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Has anyone tried Air Bnb? Or whatever it is called?

I have tried to rent a room in my home but it’s been 2 years without tenants. I know the price is not an issue. I compared costs and made it beyond fair.

But people don’t show up. I get 3 calls a day at least and they say they are on the way yet everyone is a no show which I find so rude.

I can’t have students as there is no bussing – at least not what is required by Homestead or other organizations.

The room is fully furnished so I was wondering if maybe I can rent by Air bnb or something like that?

Any feedback welcome. I need money and I am tired of tenants who don’t pay or now just nobody showing up.



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  1. Hmm sounds like if you want to offer a night or two as a bed and breakfast, it might be doable.
    But if you want short term room and board you might be targeting a market that is strapped for cash and perhaps public transit might be their only option.
    I am soon going to a small town (500 people) for higher education. 3 weeks at a time. Too expensive for hotels for that long. Room and boards are common there for walking distance to the school and advertised on the school website. AirBnB is also available at a distance where car is needed.
    You need to figure out the type of person that would rent a room for your area and target that.

  2. This is a tricky one. I rent a room in my home. However we haven’t had a tenant for 3 years approximately (give or take). We have kids so I would be hesitant about putting someone in my house for short time.

    However I can totally agree with the issues OP states. I have several messages daily yet people do not show up. I get a lot of comments like “I am just leaving and will be there soon”…and you never hear back from them. I have lots of ads out there, detailed photos, detailed info. No shows are disrespectful of my time and frustrating because you sit waiting for someone. I feel that if they didn’t like the location or price or anything about the place, that’s different. But if you never show up – that is lack of manners.

    As an example, I actually had someone message me about the room, asked to see it. Said she will be there in 20 min. Never showed. A week later, sends a text at midnight to see it, of course I don’t answer middle of the night. She sent a text again in 2 days and apologized saying she forgot to come. (not sure how you forget if you said you are in the car)…but ok, gave her a chance, and she never showed up again. But sent a text at 2 in the morning to say she can come now. Another 3 days went by and her boyfriend sends a message on her behalf saying she is willing to move in, pay rent etc and I am being rude by not even showing her the room. After a conversation of what happened (I shouldn’t have bothered but ok), he apologized for her and said he will make sure she shows up. We set up a time that day within an hour. That was a week ago…never showed. But this morning he sent a bad rating on me for not having heat turned on, the house being freezing cold – he’s never been in the house and it’s very warm by the way. Some people are just jerks, sorry to say

  3. I agree with the above commenters. The only reason I’d rent a room is if I worked in town but didn’t live here, and if the location was very close to work. Say very nice home in heart of downtown or something. Otherwise we rent air bnb for the entire space to ourselves (like a hotel).

  4. With AirBnb what you can try is the option with a more strict cancellation penalty, like you keep 50% of the booking fee if the renter cancels with less than one week’s notice or something. When I rent AirBnB accommodations I book far in advance and I’m pretty serious about it. Perhaps that can help with having only serious short-term renters. It also depends on demand and where you are located. I’m not sure whether there is. For example, in Metro Manila Philippines, Reykjavik Iceland or New York City, USA, many tourists will be looking to save money and have a higher customer base. It’s worth researching what target market would we have in Edmonton..would it be people coming for a business trip, etc? Finally, photos really play a role in people picking a place. Especially if you haven’t had a lot of reviews, the photos are the only reference point they have in deciding whether to rent or not. So, bright photos that show all the necessary details (the entire room, etc) really matters. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  5. I would not chose to stay in a bedroom that the house is shared space with the owners.
    I’d go to hotel

  6. I mean air bnb isnt really renting its more like a hotel stay and i cant think of people who would wanna stay in a hotel room with strangers lol

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