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Today, October 22nd, I was at Northlands for a presentation. When I left, I found the attached note on my windshield “Congrats! You discovered how to park with zero awareness to what’s around you.” Well, I’d like to say that when I returned to my car, it did appear that I parked like a jacka$$ but hear me out.

I arrived to an empty parking strip at 6:30am. I parked at an angle as the sign suggested, then walked away. Sure I wanted to rip the note in half and leave a pissy comeback, but I chose not to be a B today, and instead I want to pass a message on.

Don’t be too quick to judge, you don’t know the whole story.

I was the first on the lot, the other person may not have known that, but why didn’t you follow my example of parking at an angle as we were suggested to by the parking sign.

Not everyone are jerks, so why make them feel belittled by circumstances that you don’t know.


(Submitted on October 22nd at 6:21pm)



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  1. GO BACK TO DRIVING SCHOOL. angle parking also applies to 90° angles, not just parking on a slant.

    you are obviously a woman so I don’t want to be mean but seriously, go back to driving school.

  2. Were there no stall lines?

  3. Shelly Hein Shelly Hein says:

    Lmao. Love the note you got!!!

  4. If you were the first one in the parking lot your why couldn’t you take the time and space available to park properly? You must have been over lines or something for this person write you a note. I think we’re getting half the info. Seems fishy.

    • Shelly Hein Shelly Hein says:

      Omg and yet another of your hobby posts! Wtf does this or any pics or videos you post for that matter have to do with this post? Lol- and you say you work with EPS? Highly doubt that one pal

    • Ok, it is actually ILLEGAL to take photos or videos of someone or their personal property (a.k.a. license plate) without their permission and post it onto social media….. I’d think twice and remove this. Or don’t. Get in shit. I don’t personally care. I just thought you should know.

    • Actually, it’s not illegal. You can ask Jody. They’ve dealt with this in the past. You can legally take any picture in public of anyone or anything you want. Or look it up.

    • U are very right it is not illegal and I got that one straight from the Spruce Grove RCMP. As far as the parking goes ppl are always way to quick to judge and obviously have nothing better to do with their time. I drive a one ton dullay and get that kinda crap all the time because I take up more than one stall. My answer to that crap is when u are willing to commit in writing to pay for repairs done to my new truck because ppl with no respect ram their carts into it, scratch the side of it, leave dents in it with their vehicles because they are pissed as they don’t have enough room to get out on the first try or bang up my mirrors then I will start parking in one stall but until then I will be using two stalls. A real pet peave for me lol.

    • That’s correct. Anything visible to the general public is game for being photographed and recorded unless otherwise stated (ex. “No recording” or “No flash photography” signs).

    • I to driver a big truck (dodge 4500 dually)
      I park away from people just because my truck is bigger an I don’t need to park at front door
      I park at back of lot
      But there is always some tit that parks right beside me when there is a whole empty lot

      When im in my new car i park away from all other car as not to get door dents in my car
      But again there will be some tit parked two frigin inches from my car
      Why?????? Do you feel better parking next to a beautiful car or do you park there on purpose to not get a door dent from me

  5. Ginny Maria Ginny Maria says:

    Is there not a gravel parking lot at Northlands? That would explain the OP. But it’s been awhile since I’ve been there, so I could be wrong.

  6. Guys.. there’s angle parking at northlands.

  7. Ryan Orielly Ryan Orielly says:

    Sounds like something that passive aggressive loser David Ranch would do. Wait a day, he’ll probably post some pics of it soon….

  8. Dave Ranch Dave Ranch says:

    It’s not ask the EPS they already said its not maybe gets ur facts straight

  9. Dave Ranch Dave Ranch says:

    Exactly its not illegal license plates are on every vehicle if it was then no one would be able to see them

  10. Dave Ranch Dave Ranch says:

    Which only is in the police station and court house

  11. people are ignorant hypocrits by nature!


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