RE: Almost 7yrs Missing, Dusten McMillan

Shedding some light:

Dusten was murdered. The person of interest is the offspring of a dick sucking hell’s angel who croaked in prison. He is an unstable junkie who even repetitively used DMT and seeks to follow in his father’s junkie dick sucking footsteps.

Another couple of hints: he, the scrawny little bitch, was on intervention Canada, his mom is biker trash and is on welfare, living off 82 st.

This was an impulsive and disorganized attack on an innocent person in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have retired from headhunting but good luck with the info provided; it is valuable and leads to one individual – he may currently reside in Toronto.



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  1. April Hills April Hills says:

    Umm why not submit your tip to crime stoppers instead of hiding behind an anonymous forum?

  2. Brandy McMillan says:

    We are definitely looking into it

  3. So, have the police been notified? Is this a for sure thing? If not, this is a ridiculous accusation.

  4. Cool story. Go tell the cops

  5. hahaha love this post tell it like it is hahahahaha

  6. Lol Okie dokie there pokie

  7. I cant believe this was posted!

  8. Lara Cronin Lara Cronin says:

    Link to intervention episode?

  9. When you lie with dogs…..

  10. Liz says:

    If this anonymous poster is reading this…which province was this crime committed in …would be helpful to nail down the truth.


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