Sad and Alone

I am writing because I feel very sad and alone. You aren’t supposed to put real life, real feelings on Facebook or everyone gets upset. Its my Facebook page, I should be able to put whatever I want.

Anyways, I am just having a really hard time. I will be alone on Christmas day because my son and his family don’t want me with them. I am really struggling. I love Christmas. The thought of sitting alone hurts so much and to know people you love don’t care that you will be alone is very hurtful. I won’t get to see my grandchildren.

People say to go find something to do or be with other people. Its so hard being with other families when you are unwelcome with your own family. I know some people won’t understand but everyone is allowed their own feelings, including me.

I loved Christmas my whole life. I am just so hurt and depressed and feel so alone. I am just struggling so much. And even if my family thinks this is my fault (Its not all my fault, but I always take some responsibility), doesn’t make it okay to hurt someone like this. I don’t know how I will get through this time.

Please don’t criticize, you aren’t in my shoes, my head or my heart.


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  1. Barb Haekel Barb Haekel says:

    I would turn it around and be grateful for the time alone and use it to reflect, do some inner soul searching, including how to make amends or better yourself for your part in your troubles and spend the rest of the day thinking of all the things that you CAN be grateful for. Spending the day sad, only affects yourself. Try to have a positive attitude. Merry Christmas to you.

  2. Lisa Goertz Lisa Goertz says:

    Go volunteer somewhere. Keeps your mind busy.

  3. Lina Kozoway Lina Kozoway says:

    Family isn’t always blood related, hopefully you have good friends that would love to have you over for Christmas. I’m truly sorry that your son can’t/won’t put aside his anger (whichever it may be) and let the past be the past. If I was still living in Canada, I would have you over for dinner. Nobody should be alone at Christmas, it’s a time for family and friends. May you find peace and love this Christmas season, all the best to you in the new year too!!

  4. My experience dictates that people don’t usually not want you around unless you’ve done something super inappropriate or wrong. Especially at Christmas.

  5. Xavier Paddy Xavier Paddy says:

    Without struggle there wouldn’t be progress. Once you overcome this burden of feelings, the universe will grant you love. You’re loved & sometimes blood is not always family. You’re destined for greatness , don’t allow this to over shadow your potential in this life.

  6. Nickie Rae Nickie Rae says:

    Message me I’m having dinner tonight your welcome to join

  7. I know who this is. You ARE loved. I cannot speak to what’s going on with your kids, but you have people who love you.
    Make the Day your own, start a tradition of doing something just for yourself.

  8. Sara Curd Sara Curd says:

    Go to the christmas dinner at the shaw conference center there so many amaizing people that have no familys and are warm and loving there

  9. How would you feel about volunteering your time over the holidays to help with those in need? You would be spending time with people who really will appreciate you, and perhaps you could make some new friends in the process. Family can be overrated; if they don’t love and/or want to spend time with you, you need to take care of yourself and find people who are worth investing in:

  10. Tracy Ache Tracy Ache says:

    Ungrateful children suck 🙁 I am sure you made many Christmas wonderful for him for many years! Hopefully he pulls his selfish prick head out of his ass and realizes all you have done for him over the years and makes your Christmas special! If he doesnt, I wish him the karma he deserves for 2018!!

  11. The gift of choice. Choose to hold yourself responsible for how you are feeling. Don’t sit at home and brew feeling sad. Life’s to short. Choose to work from the inside out. Find a friend or someone so you aren’t alone. Reach out to someone else that could use a friend.
    This is harder when your sad and troubled but it really has to come from your choice. Merry Christmas and hope your NewYear finds you looking for ways to lift your spirits!

  12. Christmas is based on evil holidays, I reject that Christmas spirit once you understand where it came from it won’t bother you do some research on origin of christmas. Mass means death. Merry Christ mass means happy Christ death. While Santa or Satan laughs ho ho ho!

  13. I am sorry you are alone. Christmas is a time for family and friends I really hope that someone steps up for you this year.

  14. I understand your situation but you could maybe make yourself feel better by helping others. You could do something productive for Christmas, help out somewhere where they feed the less fortunate for example, take the focus off of yourself.

  15. Get drunk as fuck on whiskey and spend all the money you would have spent on gifts for your stupid son on Steam games.

  16. Nobody should be alone on Christmas. If you still haven’t found family to be with please pm me. We always have tons of food and an abundance of love to share. God bless and Merry Christmas

  17. Christmas is such a lonely time when you are missing family. It is so difficult. My mom just loved Christmas, and it isn’t the same with her gone. The whole family feels the emptiness, but we make it through.
    Maybe look for grief groups? I was suggested this before. I haven’t done it, but it may help (both of us, really).
    You are enough ❤ merry Christmas.

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