Roommate bailed update

Update to my post about our roommate who bailed on rent.

To all those saying “don’t rent a place you can’t affford on your own” thing is we CAN afford the rent on our own we were NOT expecting my husband to be injured and be out of work until the new year.

The roommate has nothing here but a few clothing items as we already had the room furnished upon him moving in.

Landlord And tenant board does not help with roommates.

The only thing our landlord has tried was contacting the roommate but he’s fallen off the face of the earth. We were kind enough to help him get a damn job because all he used to do was drink morning and night. My husband has known him since they were in grade 4 so he’s not just some random person.



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  1. Put an ad out, rent the room ASAP..this guy isn’t coming back…the sooner you recover the better, unless you can t rerent out because of stipulations/ lease…but I think you could rewtire the lease and if you ever do find the rent ditcher, sue him…those are really the only options or pay for it yourself… obviously…i think you know these things already though.

  2. Those who screw with the kindness of people tend to get theirs in the end. Yes it sucks but def try and post an ad in the paper

  3. I feel your pain with room mates. Just pick your self up and carry on. If you need someone to rent the room then get that ad out there asap. or find other ways to provide extra income to make it through. Good luck and l hope it works out for you. Merry Christmas to you and yours

  4. Michael Kostek says:

    Give me a shout I can help you out


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