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Searching for witness of car accident

My name is Makenzie Kuziw on May 11th, 2019 In my Red Dodge Neon I was hit by a Brown Hyundai Tuscon going West on 144ave (straight). I was turning left going North onto 66st at the intersection of 144 ave & 66 street, there was no one in the straight away lanes. There were cars in the turning lanes. I was Tboned midway through my turn.

Right after I was hit I looked over and the driver was on her phone. I also believe that the driver was speeding, trying to make it through the green light.

Please if anyone could witness I would be forever grateful.



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  1. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    good luck to you in finding witnesses … on the phone … what was she thinking .. does not care as we can see ..

  2. Josh Regnier Josh Regnier says:

    You were turning left and were hit by a car travelling straight through. It is your fault. Enjoy your higher insurance premiums and learn how to drive.

  3. Karan Sandhu Karan Sandhu says:

    If the person ran a red light then it’s their fault but u have to prove the light was red.

  4. Craig Fox Craig Fox says:

    If you could find dash cam footage of her pulling out and hitting you, you may stand a chance, but sounds more like you need to pay more attention to me, do you not continue to make sure the coast is clear after you start your turn?

  5. I was turning left and it was the other drivers fault.

  6. Lisa Wood Lisa Wood says:

    All of you commenting that the other car was going straight, read again. There were NO cars in the lanes going straight. The lady who hit her was in the turning lane, meaning she pulled out of the turning lane and went straight.

    • AW Smith AW Smith says:

      Lisa Wood I read it as this also however, she will most likely be deemed at fault. This happened to someone I know a week ago. Other driver was turning right, had blinker on and was in the merge right lane and decided to go straight at the last second. My friend was found responsible as she proceeded without caution.

    • Penny Boland Penny Boland says:

      She is still at fault. Happened to a friend. It sucks but unfortunately the person who turned in front of the person going straight is at fault…

    • Tera Huber Tera Huber says:

      Still her fault. Happened to a friend of mine with someone in a right turn only lane signalling right and deciding to go straight at last minute. My friend pulled out to turn left and was hit and found at fault for proceeding without caution.

    • Some one ran a red light and hit me and i was at fault for an unsafe left turn.

    • Cat Hills Cat Hills says:

      Penny Boland happened to me in 2012 too. Same situation.

  7. Oh man this made my day. Please go retake your license…

  8. So wait… you were turning LEFT and the other person T boned you trying to race through their green light?? Uhhh, it’s ILLEGAL to turn left on a red… your fault …

    • AW Smith AW Smith says:

      Melissa Gordon she wasn’t turning left on a red light. Her light was also green and the other person who was also turning left directly across from her, decided to go straight at the last minute. But she is still at fault for proceeding without caution.

  9. She was racing to go through a green light? You’re turning left? Totally your fault

  10. Nemi Rai Nemi Rai says:

    I was in the same situation years ago, sorry it’s still your fault.

  11. You turned left that means it’s 100% your fault you didn’t unsafe left-hand turn your insurance company will DEem u at fault for this accident.

  12. You were turning left.. 100% your fault. This is why the entire city has to wait at lights to turn left because people don’t know how to drive and even worse don’t know the laws.

  13. Unfortunately if you were turning left you are automatically at fault. Happened to my husband and he was charged.

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