Ripped off on kijiji!

I have a disabled dog that is 15 that I decided to search kijiji for a stroller for. Due to working nights, I sent my husband with the money to meet this lady. She insisted it was in perfect working condition.

Shortly after bringing it home, I was hospitalized. After getting out I decided to try going for a short walk to find out the strollers front wheel was wobbly and the zipper didn’t close because it was broken.

I contacted the lady because I felt upset. I work hard for my money, and I think it’s disgusting people scam others 🙁

Please, don’t buy stuff on kijiji unless you have the time to go and check it out in person. These people are heartless to take people hard earned money without consciousness.



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  1. Dee Anna Dee Anna says:

    I have a stroller I’ve been trying to give away. It’s for a child but I’m sure it can work for your dog. If you’d like it, please message me and I can send you pictures.

  2. Kaz Thomas Kaz Thomas says:

    I have a jogging stroller i would happily donate to you! Shoot me a pm

  3. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    I have discovered that a lot of peoples opinions on what is ‘perfect condition’ will completely vary as well… lol sorry bout your pup. I hope you find something works!

    I found the 3 wheeled jogging strollers for babies work great for us. And can often find them free on kijiji if you keep an eye out. Or even post your own ad, looking for a free one. Many people are willing to give baby stuff to pups when they feel its no longer in primo condition for a human baby. My pup loves her free stroller. Going on 2 years now. *found mine on a freecycling group in fb. I asked. Someone responded* 🙂

  4. No the husband probably didn’t check it out for two obvious reasons.
    1. He listened and obeyed his wife’s instructions! (Lol)
    2. He trusted the deal was trustable and no issues.

    Some ppl on kijiji can be just plain old rugged and sell their junk! Yes buyer beware but sellers at least have some decency n morals before posting junk

  5. People sure can be shitty. Check out Once Upon A Child, they have awesome used strollers for great prices.

  6. Lois White Lois White says:

    Did your husband not check it out first? It is buyer beware.

  7. Sad, but yes, buyers must check or get things in writing – but even then.. check!

  8. Kiki Elbi Kiki Elbi says:

    You have to check everything these days. Someone sold me shakeology that expired 4 years ago on the Edmonton buy/sell groups on fb. I didn’t think anyone would sell expired food/shakes.

    People are pretty pathetic, but a tough lesson learned!

  9. I second once upon a child. Good condition the staff inspects it and will also allow you to return if you find an issue.

  10. Mac Simm Mac Simm says:

    The bottom line is it still is the responsibility of the buyer before they part with their cash.

  11. Sherri Titus Sherri Titus says:

    Your husband has two eyes he should of tested it before he handed over the money. Common sense.

  12. Buyer beware. That’s all i can say. Always verify the condition of.ypur.purchade prior to handing cash over. If they won’t allow that then walk away.

  13. Your husband didn’t check it out before buying?? Doesn’t sound like it’s the sellers fault. I mean seller is shitty for selling broken stuff but you need to check and test before buying.

  14. Not the sellers fault! Your husband should have checked it out before handing over the money, they are a shitty person for doing that but not their problem

  15. Sorry this happened to you. However, it is always advised that you check the item before paying. Whether it is kijiji or any other buy/sell place. I have personally sold a lot through kijiji (for myself and for others). I bought items too. Always view in person

  16. Yup, me n my son got ripped off on Kijiji for rent money! Leary about this site! Some crooked people! Upsetting!

  17. Telly Meek Telly Meek says:

    once baught a metal baby gate off kijiji. the gate swings shut on its own. i shut the gate with a wee bit of force and piece broke off. well it didnt break off, it had been glued on. this is the piece that keeps the gate from opening. im just really glad i bought it for dogs and someone didnt buy it to put at the top of the stairs for a child.

  18. Aly Marie Aly Marie says:

    It’s a buyer beware world. If your husband didn’t ensure it’s working order and assumed because the ad said it worked great, that it did, then that’s on your husband. There’s always going to be shitty people out there swindling. This is easily avoidable.

  19. If the original poster would like to send me a message, I have a stroller, and I’d be more than happy to give it to you free of charge! I’m so sorry you had to go through this!

  20. Elham Is Elham Is says:

    A lot of times we learn the hard way . I sure have as it happened with me before, I trusted the seller and send my husband just to pick up.
    Also I noticed a lot of people on kijiji selling their items for a smaller fraction of what it would cost new. They are highly priced items where you can buy new for either a lower price or a small difference . Of course not everything but lots of things.


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