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I rent off pyramid housing and they put me in a suite where no hotwater and I paid a damaga depostit and rent nothing was done about the hotwater for months then they moved to another suite hotwater was there then it was winter no heat still no heat know they want to kick me out on march 6 2019.



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  1. Looks like they also took away the period from your keyboard. Good luck getting everything straightened out.

  2. Please call the landlord/tenant board. They cannot kick you out. They also cannot be renting to you with no heat or hot water. I hope you find the help you need!

  3. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    call your MLA .. and tell them what is happening as well … they will do an investigation into the company .. .if you don’t know who your MLA is .. call city hall they will tell you or you can google it as well ….

    Not the first or last person to complain about pyramid housing unfortunately….They are a sad joke and need to fined!!!

  5. Becca Dupuis Becca Dupuis says:

    CTV Edmonton Global Edmonton

  6. I feel so sad and frustrated for you. I’m sorry I can’t help but please accept the help being offered above from the man with the tenant services. I wish you well 🙂

  7. Leo Mason Leo Mason says:

    Panny, is that you?

  8. Diane Arkell Diane Arkell says:

    This poor man should get all his rent money back If you rent hot water and heat must be provided all the time. It is not a seasonal choice.

  9. Give me a shout..Mike at Tenant Defence Services I can help you 587 520 0263

  10. I hope someone can help him

  11. We went through same thing. Went to landlord and tenant board. And they changed their tune right away. They lost our lease papers and tryed to kick out….. tenants have more rights then the owners actually do. We found that out after the inlaws rented out their farm. and the people skipped rent for 6 months but claimed they were doing renovations…. the board sided with them even after they trashed the house and smashed every new appliance that was put in 8 months before

    • Robbie, very true. That’s why my buddy go out of the rental business. People seem to think you should let them live for free. It can costs thousands to remove a tenant and can take over a year

    • It took a few months to get them out. Even after his son pointed a rifle at my sister inlaw….. finally I had to go out there and take video of handing him eviction papers because he said he never got any. Then we found food jammed in the heat vents. Walls ripped out. And every appliance smashed. They are still trying to get them to court.

  12. You have alot of help and options def contact the residential tenancy act people. This seems crooked you should have your utilities

  13. Sounds like you may need an advocate to help you through this. Please reach out to one of the good people on here offering to help. No one should have to live like that. If it’s happening to you, it means it’s happening to others and that is so not right. I hope things look up for you soon.

  14. Terah Abel Terah Abel says:

    Definitely contact landlord and tenant board

  15. Melissa Gale Melissa Gale says:

    It’s about time the tenent there start fighting back….fight for your rights stop them from taking advantage of you.

  16. I believe that housing is low income or to help people get off the streets. Please seek help from social assistance

  17. Please pm me! I can and will help you.

  18. Lori Czoba Lori Czoba says:

    Contact your city council person (if you are unsure who that is, let me know and I can help find out who it is), and perhaps someone at the City of Edmonton can help you get this solved.

  19. Mariela Jara Mariela Jara says:

    I cant offer any advice unfortunately, but I am wishing you well. You take care of yourself and dont stop

  20. If you have a social worker talk to them and see if you can get another place. if you don’t have a SW go to your doctor they can refer you one

  21. They can’t do that, you have paid rent and done nothing wrong, contact the Landlord and Tenant Advisory Board and they should be able to help. No heat is brutal man, gotta help yourself.

  22. If you have paid your rent up to date they have no reason to kick you out. Contacting the Landlord and Tenant Act will go a long way in your favour

  23. Contact the landlord and tenant act

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