Response to being judged about my teeth

Thank you to all those that responded. A few things:

1) I HAVE spoken to dental colleges but they’re just as expensive as a dental clinic, just with twice as long procedures and long wait lists (6+ month)

2) I can not get a bridge done because the teeth that are missing are in 2 separate places so without pulling MORE teeth a bridge will not work that’s why i said implants.

3) i simply can not afford to leave the country for dental work especially with a baby.

4) I am not accepted for social assistance because of my husbands income is over a certain amount a month. And where he works does not offer health coverage.


5) Dentures are also a no go i had what they call “partial” denture that are useless and painful and also rot your teeth. You can not eat with them in can not sleep with them in and have to clean them constantly i need something permanent.



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  1. I am in the same predicament

  2. I guess you need to find a dentist that will take payments… you have shot down every other suggestion. Not sure what else there is.

  3. Unfortunately permanent is not feasible for you. Btw you’re not supposed to sleep with them in. Sounds like you’re too lazy to even care for dentures properly. Thems the breaks when you loose your teeth. I’m sorry…. you’ll have to just save up or start a go fund me page….. sucks I know but what can you do?

    • Lisa Hacker Lisa Hacker says:

      I they meant one of the reasons they want implants as opposed to dentures is cause they had to take dentures out while they eat and sleep and they want something permanent instead cause they didn’t like dentures.

  4. Get a proper fitting partial. Obviously the fit is wrong if it’s painful & you can’t eat or anything with it!

  5. I have a partial as I lost my teeth in an accident and cannot aford the implants – you need to see the right denturist if you have all the problems listed you probably seen one that is no good. Its actually pretty cheap in the realm of dental procedures. Sometimes there are only so many options no fairy is going to give a magical option or pay for it

  6. Kayla Jenny Kayla Jenny says:

    Why not apply for Alberta Blue cross on your own and pay the premium

  7. Kelly Smith Kelly Smith says:

    alberta blue cross or any other medical inscurance as well as find a place who takes payments. and ask about all options available to you. UOFA dental offers lower cost dental it’s done by the students supervised by higher ups. many places offer payment plans now and diffrent options available for teeth


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