Rock bottom

I am a very average person. nothing out of the ordinary. really. Don’t drink, don’t do drugs.
I thought it would never be me.

During the holidays, I tried poker online for the first time ever. it never interested me before.
I was hooked immediately.

Now, 3 months later I can admit that I hit rock bottom.

I have spent thousands of dollars online, poker apps, slots, casino games. Entered a real life casino for the first time ever about a month ago. went back every day.

Today I have 5$ left, cash, in my pocket.


Paycheck is Wednesday but my bank account is in the red because of my online gaming.
no one knows.

I feel so lonely.



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  1. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    Walk away it’s up to you and only you no one can help unless you help your self so walk away

  2. Ban yourself from the casinos then goto your bank and turn off online cash advances on your credit card

  3. When you really hit rock bottom and don’t want to be there anymore, than you will stop on your own, best of luck to you

    • Two things…
      #1: it’s “then” not “than”
      #2: your statement can be very demoralizing and dangerous. Not everyone, actually most, cannot stop on their own.

    • Bill Howatt Bill Howatt says:

      The point of addiction is that most do not in fact stop on their own, you’re statement shows just how little you know about it.

    • I don’t gamble, true, lack of emotions was not what I did but hoping this person can dust them selves off and start again, should have I spoken to him like a child lol idk I tried but than the morality police come out to make me lack of anything lol I tried, be strong whoever wrote this lol

    • Milly Lee Milly Lee says:

      you have no idea what you’re talking about

    • And you have no business lol gosh someone always has to be the moral police here or someone who always wants to be that perfect person and guess what, you ain’t perfect with all the answers, if you are, let’s see your best advice if you that’s you in this cruel world lmao

    • I swear, if it ain’t white it ain’t right lmao jks

    • Two more things…
      #3: I’m the grammar police…. not the “morality police”
      #4: Your quote… “I don’t gamble, true…” I rest my case.

  4. There are so many people in the same boat. If you can’t stop immediately get help. You don’t want the last 3 months to be the rest of your life. ❤️

  5. Katy Yorke Katy Yorke says:

    Gambling addiction is like any addiction. Please please go to the link Janet provided. PM me if you need someone to talk to. ♥️

  6. Here’s a link to look into. There’s a link to Gamblers Anonymous, therapy, various payment options (low income, EAP, first nations subsidy, etc.). I wish you well!

  7. Lisa Hoff Lisa Hoff says:

    Please call the Addiction Help Line 1-866-332-2322. Good luck, I hope that you can find the help you need.

  8. That’s our government. Robbing the citizens.

  9. Marie Krista Marie Krista says:

    AADAC. I’ve watched gambling destroy life’s more then alcohol and drugs.

  10. There is gamblers anonymous.
    Try your supports and s good group.
    Hoping for the best to you

  11. Check out “Out from the shadows” fb group

  12. You can ban yourself from actual casino.and block your credit card or debit from online paying

  13. Double down , get help

  14. Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

    Like any addiction learn from your mistake and move on because clearly you have identified the issue. Good luck my friend!

  15. Milly Lee Milly Lee says:

    Been there. Recently. Message me if you’d like.

    • Milly Lee Milly Lee says:

      I want to add that I’ve been addicted to gambling for 3 years. It’s destroyed my life completely. I’ve recently been able to start to rebuild. I would love to offer you a friend or some advice at the very least.

  16. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    Your post shows that you’ve taken the first step in the right direction. It’s just a problem and problems can be solved. I went through a gambling phase. It wore off.
    Don’t beat yourself up. You can beat this and if not there’s lots of help for you. Just remember to love yourself.

  17. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    You know how I cured the gambling itch?
    I opened a brokerage account and started investing. It’s easy and quite gratifying. With some careful attention I made good money and the exhilaration of actually watching my investments grow has me not even thinking about that stupid blackjack table.
    Try open a brokerage and buy some stock.
    Between now and July pot stock is a licence to print money.
    Replace destructive with productive. When you see the portfolio grow that itch will be thoroughly scratched.
    If you wanna talk msg me. I can tell you what worked and what didn’t for me.

  18. Get in touch with Gamblers Anonymous. It definitely helped a friend of mine who lost his job & went briefly to jail because of his gambling addiction.


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