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Same on you Alberta and Canada Governments

It’s so shameful that Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities are NOT able to qualify for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

Seniors, are facing extra challenges and costs that they normally don’t incur. Examples: medications are only given out 30 days at a time. They are being charged extra dispensing fees and if no delivery is offered they have to travel to the store putting themselves at more risk, more times. They are isolated from their kids and grand kids who also can’t go help them without putting them at risk.

Individuals with Disabilities, sure they may be getting Income Support or AISH, but they also lost their jobs too that they use to supplement their benefits that are NOT ENOUGH to live on during normal times. This COVID Coronavirus is super challenging just like the Seniors with their meds and other stuff that most of us can’t imagine.

The actions of the Alberta and Canada Governments is sickening. The NDP (both Provincial and Federal) is fighting for these Most Vulnerable Members of our society, but their efforts are falling on Deaf and Ignorant Morons.

Don’t you worry Karma is a Bitch, and History will judge you and we will show you the door at the Next Elections.



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  1. 1CovidDollarAtATime says:

    I am helping hillbilly alberta and genocidal canada with RECONCILIATION, one covid-19 dollar/voucher/coupon at a time. There appears to be a highly over-represented demographic of Natives on the streets in the world’s ugliest city (Edmonton) so I give back a little. 5 bucks here, 10 or 20 there, a brief conversation with the created underclass and off we all go. I have had some agree to stay away from a few city blocks (my neighborhood being hit with vandalism, theft, property damage). This has been a successful campaign so far and there are further considerations to include bus tickets to Chinatown, Wolf Willow, Glenora, St.Albert and Sherwood Park, as some examples. Surely , those from a different world or living artificially would like to contribute to Canadian society also!

    Don’t forget folks!: Canada has 9 provinces, 3 territories and 1 trailer park (alberta).

  2. Childrenmostvulnerable says:

    Children are the most vulnerable in society – but that takes selflessness, integrity and character to understand.

  3. UnitedCrooksandPedophiles says:

    Ok so I have a few points. First, people with disability always struggle and there is also a lack of resources for care and rehabilitation (where families or friends become care providers and physiotherapists). Second, seniors and pensioners are doing just as good as they always have in alberta (why seniors want to be in ugly, lame, boring, barren, dark age alberta is beyond me! Self isolation is only a thing in alberta); some may even be treated better with help offered at these times. Thirdly, if you have children, they will be paying for 4(2000x20mil) + 2billion for spoil sands(which habitually debited the heritage fund…which would have be helpful today for Albertans), so it’s all good! Nobody in alberta cares about children, freemasons even rape them.
    Last but not least, and most importantly: democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Elections are a distraction from studying your enemy and a well armed lamb is equipped with knowledge and intelligence, not emotion. I’m also a Christian so karma means Jack shit to me; however, hell has a special gate for the pedophiles/masons.

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