I’m so frustrated with the drivers on the Henday! First, when you’re merging onto the Henday, PLEASE increase your speed to match the posted speed limit so you can safely merge into traffic! There are others following you who do know how to merge, and it’s frustrating for us when you’re doing 70 kph to merge onto a 100 kph zone! And to those of you who are already on the Henday, please either move over or leave enough room for merging traffic to safely merge!? One of the WORST places where people have actually had to either slow to a crawl or almost STOP is the merge lanes westbound at 153 Ave. This merge lane is a complete disaster, and a multiple vehicle accident just waiting to happen.

Secondly, on a three-lane highway, if you’re in that much of a hurry to pass, do you really feel the need to pass on the left-hand shoulder when the car in front of you has nowhere else to go and can’t get out of your way? Talk about dangerous driving!!! This happened on Wednesday, September 5. I was astounded that the Gold Toyota Sienna heading westbound on the Henday shortly after 5pm had the kahunas to pass traffic on the shoulder! Traffic was heavy, three lanes thick, and your time was obviously far more important than the rest of us? Had you caused an accident because of your selfishness, how many other drivers would have been injured because you’re too impatient to wait for time to pass safely!?

Third, I followed a white Dodge Charger merging into traffic on Friday where the young male driver was more interested in texting, than he was in merging onto the Henday. He was weaving all over the merge lanes, not paying attention to merging into the first merge lane, before he needed to merge onto the Henday! I was nervous being behind him! When I finally did pass him, he was STILL looking down at his phone! I hope you got to your destination safely, but some day you might not. Think about that, dude! Whoever you’re texting can wait because you have the lives of hundreds of people around you that need you to be paying attention to the road instead of your phone.

Please everyone, I know heading home or somewhere else is always important. It’s important to all of us, but I’m going to assume that many of us would like to make it home safely. It only takes a second for something to go wrong, or a fraction of a second for everything to go right. Not one of us is a perfect driver, but I’m truly hoping that by working together and ensuring we all know the rules of the road that we might become much safer drivers.



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