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Want to give a shout out to a kind hearted lady that goes by the name Katrina Greco. We recently lost everything due to hardships, plus I just lost my mom and struggling with depression.. Like, everyone else life has been trying . Trying to the point where, even getting a jug of milk seems impossible. She had a post one day about selling her kids clothes .

I inquired about the post and we began talking. Very kind, friendly, warm hearted lady. Asked if she had anything else for sale. She said she was trying to downsize her household and asked what I needed. Told her why, I was looking for stuff.(Please note that I never once pitted myself or asked for anything free) She said she was sorry for my sorrows and knew how it felt. Struggling to find a job herself, being a single parent and with bills rising . Yeah, enough to make you want to scream. She said( in a playful manner) has three kids , who are growing at rapid speed and eating her out of house and home. Long story short. She ended up giving me clothes for both boy and girl (as she has twins herself), a few pairs of shoes, a nice winter coat, canned food, a few blankets, and kitchenware. Lots of good stuff and at no charge. I told her that I couldn’t take it, I had to give her something. She was like, don’t think of it as charity. We live in a world of soo much hate, sadness and anger. She gets the struggle of losing a parent. She lost both of her parents to cancer. One as recent as July 2020. Her parents were kind hearted people, always helping others. So, she is happy to know she can help someone out as well. As she was lucky to have had help herself.

I remember sitting in the van, after she helped me load up. Thinking how lucky I was to have found her. Recall her racing out to the vehicle. Had a plastic bag in her hand. I opened the window and she asked if I wanted baking. I said yes, are you sure you don’twant money for that. She said no, and placed it on my passenger seat. She said here is some holiday baking, candy canes and candies for my kids. Laughed as she made sure that there was no nuts in anything. That noone was sick or anything Covid related.

It has been over two weeks since that day. Happy to say my kids love their clothes and, the baking never lasted. Hope she has a Merry Christmas. Just a kind gesture has enabled me to get passed some of my depression. I finally got a full-time job and, the kids and I used part of my first cheque to buy and donate stuff to organizations for the homeless. Sometimes all we need is a kind gesture and, a caring person to make us feel better about ourselves again. So, please be kind to people. Everyone is struggling in some form or other. Being kind is the best gift ever!!!



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  1. Richard MacAlpine says:

    As a recently retired west coast forensics experts of the Royal Cryptic Masonic Ponysoldiers, the public must understand there is no evidence of missing women anywhere at anytime, especially MMIW which is just another band wagon. Okay?
    Let’s cut the crap.
    Malcolm Gutfriend who posted under vaginal rejuvenation, also already mentioned that RCMP forensics are and have always been kosher, so this is evidence of fact. Further, the fact that I, vulnerable youth toucher Richie MacAlpine, Gutfriend and Wong are just 3 examples of forensic freemasons in the RCMP is merely a coincidence because the RCMP like CF does not have any systemic and predatorial problems.

    I hope everyone had an excellent time impaired while celebrating the birthday of white, english speaking, baby rabbi Jesus.

  2. Single Moms says:

    Before I go off on a tangent about single moms I want to comment on men. White men are vile and useless beings so I am certain there are single moms due to bad dads who are pathetic, obese, slobby, white trash.
    Now single moms. Everyone notice they are mainly white, fat, uneducated, have substance abuse problems, are self-centered leeches and cockworshipping whores in desperate need of attention? It’s a trend, so is failing to provide for and address the needs of children, neglect, abuse, unsupervised children and children who are raised by others like daycare and school. These failure fat moms can’t even stimulate their children or get them into extracurricular activities if it doesn’t have a social aspect for needy, fat, white mom. And all this white trash is actually spoon-fed by the government due their fat, needy, entitled, useless, white female privilege. The government of alberta even enables and awards fat white women who sexually abuse their kids and masturbate next to them.
    Whenever I see single white moms, I just laugh and think to myself how those children will be in the hands of masons, jews and christians soon, and well know how that goes!
    No single white mom will ever get sympathy, attention or loving from me. My standards are just too high to give single, white moms even the time of day.