Those scammed by Fingerlings!! Please read!

Many people have been caught with ordering FINGERLINGS and receiving a knockoff version.

A litte help MAY be available!

If you paid by credit card, call your bank! Before doing so, make sure your receipt states FINGERLING (not the name of the counterfeit!) … explain to them that you want to dispute the charge because you received an item you did not order.

You will need to provide picutres and proof of what you were ordering and proof of what you received.

Also; — REPORT IT!!



7 Responses

  1. I ordered one and the company decided not to ship it along with quite a few other people. I contacted my credit card company and there was nothing they could do. I contacted Amazon and they investigated the seller, banned them, and made sure I wasn’t charged for them.

  2. Rhon Magyar Rhon Magyar says:

    if you just name the brand of the knock off one ppl might have a better idea what to avoid

    • If it says anything else besides fingerlings, it’s fake. Others could say fun monkey, baby monkey, or just have spelling mistakes. Also, the real monkey has a picture on the bottom left of the package that matches the colour of the monkey in the package. I’ve seen fakes that have different colours on the box

    • The real one also have wow wee on the box

  3. Wow….a lot of bother over Fingerlings.

  4. Why people even going so crazy over this toy ?????

  5. Wow people! They are JUST TOYS! Ur kids r going to move on to the next thing 2 weeks after Xmas! How is any of this even worth the drama?!


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