off the government maybe you should have made it illegal to have kids with disabilities, rather than having a bunch of surgeons jimmy rig me together when I was born. You think I like this? Being some experiment because the doctor saved my life when he shouldn’t have. I also work part time and pay taxes, a lot of people on AISH that are actually sick, work because we don’t want to be sick and useless.

We may not be able to work enough to make a living and pay for our meds, but we are out there trying to give it a go which is more than I can say for some people.

Thanks to everyone who replied that are in the same spot, I hope we can stand together and stress to ADL these supplies are needed and we shouldn’t have to fight for them.



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  1. Working in the disabilities field I want you to know I have never learned more, appreciated more, enjoyed more, the people I work with. Every one I have ever worked with has taught me something and has brought me incredible joy……don’t ever think you weren’t meant to be because I have learned that no matter what, if you weren’t, no efforts made by the Dr would have succeeded. You are a fighter and all that more special because of the fight you put in every single day to live in such an intolerant world. Way to go poster!!! You are rocking this and don’t ever let the ignorance take anything away from you!

  2. I didn’t see the original post, but as someone who works in the disability/mental health field, it is damn near impossible for those ppl to obtain employment in this economy. Props to you if you are one of the lucky ones! Keep up the good work, and if you need the help, I’m glad it’s available to you. Don’t let the trolls hurt you. They are just so unhappy in their own lives that they need to project it onto others. Take care.

  3. If everyone put in the effort you do there wouldn’t be any haters. Keep leading by example and killing it!

  4. Love yourself, accept yourself.

  5. Megan Riggs Megan Riggs says:

    This post broke my heart! You are not an experiment hunny! You are a living breathing human being with a soul! How dare anyone make you feel that way. I’m sorry people are so hateful!

  6. Unfortunately as true in life, if just one bad apple appears in the bunch, slowly but surely the whole bunch will turn rotten.
    You shouldn’t care what other people think about you. Try loving and healing yourself and those voices you hear will fade into the background. ❤

  7. Cheers… for trying… eff all the haters…

  8. To the OP, best of luck to you in the future. I hope it becomes easiuer for you to things that you need.

  9. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Sorry people act so high and mighty… FYI around October a new government office was created to help people fight Aish. Here is the link, hope it helps

  10. Good job, honestly some people don’t even try because they have anxiety and refuse to try and do anything about it .

    • Anxiety can be crippling, to the point that the person can’t get out of bed or leave their home. When it’s that bad, it’s not a matter of ‘refuse to try’, but ‘absolutely can’t’, and since 99% of therapists won’t come to the person’s home, it’s pretty hard to get help.

      If I didn’t have my car, I likely wouldn’t leave the house. I can barely walk to the mailbox, which is in full view of my home. I’m scared half to death over something as simple as going to see if I have bills to pay. I don’t like this; it’s the result of five years of being physically and sexually assaulted when I was away from home and the people responsible for helping me refusing to do so.

      I push myself a bit, but there are days I hide in the basement and don’t move. It’s not that I refuse to try, but that I’m too scared and overwhelmed.

    • Many medications for many different types of anxiety.

    • Travis Campbell medications are not gonna “fix anxiety”. Don’t under estimate things like anxiety.

    • Travis Campbell and then you have many people that the medications don’t work for them or the medications that do work for them leave them so drugged up that they can’t function.

    • Maja Black Maja Black says:

      I got put on lithium, I was taking 4 pills a day just to be able to be out of bed (before that I would lay in pain ,16 hours, not going to the bathroom). Suddenly my friends showed up, heard about the drug from music, wanted to try it. Being the Patsy I was, I let them each have one…holy crap! Grown men couldn’t handle one of what I took 4x’s a day, and I was 89 lbs! They were puking and crawling. ..I realized these meds wouldn’t let me get normal, because normal couldn’t take them…they would give me more meds on top. I used the lithium but cut myself back. I’m not comatose anymore, lithium is only when I get comatose. It happens from anxiety and depression, but it is rarer since I pushed harder

  11. Some people have positively no empathy for others. Those people don’t have as much courage in their whole bodies then you do in your baby finger. My prayers are with you.

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