Real heroes!

I want to give a HUGE shout out to the first responders and the tow truck drivers on the Queen E II today (December 23).

I left Edmonton at about noon and arrived in Calgary at about 5:40pm due to the bumper to bumper traffic and white-out weather conditions. There were several collisions and even more people in the ditch. I saw no fewer than 10 tow trucks running into waist-deep snow to hook cars up to the winch to pull them out of the ditch.

There were Sheriff vehicles and fire engines (and sadly a couple of ambulances) out in terrible conditions that were not fit for animal nor human. All to help us all get to our loved ones safely. These people are true heroes. Thank you.



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  1. Heroes they are. It is a shame that people make it so that yhey have to risk their own lives to help. So many idiots don’t drive for the road conditions – or stay home if there are whiteout conditions. If Highway 43 has to be closed, yoy know it’s bad.

  2. Cj Bonnello Cj Bonnello says:

    Being a Tow Operator myself it makes me very happy to read this. Alot of people don’t realize alot of us are not in this industry to get rich by any means….but for the satisfaction of helping others. I myself do this job and risk alot (time with family, and sadly my life) to help others in need and couldn’t be more happy doing it. I know this also goes for the amazing first responders (fire,police, and ems). With how the weather has changed for everyone out there driving please take the extra time, slow down and drive to the conditions…and please if you see an emergency vehicle or tow truck with there lights active please Slow Down and Mover Over…

  3. Purdy Travis Purdy Travis says:

    On behalf of ALL Tow Ops, Thank you for the recognition!

  4. Justin Birch Justin Birch says:

    Glenn Cantel Riley Fitz

  5. Sue Topps Sue Topps says:

    What a wonderful shout out which brings me to give you a shout out OP for posting this shout out.

  6. Ryan looks like we missed a gong show!!


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