Renders – Mixed-Use Building ‘The Mezzo’ Proposed for Old Strathcona Area

This building goes by the name The Mezzo, and it has been proposed to be built in Old Strathcona just off the corner of 105 Street and 81 Avenue.

It is being developed by WestOak Development, will be 16 storeys tall, and hold 209 units. It will contain office space, retail on the main floor, and residential on all of the upper levels, with penthouses at the very top.

What say you? Like it? Hate it?

The Mezzo comes to us from WestOak Development, a local developer who plans to replace the vacant Strathcona Presbyterian Church lot at the northwest corner of 81st Avenue and 105th Street with a building housing 209 apartment units. The tower would host a diverse selection of layouts, including 180 studio, single and two-bedroom units and 25 larger family-sized dwellings. Four townhouse units would be provided at ground level adjacent to a ‘multi-program space’ available to both residents and the public. A proposed 5,111 square feet of commercial retail space would add to the neighbourhood’s urban fabric. The Mezzo would also boast one floor of dedicated office space and an indoor amenity area arranged within a protruding box on the building’s roof.

The Mezzo Proposed Building Old Strathcona Edmonton

The Mezzo Proposed Building Old Strathcona Edmonton2


The Mezzo Proposed Building Old Strathcona Edmonton3

The Mezzo Proposed Building Old Strathcona Edmonton4

The Mezzo Proposed Building Old Strathcona Edmonton5

The Mezzo Proposed Building Old Strathcona Edmonton6



8 Responses

  1. Not a fan.
    This ruins the whole whyte ave feeling.
    It won’t work.

  2. Too big. And also, how about making sure other business spaces in the area are rented before building new ones. I think it is a shortsighted view of development for this area.

  3. I understand the protest but I believe the more we can slow urban sprawl the better. (Better for public transit system, schools, rec centers, etc) It saves the city so much money to redevelop older areas. We need more central multi housing in the city for sure.

  4. Debbie Venne Debbie Venne says:

    The look is wrong for the area but the concept is good. The proportions are a bit off, it shouldn’t be that many stories, maybe half the height.

  5. Ruth Wadley Ruth Wadley says:

    Not remotely in keeping with the look of the entire district. And how are all those people supposed to magically park in that area??


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