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Resume tips

I’m unemployed and looking to redo and fix up my resume. If anyone has any good tips they could share.

Also I was curious if I should keep the dates I worked at my jobs on my resume?




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  1. Daniie Hardy Daniie Hardy says:

    Anything less than a year, leave off your resume.

  2. Keep the dates. Employers want to see if they’re are any gaps between jobs

  3. Apply for the job even though you might not match 100%. Remember that employers list their perfect qualifications and nobody ever matches exactly. And don’t tell them everything in a resume. Leave room for them to be curious to ask questions.

  4. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    Shoot me a message. Can guide you in the right direction if anything. Used to do it almost on a daily basis. Here is an example. More available upon request.

  5. Never forget to include that You were Time magazine’s person of the year in 2006.

  6. The best thing to do is lie on your resume and be over confident and then fake it till you make it

  7. Mercedes says:

  8. You can get all the help you need with a career coach with every thing you need including help with jobs at OSP at # 200 10025 -106st
    Call 780-488-8122..they even have workshops on different things to help with work force

  9. The EI office has people they pay to help you out. Use them to your advantage. They also have fax machines and computers to help send out those resumes. Good luck on the job hunt

  10. Gotta match the words you use to the job ad. There are lots of templates available online now so it’s easier to freshen up the look. Check your social media as employers might look you up. Good luck!

  11. Kayla Jenny Kayla Jenny says:

    Match the resume to the job ad. Target it and do your research before hand. BGS offers free workshops

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