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This rant is regarding the post With the couple making $3450 and having no gifts for the kids.

I understand that times are tough. We all have bills. A lot of us struggle too and live pay cheque to pay cheque. I just don’t understand how you can wait till mid December to think about this?! Ive know Christmas was going to be on December 25th for months now! I’ve been slowly spending any tiny bit of extra cash I have on gifts.

I just find these type of posts annoying …” I need help. My kids will have no Christmas.!” budget better! I don’t feel sorry for you. Christmas comes on December 25th EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. Figure this out!



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  1. THIS

    my parents used to put aside a few extra bucks jan thru nov so that their food bills in december wouldn’t overwhelm them. its about responsibility.

  2. Chris Dumais Chris Dumais says:

    Blows my mind how stupid people are. So many losers crying for handouts.

  3. It’s because they know someone will feel bad and give them something. Every year it’s the same thing.

  4. These posts are as bad as the single moms looking for hand outs

  5. I’ve seen about 4 posts already today for people asking for toys for their kids for Christmas…. when childtax was last night? Why not use that!

  6. You don’t need to feel sorry for the parents, feel sorry for the kids. They didn’t do anything wrong.

    Regardless of why someone is struggling, let’s try not to forget that the kids aren’t willful participants in the downfall of their parent’s budgeting crisis (and if they are, they’re old enough to understand why there’s nothing under the tree).

  7. You do understand that no matter what month it is, some people do not have extra money to spend on even the most basic items.
    So come Christmas it’s even harder for them?

    There is no compassion for anyone anymore.

    • Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

      No compassion for people who can’t figure out needs vs wants. There are too many people who abuse the welfare system and who sit on their asses doing nothing. We have family who make way more than we do and still cannot afford car payments and dental bills, and they don’t even own their own house.

    • There’s also child tax early in December…. multiple kids get quite a bit

    • I know. I have multiple kids.

      But just because it’s early doesn’t mean it’s bonus money.
      That money is mainly used for bills rent food etc by most that receive it

  8. Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

    This. Dead on. I always start in June buying a few random things here and there.

  9. I started buying months ago . Few items at a time

  10. Cee Dee Hawn Cee Dee Hawn says:

    These posts are even more annoying. They need help….you need attention.

  11. That post had to have been a joke

  12. I agree. Maybe you live beyond your means maybe you dont. I don’t know. But I know that regardless; Christmas and birthdays always land on the same day every year. I’ve been broker than hell many times and had to rearrange some finances here or there to make sure my kids had something to open. Not once did I ask for a hand out. I just don’t understand this part. I’ve been there with an income that could barely make it ends meet even after reprioritizing but the kids received and food on the table.
    Sometimes desperation gets carried away and over exaggerated.
    What will the folks do when child tax and baby bonuses and maybe child support etc run out? Not to many people think about that.

  13. Marie says:

    Re: The I need help post (s) – To ALL of them!
    OP… Totally agree with you and your message post!
    How can anyone reading so many of those posts not be sick and tired of the low life mentalities they represent?
    Quiet frankly and repeatedly I say, ” I too find those types of posts annoying …” Give it up already!!
    The idiots who post them are:
    Annoying idiot Trolls, dumb as a sack of hammers … and have nothing better to do in their lives than be just that!

  14. Christmas is coming? Oh shit….

  15. Terri Mc Terri Mc says:

    I will trade their 3450 a month for my 600 (medical pay) ..just for 3 months…bet they learn to budget.

  16. Good idea: buy a gift card once a month every month. Even a $20 gift card from Walmart or toys r us every month for 12 months. By December you will have $240 to spend for Christmas gifts for your kid.

  17. Tara Adams Tara Adams says:

    If a family needs help..and you are able to offer some fantastic..if not keep scrolling. .
    But why attack their financial choices..with the comments..that they should know better..or worse even shame them for asking ..
    Granted some people abuse the help..But why judge..your armchair heroics. .show you are a cold and unfeeling person ..that knows nothing about the personal situation that people are in..
    Just walk a mile before judgement…and build a bigger table to accommodate those you can help..Perspective. in hopes it finds your table.

  18. My daughter is only 17 months old and we have bought 90% of her presents second hand and will do this for years to come. We got so much more for $70 then we would have buying all new.

  19. Brad Daniels Brad Daniels says:

    I’m broke but I don’t need help because I’ve known that Christmas was coming since last christmas


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