I work in a restaurant in the downtown area and had a question. Everyday in our STAFF ROOM we are to be sorting the cutlery for the guests in our staff room and when its done being washed once it goes back into the room, this in turn makes the ground a swimming pool getting everyones things wet ( who dont have a locker ) on top of that its used to store brooms, dirty dustpans and the most disgusting Filthy mop buckets because there is no other place to put it for the kitchen staff, this leaves us with no place to eat and put our things.

On weekends we are forced to sit in a section used for guests then kicked out of it during dinner service and you guessed it forced to use the “staff room” is this a health and safety violation is there anything that can be done? Our managers just don’t care or enforce it.



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  1. Kole Dupe Kole Dupe says:

    Put down milk crates and put your stuff on them and no it’s not a health violation

  2. Sounds like any resturant job i have had lol

  3. Check with the health department

  4. take pics if you can send email to health and safety and let them investigate.o

  5. Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

    Sounds like a question left for health services.

  6. No offence, but how about you clean it up?

  7. Karen Ann Karen Ann says:

    I’d just put on some gloves and a mask and clean it, reclaim the space,,,problem solved ☺️

    • But why should someone take their break times to clean daily….. would you spend every break cleaning instead of taking an actual break?

    • Karen Ann Karen Ann says:

      Kimberly Anne Morin no, definitely not,,,I might do it once and then organized between the staff that want or need to use the area,,,if there is that much of a need for it because they have no where else to eat and take their breaks it really shouldn’t be that hard to maintain.

  8. Have you considered unionizing? One of the thungs unions do is advocate for health and safety on the jobsite.


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