Screw our healthcare

What has become of Alberta’s healthcare !!!!!

I have had a misdiagnosis of cancer ,doctor told me they couldn’t treat me till they knew how far the cancer had spread. Got to Lois Hole centre, and the doctor was surprised I was even there , considering the “cancer” was a minor abnormalitie that was not cancer, but rather an error done by the doctor her self. Second physical came back negative for cancer. Great news. Mentally tho, I’m not ok. Have you ever made a will, said goodbyes, and mentally went thru the exhaustion that comes with the fact life could be over , and if not over than drastically changed. Only to find out none of that stress , panic or worry was ever needed.

Than, finally a get in with a new doctor who was great until she abandoned her practice with no warning and basically disappeared. Her replacement was a male, who , not only made me feel uncomfortable (no docotor should check out a patient, in front of there husband ,let alone at all in general,,) he gave me my normal anitdepressant but than gave me a second antidepressant, with out my knowledge, that after a week made me so sick that it was Google , ok not a friggin schooled docotor , that stated it was an antidepressant and how to not mix that medication with other antidepressants due to possible fatal consequences. Wtf !!! Thanks dr.creep for trying to kill me !!

Go to another docotor , who smirked and told me the pain , my PTSD and my Chrones were all in my head, yet my friggin medical charts are right in front of the idiot that states ive had scopes, scans, pain clinic etc done on me or to me over the last 23 years and that justify my diagnosis !!!!!!

So, figuring it’s just the area I live in (Newton) I decided , ok let’s go to a docotor deep south. Maybe , just maybe they will treat me with compassion, kindness and have a friggin brain and actual schooling. Ha , was I ever wrong
So, this new office I went to was awesome in the beginning. Awesome. Knowledgeable. Kind. Professional. On the ball. Up until I fell and injured my knee.


Two seperate nimcompoops called docotors, say oh nothing is wrong. No not all. Even tho you can’t walk due to pain , nothing is wrong.

What a crock of crap.

A week latter, I go to the grey nuns , and guess what …. Not only is my knee severely injured, I hav to go for emergency surgery . The docotor himself , was shocked I was even walking , considering my knee cap was fractured, and my ACL ligament was torn.

Fast forward a month latter, after surgery. One night I wake up in severe pain on my right side. Unable to afford a taxi and having no family in Alberta , let alone Edmonton , I suffer thru the pain for two damn days. Finally , as hesitant as I was, I went back to the docotos office who sc rewed up on my knee . They send me for ultrasound and blood work. I go back a few days latter and guys guess what. Again, I’m fine . Oh hell, yup I’m fine until I walk into the emergency and find out I have an inflamed kidney and that I will need surgery ASAP ! Wtf !!

So now , when I am recovered enough , I have to look for a new home and docotor, else where. Not in Edmonton and ideally not in Alberta , tho at this point thats not for certain. But no longer will I trust anything a Edmonton docotor will tell me. No more. Almost died because of there stupidity. What the heck. Is it because I have no kids and am not making more than 10K a year? Is that why docotors would rather leave me for dead than help !!!! Makes me sure as hell wonder.



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