Scam keto coach Jamie Ritchie

Awhile back I met with this lady who claimed to be a “keto coach”. During our visit she provided me with a booklet with printed pages of useful information and guided me through everything.

Everything seemed great until the end of the session where she asked for 200.00 for meeting with her which covered any questions or concerns I had while starting my keto journey. I said I would pay her by the weekend which wasn’t a problem for her and that she doesn’t do it for the money. A day or 2 later she kept hounding me for it, yet she said at first “no rush”, or ” I do this and hope that one day you can help somebody out and do the same back”, etc.

Anyways she kept hounding me for the money which I did give her. What really pissed me off was when I would message her for questions she would always use an excuse of why she couldn’t get back to me or that she was busy or at a party blah blah blah. The last thing I asked her she never got back to me. I feel like I’ve been scammed. I feel like this person took my money and ran.

If any of you plan to meet with this so called ” coach” named Jamie Ritchie I suggest not. I trusted this person and when it came down to it, she wasn’t there to answer any questions or concerns I had. So disappointing.



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  1. pretty sure you got taken, I know someone else who does that and doesn’t charge for information just for product

  2. Plenty of amazing keto groups on Facebook for free! I’ve learnt so much from these groups and the people in them

  3. Why in the world would you want to pay someone for that information?! The info is free.
    Go online, or go to a reputable group such as “ketogains” on Facebook.

  4. This is all very false
    I know who this person is who is claiming this, and this is defamation.

    This girl got pregnant right around the time she wanted to start. As a Keto coach I don’t recommend this during pregnancy, and or you speak with your doctor because km obviously not one.

    I think that this woman has all the time in the world on her hands and is very bored at home to think she got scammed… If this is how she felt then she should have came straight to me and we could have spoke about it…

    I gladly refunded her money. And I would even pay her for wasting her so called time lol.
    She wanted someone who would coach her and be there for 24 hour questions… However this girl didn’t want to change her eating habits.

    The websites are there for free information and yes she could’ve went and read all that information.
    Instead she decided to go with me and not put in the work..
    You can only lead someone so far, but if you want to lose weight you yourself have to change your diet….

  5. Jean Freeman Jean Freeman says:

    Good on you for answering, Jamie. Think it’s disgusting how people with a private vendetta can smear someone’s name and then everyone joins in with their condemnations, without knowing the facts.

  6. Kim Norman Kim Norman says:

    It’s a scam to even have to pay someone for that lol what makes a person qualified to be a Keto coach?! And how do they set rates ?! There are sooo many keto pages on Facebook . Tons of info and recipes and also Pinterest . Free advice all day long

  7. Anyone who pays for this type of information without doing a bit of homework first is pretty much asking to be scammed.

  8. Sounds like someone wanted the perks of having someone help her without having to pay for the work.

  9. The person you are calling out in this post stated that she refunded you, so how is it that she took your money and ran? I feel like there is more to the story here.


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