Scam or real?

Has anyone else been contacted through Kijiji by someone stating they’re from the “Pregnancy care center.” And asking for you to donate your baby things that you’ve listed for sale?

I have something that was very expensive listed for quite a bit and have been now approached by this person (with no name to add) asking to donate it… if it’s a scam be aware people!



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  1. The pregnancy care center is a place that pretends they give abortions.Then lead these poor women through the moral wrongs and at the end of the appt they offer free baby stuff..horrible

  2. Its an amazing cause. The donate stuff to woman who are pregnant who suffered abuse and discrimination of being a teen/young mother

  3. The Pregnancy Care Center is part of Catholic Social Services … I would call the main office and ask them … But I’m skeptical

  4. It’s shady either way. If it’s them they pretend they are unbiased to lure pregnant women in and then pull out their bibles and start to preach. They’re not helpful with adoption either. They’re basically pro forcing you to parent

  5. Someone contacted me from there a few weeks ago asking to donate my baby sling I had for sale I’ve had it sitting around for awhile so I just told them I would bring it to them and I did, wasn’t a scam, in my case they said the girl was looking for that specific item I had an it isn’t really popular here

  6. Amal Chaaban Amal Chaaban says:

    The Pregnancy Care Centre is part of a pro-life conglomerate. This is not how they operate at all.

  7. DON’T DO IT ! ask for Info i can see and find more info about the place.
    Some people are real DICKS to good people such as ur self

  8. Scam the pregnancy care will not reach out on Kijiji. They will put out paper adverts, or another way, plus they get government funding.

  9. If that’s how the pregnancy care centre is operating it is still not cool. Hopefully it’s just a scammer not connected to them.

  10. Kim Schindel Kim Schindel says:

    Call the care centre and ask them if it is their normal procedure for them to solicit donations from ads on kijiji?

  11. Call Pregnancy Care Center

  12. Well the pregnancy care center is legit…

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