Response to the bus terminal beating over cigarette

My friend Heather Rae was shot in the face over a cigarette at Stadium Station.

If each LRT and bus terminal had their own set of security guards on duty 24 7 stuff like this would not be happening and there would be somebody there to respond in a matter of seconds. That goes with Johnny Hollar who too was murdered on the LRT train.

Instead of skipping Coliseum station and going straight to Belvidere from Stadium and not stopping at the Coliseum with security guards on duty I’m sure he would be alive to this day too.



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  1. Safety costs money people don’t want or can’t spend.. the world will get worse before it gets better..

  2. It would definitely work as a deterant .

  3. Marie says:

    It’s time, overdue, for the people who experience such senseless madness happening at LRT stations or on ETS buses — for someone/anyone to step up and start a petition pushing/forcing the City to step up security concerning public transportation issues.
    Push Push Push – take it to the News networks, etc.
    From my understanding to what it costs for tickets or a monthly bus pass would fill my tank with fuel for a month!
    The mayor and cabinet members need to ride the LRT or Bus on a regular basis then perhaps they’d get the picture.
    Such crazy happenings are unacceptable!!!

  4. I am so sorry this happened

  5. Im sorry , that’s horrible

  6. Joey Wilson Joey Wilson says:

    Smoking companies should pay for the medical bill.

  7. Brad Daniels Brad Daniels says:

    Oh but they can have peace officers making sure everyone has their Damn tickets and passes all day? Maybe this city needs to be working on safety instead of handing out tickets and being godamn greedy

  8. It’s truly sad but there can’t be security guards everywhere in life. It could happen anywhere. Scary, isn’t it?

  9. if you put the guards on every station then people will bitch and moan about constantly being watched and feeling intimidated. There is no winning that argument

    • Marie says:

      Allie, if I took public transportation these days, I would welcome security and not feel intimidated in any way, shape or form.
      I hear what you’re saying – but the City pushes for people to use PT – It’s costly (no deal for the users) and it’s dangerous.
      People with no other option of getting around are faced using it, at its cost and at their own risk. It’s sad.


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