Remember to think about those less able

Remember to think about those who aren’t as mobile as you are! It’s bad enough people don’t respect handicap parking spaces and ramps, but I’ve seen a serious accessibility problem in Edmonton when it comes to people’s personal property. It might seem like nothing to you, but your decisions might mean a broken hip for an elderly man, or a concussion for a less mobile woman.

Recently my disabled mother fell off her mobility scooter, hit her head on the pavement and smashed her glasses, leaving her unable to see and in major pain while trying to just get home. The reason? Someone parked their vehicle/trailer too far down on their driveway blocking off the sidewalk, so she had to attempt to go down the curb into the road to get around and she/the scooter fell over. Of course she can report it to bylaw, but now the trailer is now moved and she’s still without glasses and with a black eye.

When you leave an extension cord or sump pump hose across your front sidewalk, someone who can’t lift their feet will trip on it. When you don’t shovel your sidewalks in the winter, someone with balance issues will slip and break a bone. When you block the sidewalk with your trailer someone ends up laying in the road. Just because you can run and jump and walk with ease doesn’t mean we all can! Think about the less able, do your part to keep neighbourhoods safe for everyone.



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