Rememberance Day Message

As a Veteran of the RCAF I passionately believe in this message.

I hope the feeling is mutual in Edmonton!

#LestWeForget #buyapoppy



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  1. Jayn Edmonds Jayn Edmonds says:

    I’ve had relatives who fought in WWI & WWII. They had no way of knowing that wars are based on lies but we have the internet now so there’s no excuse to celebrate and glorify the murder of innocent people under the guise of a “service”.

  2. Kathy Arndt Kathy Arndt says:

    It is, at least in this house.

  3. Kelly Smith Kelly Smith says:

    i decorated my house in xmas decor for halloween.. but i still respect remembrance day all the same

  4. I decorate early but only in my house. My great uncles fought in World War Two; we still have a letter from them saying how much they missed Christmas and the family. I believe that they fought for me to be able to put up decorations any time cause we are free. It also doesn’t stop me from going to the ceremonies on remembrance day. It’s my birthday on November 11, I still go. It’s the least I could do. I have their pictures up all year round; even though I never met them. It’s not just one day a year I’m thankful. I’m thankful they fought for us; and I’m sad at the same time the hardship it brought my family.

  5. I’m a 26 yr veteran of the RCN and RCAF and I decorate early.

    As long as people take the time out for Remembrance Day, it’s all good.

  6. Two separate holidays. Decorate when you want and still take time out to remember.

  7. People have their own reasons for doing what they do. My husband was supposed to be gone over Christmas with the military last year so we did the whole thing in November. People are so judgemental.

  8. It should not matter when people decorate their house. You should be basing your message on people taking the time to Remember and participate where they can on Remembrance Day. Every year we honor those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our Freedom, well that freedom includes decorating their houses whenever they damn well want to.

  9. The soldiers fight for our freedom and for our right to celebrate AS we wish WHEN we wish. Decorating early for Christmas does in no way disrespect their sacrifice and their service.

  10. Susan Taylor Susan Taylor says:

    You know what? I am an excellent multi tasker. And thank God that people fought for my freedom so I can stand up to the Christmas bullies. I can wear a poppy and teach my kids to pause and think at 11 am on Remembrance Day, no matter where we are, AND I can decorate my house that I pay the mortgage on, any way I feel like. By the way, my 83 yo mom puts a safety pin through her poppy so she doesn’t lose it. The nerve!! Will you tell her she is being disrespectful too?

    • Lexci Krahn Lexci Krahn says:

      Lol “Christmas Bullies”

    • Susan Taylor Susan Taylor says:

      Are you serious, Melissa? My mother came from Nazi-occupied France during WWII. They had everything taken from them, at times living in the cellar for days during bombings, putting mattresses over the windows so their little farm house wouldn’t be seen from the bombers above. They had Nazi soldiers show up at their home and take all the food they had to feed their soldiers, leaving her family (3 small children) with nothing. They ate rotten root vegetables because that’s all the Nazis left them. They came to this country with the clothes on their back, and I teach my children to be grateful on Remembrance Day because if it weren’t for allied forces, maybe Gramma wouldn’t have come to Canada and have the wonderful life she has, with grandkids, great grandkids, and a small home that she made for her 4 kids and husband. Her husband, by the way, worked on the DEW line in northern Canada for 6 months at a time, in the dark for 6 months at a time, during the 50s when everyone was scared of Russia. And you can use capital letters and commas when you insult someone, or isn’t that a thing for you?

  11. You know I can wear a poppy, remember properly (like actually know details from past wars), communicate with my MP about issues with the department of veterans affairs AND have lights up if I want at the same time.

    The two are not mutually exclusive and having my lights up before my roof becomes a slippery death trap is responsible.

    The fact that this is the argument lately and not about actual issues facing our veterans is disgraceful. I want to know why death and disability benefits are so difficult to get and why you need to fill out outrageous amounts of paperwork every year for stuff that won’t change – like a death or dismemberment. I want to know why mental health supports are still not readily accessible.

    But no let’s make a petty non-sensical argument about decorations.

  12. Thank you for your service. I think our veterans should be respected EVERY day, not just seasonally, so when decorations go up shouldn’t matter.

  13. Ugh. Here we go again. Someone trying to bully or guilt us into conforming to their wishes or beliefs. Guess what? Our veterans fought for us to do be able to do whatever we darn well please. I work in a long term care facility for veterans. I work with these people every single day. They DONT CARE if you decorate before Remembrance Day! In fact, many of them will be decorating their rooms for Christmas over the next week. These are WWII veterans, men and women. Take time out on Remembrance Day to remember what they did for you. Wear a poppy and wear it proudly. Respect their service. But please, don’t cheapen it by using it to push your own agenda.

  14. MrWonderful says:

    As instructed, RCAF bombed civilian populations instead of strategic military targets. Although history can obviously be changed, the fact of fighting a jewish and masonic bankers war can not be changed – and here are the liberties you fought for and even enslaved yourself into, so enjoy it!
    Despite the mass loss of immediate and extended family for a bunch of foreign squatting international jews, foreign squatting multinational masons and foreign squatting Brits, I will still not even wear a poppy. My grandmother lost 6 sons alone for this jewry and fake peace – I am happy to forget they did.
    With the jew world order you fought to facilitate; both the gov’t and bank can not currently provide me the tangible real currency owed to me and put into trust with them. I guess not submitting into debt, being able to create currency flow without borrowing money into existence (and while having 4 others living on my shitty income) has really spoke up this fake numbers in a computer (reliant on ever accumulating debt) system can be shaken up easily and I hope to soon destroy what you and all “liberators” and “freedom fighters” fought to create.
    Shove your poppy and Christmas tree up your ass.

    • MrWonderful says:

      …..has really ****”shaken” up this fake numbers in a computer (reliant on ever accumulating debt) system, ***”it” can be shaken up easily and….

  15. Friend of a friend (both Afghanistan veterans) summed it up nicely.

    I guess its that time of year where soldiers want to get pissed off by Christmas lights. All I have to say is Fuck off! Real soldiers don’t care, real soldiers don’t get offended by shit that has nothing to do with you. Our fallen gave their lives for freedom, that includes putting up your goddamn lights whenever you want. If I left my lights up and turned on all year round, it has absolutely nothing to do with my respect for our fallen. It would just make me look half as dumb as you do by being offended.

  16. Nikko Adams Nikko Adams says:

    I don’t understand why celebrating one shows disrespect to the other. Let’s quit making up more reasons to be mad at each other.

  17. Yes! I think its so disrespectful. So many people have Christmas stuff up. Its to early!

  18. Lisa Hacker Lisa Hacker says:

    I have a veteran couple that live right beside me and put up a Christmas wreath on their front door since mid October, so if they can why couldnt I? Its up to each individual I say.

  19. then i hope all the people that are saying they can choose to decorate if they want to because veterans/military have fought/still fight for our “freedom” better not let me catch you bitching about someone/anyone choosing to protest an anthem/flag because it’s disrespectful to veterans/military. Those freedoms they fought/fight apply to all forms of freedom, including peaceful freedom to protest. By decorating early if you choose, that is a freedom and also, in my opinion a protest against those who think otherwise. all I’m saying is, don’t be a hypocrite either.

  20. Stacy Loitz Stacy Loitz says:

    It’s a very sad day if decorating a person’s house shows disrespect to the people who fought and died for the freedoms of our country. Yes we show respect on Remembrance day BUT it’s also something that should be shown throughout the entire year right?! During Christmas, Easter, birthday parties all of which are decorated for. So how about Instead of getting worked up about who does and doesn’t decorate, we show gratitude and be thankful and respectful ALL YEAR ROUND!✌

  21. Dollarama has had Christmas decor in stores before Hallowe’en. I’m getting sick of the push to celebrate so early, but having said that, I prefer to wait until after November 11 to decorate. To each his own

  22. Vanna Brule Vanna Brule says:

    I can manage to do both.

    I spent last Christmas in the hospital. I’m decorating today.

  23. Decorating early is not a sign of disrespect.
    I love all holidays/occasions. I get to choose when I decorate.

    I truly respect our veterans. I respect anyone who has the courage to fight for our country, our freedoms. Don’t get hung up on such simple things.
    Decorating early doesn’t mean we don’t remember.

    I am in a relationship with a military member, she is not upset by this, nor are the majority of military people.

    Wear your poppy, show support and remembrance

    Just be kind, shake the hand of a soldier and tell them you appreciate them.
    It’s that simple.

  24. Take the Xmas junk down

  25. Please respect our Veterans

  26. Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

    I don’t decorate, but I don’t mind stores putting stuff out and up. It takes a lot of time and I prefer shop to spread out the cost and get items when I have time.

  27. Kole Dupe Kole Dupe says:

    It shouldn’t matter at all they still get their day to be remembered! You think they didn’t celebrate Christmas

  28. We are a Military family with my grandfather, uncle, dad, brother and husband having served long military careers. It is our belief that because of the sacrifices of military members and families we have been given the freedom to decorate when we want. We take the time for Remembrance throughout the year by attending various Veteran and Remembrance ceremonies and proudly wearing our poppies. We also put up our Christmas decorations before Nov 11. If you are offended by people decorating early then say that it is too early but don’t shame others by implying that it is disrespectful to our Military members and veterans. If you want to be offended then direct that to those who do not wear a poppy or acknowledge the sacrifices of our Canadian Military.

  29. Ann Jomha Ann Jomha says:

    Asalamoo Alikum Shadia, you’re ☝️ one
    of, the most wonderful,kind/ warm hearted person; I have yet to meet. You rarely meet a thoughtful person Love ❤️ always….

  30. Mal Esther Mal Esther says:

    Thank you for your service OP. I am glad you are passionate about waiting until after Remembrance Day and I hope you are just as passionate about our freedom here in Canada that you so valiantly fought for that allows other people to disagree with you. I think people are able to decorate for Christmas AND honour all those who served/serve our wonderful country. Last year my husband(a 30 year retired RCMP) and I visited France. We went to Vimy Ridge to see the memorial and the Beaches of Normandy. We stopped in to see the Canadian Juno Beach museum. We drove through the countryside of France visiting many Canadian war cemeteries. It was so moving and emotional for us even though neither of us have relatives that served in the Canadian armed forces. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you and again, thank you for your service.


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