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I am in desperate need of help from the ladies of the page. For the last few years I have been struggling and my GP was of no help, I was finally referred to a gyno who has also been no help.

A few years ago my periods stopped, I would have only a couple a year (I am currently a 30 year old) I had an ultrasound done and was told I have cysts and diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. She put me on birth control to help which ended up making my moods go completely crazy, I was hit with a horrible depression and things became scary so I stopped and said no more. I dealt with it for a year but then started to have continuous pelvic pain, it’s a constant aching pain and sometimes my hip joints but so bad I can’t stand it. Occasionally I have sharp shooting pains that go from my bottom to my bellybutton. Be prepared for TMI here…. I also have discharge issues. I have been checked for all STDs to which I have none but it’s full of white blood cells. My GP figured it was chronic yeast infection so she put me on a 6 month treatment which did nothing and referred me to the gyno finally. The gyno treated me for PID just to cover her bases due to there being white blood cells which did nothing and sent me for an ultrasound. She said I don’t have cysts on my ovaries now and my hormones are normal yet my periods are still only a few a year. She wanted to put me on progesterone so that I can get pregnant and when I told her I don’t want to get pregnant, I’m not sexually active or even in a relationship she suddenly didn’t seem to want to help me anymore. I told her I don’t want to be on hormones after what happened with the birth control and I want to know what’s wrong not just treat the symptoms. She told me to just go do physiotherapy for pelvic pain then. Not the answer I want and she’s incredibly rude.

I talked to my GP about it and she laughed at me so now I haven’t been back to see either of them and I’m at a loss. Every doctor I call on the Alberta doctor website that says they are accepting new patients I am told they aren’t. I need a doctor who is willing to take on this case and figure out what’s wrong with me. Ladies I need your help….



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  1. Capilano medical clinic has female gynecologists.


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