Reminder – Every Story Has 2 Sides! UBER vs Taxi Rally

I have seen many posts about Uber and the taxi rally lately. It’s hard for it not to peak your interest. I find many people are promoting UBER, and I won’t lie, I have used the service as well in Toronto and Montreal.

It’s not that different from our regular cabs, I found it to be hit and miss. 80% of the time it was good. However, I did find that occasional stoned driver, a driver that went the wrong way into a one way lane, drivers that didn’t follow the routes and tried taking advantage of the fact that you were drunk, etc.

This is all I have personally witnessed. I would be lying, however, when I say when I contacted UBER customer support they weren’t amazing, and helpful.

What I’m trying to say is it’s not fair to put all the stereotypes on just taxi drivers, because they exist in UBER too. It’s not fair to take there livelihood from them either. This isn’t competition, competition would be the 3-4 other taxi companies flooding around in the market.

If you read the article, you will notice that taxi drivers have invested up to $250,000 into their cabs, which is on the verge of being stripped from them. Take my regular cab driver as example: He’s an outstanding person, he is turning 65 in the next couple of months, and his retirement plan was selling his license plate. A plate that was worth up to $225, 000 this past winter can barely sell for $90,000.


There is no one willing to buy these plates anymore, and if this bylaw goes through to allow unlimited access to plates, 3500 families would take a major hit because of this.

We can argue back and fourth about the pros and cons but one thing you guys shouldn’t forget is a lot of people are being wronged here. A lot of these people are innocent, hard working individuals like yourself.

Below is the article posted, definitely give it a read.

David Staples: Cabbies made a clamour, but also had a point

(Submitted on September 23rd at 4:38pm)



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